The Shark and The Weasel

The meaning of love

Chapter IX: The meaning of love

"Do you notice that Gloria Gaynor and I have the same hairstyle?"

Temari looked questioningly at Shino, who didn't stop glaring at her, and blinked. "Yes, that's very obvious. Why?"

Shino's scowl deepened.

Kankuro looked at his left, where Gaara used to stand a little while before and then noticed that his brother had disappeared. "Hey, where's Gaara?" His eyes quickly scanned the room for the redhead and...yes, he had found him...

Itachi was bored with licking the tasty sauce off of his little brother's fingers and decided it was time he really ate him. He tugged Sasuke by the arm, which he held so tightly it hurt with the grip of iron and pulled Sasuke closer. The younger boy gasped as his brother's hand sneaked under his shirt. God, save me!

"Is this called love?" An innocent voice asked.

"No! This is molesting!" Sasuke yelled, trying to get away from Itachi's dead grip. He wished he knew a way to make someone cough.

"Molesting? Molesting isn't love?" The voice continued to ask. "Then why are you molesting him?" This time the question was shot directly at Itachi. "I was told if you kiss someone, it means you're in love with them. So...did you kiss?"

If it wasn't for Itachi's dead grip, Sasuke would have plugged his ears at the coming answer since it would remind him of what sin he had just done. God, forgive me.

"LOVE MEANS WAR!" Kisame shout at the top of his lungs. "DIE! TOOTSIE! DIE! ITACHI IS MINE!"

"Stop calling me tootsie, dead-brained shark! I'll make sure I've sashimi for dinner tonight!" Orochimaru shout back, though not as loud as Kisame, still standing on the ceremony table. "Come out, Kabuto! Move your lazy ass!"

The janitor's room's door creaked open slowly, reminding Lee a lot about the horror movie he had watched at Neji's house a few days ago. And little Fuzzybrow began to panicked. It was the greatest weakness of his that he couldn't surpass yet. Yes, the beautiful green beast of Konoha, Rock Lee was afraid of ghost. A lot. That was why he freaked out the most when he saw the fangirls. He ran around in circle, screaming even louder than his partner, to Kisame's dismay. "GHOOOOOOSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Shut up! I can't hear the movie!" Kankuro whacked Lee on the head since Lee's scream interrupted his good time watching the cartoon movie 'Beauty and The Beast' he had brought with. For once Kisame was grateful that his new partner was out cold. "Thank you." he said. Kankuro nodded and got back to watching his favorite cartoon movie.

Kabuto wiped his dirty glasses clean. He looked groggily sleepy. He yawned and brushed the untidy white bangs out of his eyes before turning to his master. Orochimaru gave him a nod. "Yes, sir." And Kabuto took out his mop and a bucket of water. He then started cleaning the messy church up.

"No! You, dumbass! I didn't call you out to clean my church!" the snake-like man scolded. Inner Orochimaru was blushing furiously in embarrassment.

Yet before the battle could go on, the voice coming from the corner caught everyone's attention.

"Tell me!" Itachi and Gaara demanded of Sasuke in unison. Sasuke swallowed the lump in his throat and scoot further back until he hit the wall. Itachi was looking even more murderous than he was the night wiping off their clan while Gaara was looking at him with curiosity written all over his face, making him look so cute that it was scary. "Who's really your first kiss?"

Sasuke went rigid at the thought of it and tried to scoot back even further but couldn't since there was no space left between him and the white marble wall, which was stuck with a pink heart tattoo. There was no escape. Sasuke swallowed another lump in his throat before replying:



Another window was shattered and Sasuke watched in horror as Itachi's face looked even more murderous. The older Uchiha jumped out of the window. No doubt he was going after Uzumaki Naruto. Only this time, it wasn't for capturing the Kyuubi.

"Uzumaki Naruto..." Orochimaru cackled evilly. He then quickly followed Itachi.

Lee, who had quickly recovered after hearing that Sasuke's first kiss was Naruto, decided he wanna kick someone's ass. He turned to Kisame. He extended his hand out. "Captain Kisame, will you go to war with me?" Kisame, thinking that if Lee had Sasuke, he could have Itachi all for himself, nodded, shaking Lee's hand. "Of course! Your enemy is my enemy too!"

"We are fighting for LOVE!" They declared to no one in particular. The duo soon followed Orochimaru.

"Love? They're fighting for love? I want to know more about love." And Gaara of the desert followed Lee and Kisame.

Temari, seeing Gaara go, dragged Kankuro, who was still watching that boring (in her opinion) cartoon movie for about the hundredth time that week, by his silk shirt collar and followed Gaara.

"..." Shino decided to followed Temari and Kankuro since he thought he hadn't finished his little chitchat to Temari.


Sasuke sighed. Finally fate could leave him alone. Not that he believed in fate much.


The raven haired-boy turned when he felt the nudge in the rib.

"Help me clean this place." said Kabuto groggily, handing Sasuke another mop.

Feeling sorry for getting his teammate in danger or was it that he didn't want to do the chore, I can't really tell but a minute later, the Uchiha boy dropped the mop on the floor hard, making it break into pieces before jumping out the window and followed Shino.

Being the last person standing in the dirty church, Kabuto yawned. He was going to take a nap before he wore himself out cleaning Orochimaru's church. One question came to his mind at the thought of the words 'Orochimaru' and 'church': Since when did Orochimaru-sama become churchy?

Well, that wasn't something he had to know. What was important was that he'd better sleep and make everything clean and well polished again before his master was back. Because if he didn't, the consequence of being whipped at by the lord of the gay king was severe. Ouch!


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