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Fan Fiction based on the Sims4 characters. The main sim is Penny Pizzazz, a Social Media A-Lister who falls in love with the most unusual woman. This story will read a bit blog-like as Penny writes on her personal page on how her and this beautiful woman Melody meet, and how their relationship develops.

Romance / Fantasy
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Life Takes an 'Interesting' Turn

Penny Pizzazz here!

For those who’ve not found their way here through my public page, let me tell you a bit about myself: At the time of this writing, I’m your not-so-average a-list blogger and independent columnist here in San Myshuno. I take on cultural pieces being a visible minority, and like to post about events from that perspective. To most, I’m just your average 20-something black woman who spends most of her life on social media. Search my name, and it won’t be hard to find columns and articles about what’s going on around the city.

For those of my regular followers, you may wonder why this blog is sort of tucked away from my primary site. This is a going to start off more of a personal diary that I’m sharing than my usual blog about city life and society. I’m also going to ask current readers to come back here. At first I wrote these on a basis of people following my public social media site. Some readers have requested that I add in parts that I skipped. So, while this is still going to look like a journal, it’s going to be more descriptive in the first few chapters than what I originally wrote.

I started this story to sort out my own thoughts. It’s also to let you know about the wonderful turn that my life has taken! It starts as people had been wondering why I’ve been hush-hush about my relationships lately, and moves on to rumours of a wedding and so much more!

This mini-book is going to take a step back in time a bit before I catch up on current events, so that you can get to know how this whole whirlwind that is now my life has found me in completely unknown territory - and the wonderful discoveries I’m making along the way.

The chapters are probably going to be short, as I’ll be separating each life event in its own section. When possible, I’ll be posting dates, but some events have muddled my memory where I was when, so they may not completely match up with my social media page.

So let’s dive into my love life! This involved someone special who’s completely taken me off my feet.

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