The Shark and The Weasel

Why don't you ask her?

Chapter VI: Why don't you ask her?

Kakashi hummed softly to himself. He was now in his best mood that even if Konoha was to crumble down with Orochimaru's another attempt, he would still be laughing and waving happily at the snaky face. No, it wasn't because it was Valentine Day. It was just another day in a year. If you knew Hatake Kakashi, you might have made a right guess by now. Yes, darling. It was the released date of the new volume of his beloved Icha Icha Paradise.

He giggled like a little girl as he walked down the street, reading the new novel, ignoring the strange looks and gossips he received from those he walked past. Jiraiya had been so creative lately to come up with such a distinctive plot. He blushed slightly as he came across a hot, drool-worthy part of two smexy siblings getting it on.

Oh well...

"Get your hand the hell of my ass!"

The familiar voice caught his attention. He looked up and saw...

A cocky smile made its way to Itachi's lips. "What if I don't want to?" And with the speed of lightning, he pinned his little brother down, straddling Sasuke's hips. "Itachi." Sasuke glared at him, his voice filled with annoyment. "Get. Off."

Itachi didn't know why but somehow he felt that this was so familiar. Very, very, very familiar. He frowned. Shaking the bothering thought out of his mind a minute later, he ran his slender hands up and down the younger's boy flank, sending shivers down the boy's spine. "Itachi..." Sasuke said, taking in a deep breath. His obsidian eyes stinged, ready to switch into Sharingan mode.

If Kakashi had been in his best mood, now he was in his best of best mood. He grinned cheekily under that face cover of his. This was better than reading it from the book. Hatake Kakashi right now had no thought of capturing the S rank criminal or the fact that it was his student being assaulted. He just stood there, watching the real porn with two of his eyes.

Sasuke was about to stab Itachi in the crotch with a kunai when...

Cough. Cough.

Itachi blinked a few times and looked down at his brother, curiosity spreading over his feature. "What do you think you are doing, foolish little brother?"

"W-what!?" Sasuke stared at his older brother in shock and anger. "I should be the one saying that!" He pushed Itachi off of him and stood up, dusting himself. "You got hit with that odd silver liquid, didn't you?"

"Yeah. Why?" Itachi asked. "Is it some kind of poison or something?"

That was when Kakashi decided that Sasuke's explanation of what he guessed the silver liquidly thingy might be was boring and got back to his book. Soon he disappeared from the scence...

"But I'm normal now, aren't I?" Itachi said after Sasuke had finished with his theory.

"I don't know but it seems to work with Lee. Didn't you see-"

Cough. Cough.

"See what?" Itachi smiled, grabbing the boy's chin with his fingers, of which nails were painted purple. "You don't have to see. I can show you much more." He said in a sultry voice, leaning in slowly but surely.

Cough. Cough.

The older Uchiha's eyes widened as he realized what he was doing. He stopped dead in his track. "Oh hell..."

"Gods, look at what Lee has done!"

The two brothers turned and saw Ten-ten, dressed in Chun-Li's outfit skating toward their way with incredible speed. "If he doesn't want to use it, he should have kept it more carefully!" The little wheels screeched as she halted to a break in front of them.

"You know something about that silver-" Sasuke began but Ten-ten interrupted quickly:

"It's a love potion. Anyone who gets hit with the potion will be madly in love with the first one they cast their eyes on. Gender doesn't matter! Oh gawd! Look at what Lee has done!" She shook her head, then looked at the older of the two. "You're quite lucky that the potion doesn't have full effect on you. Sometimes having a cold is useful, right? But be careful. You know what'll happen if you cough." She looked at her watch. "Oh no! I'm gonna be late for the cosplay party! Bye!" And she skated her way down the street, disappeared from the sight at the far horizon.

The Uchiha brothers looked at each other.

"And how can we cure this?" Sasuke asked.


Itachi was silent.


Sasuke went silent.

"Why don't you ask her!?" Both Uchiha yelled at each other simultaneously.

People screamed and ran in different directions as two figures hidden under an enormous handmade turtle shell invaded their streets. "Hehehehehe. We're close. I can smell it." Kisame turned to his new partner while sniffing the air.

"Yeah but..." Lee shifted a little. "Is this really a good way to cover our identities, captain?"

Kisame bared his sharp teeth. "Do you doubt my decision?"

"No, sir. Not at all. We're going to get our prizes very soon!" Lee flashed him a sparkling grin. Wait for me, sweetheart. I'm coming!

Sniff. Sniff.

"Our targets are moving again! Speed up, Lee! Speed up!" Kisame commanded in a soldier fashion, speeding up himself.

"YOSH!" Lee began to run. He looked through the small holes Kisame had made for scanning their surrounding. The world seemed to stop moving as the paces quickened. They warped along the way with all the mighty power they had, faster than sound, setting their minds only on their targets.

Back to the Uchiha brothers…

"Are you sure it's that way?"

"I saw her-"

Cough. Cough.

"Hell no!" Sasuke moaned in protest at the change in Itachi's posture. The older one smirked and shoved the boy into the tree behind. "Let's continue what we've started, shall we?"


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