Goofy and Leo's Adventures (Short Version)

By Createology

Fantasy / Humor


After meeting up in town, Goofy and Leo are met by a group of beasts at the Lightning Ocean and their leader, Brunak, then has the duo complete a series of suspicious tasks.

Goofy and Leo's Adventures (Short Version)

Here is a wacky combination of silliness and seriousness. This is the story of Goofy and Leo. They met on the roof of a building and just easily got along. Leo was team captain of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Goofy was and still is Mickey Mouse’s friend. These two are an odd couple of soon-to-be heroes. This is where their world adventure begins: The Lightning Ocean.

The Lightning Ocean is a dangerous place with currents high enough to power a full city. Here is where Goofy and Leo find out what their first task is to do. Goofy and Leo were already here trying to fish for massive shock cod and elephant eels. Goofy is hooking the bait to the wire which is incredibly vigorous. Leo is hunting for fish with his katana and fighting the other deadly creatures like piranha and rays. Now, Leo had just discovered something mysterious. “Hey Goofy, come check this out!” Leo exclaimed. “What is that?” Goofy asked.

“Don’t know, but it has great quality to it. This is quite valuable if I do say so myself. It’s almost perfectly sphere-shaped and as shiny as platinum.” Leo said with amazement.

“Garsh. Is it a pearl or something?”

“Possibly, Goof. Or it could be something else, something much more rare and precious.”

Goofy and Leo were oblivious of the sudden boom that has just struck upon them. Leo had realized that the boom was a sign that his new enemy is coming. His enemy is Brunak, the captain of the team of the beasts. Su-bak-na, leader of the graves, Death Walker 8000, leader of the Future, Dünd, leader of the sewers, Charos, leader of the volcanic islands, and Brunak is also the leader of the dead. Brunak then walks out of the ocean and approached Goofy and Leo’s boat.

“Hello, men. Did you miss me?” Brunak said.

“First of all, no, we do not miss you. And second, you think you can stop us that easily just by coming to take… this?” Leo said.

“That’s my emerald I’ve been searching for! I need that!” Brunak exclaimed.

“You need this for what, world domination?” Leo questioned.

“No.” Brunak said.

“Really, then, why exactly are you here?” Leo asked.

“I have a task for you to complete. Find the ultra-rare Silver-man eel! After that, you must travel to Notloss.” Brunak commanded.

“You’ve got yourself a deal!” Leo said, sounding brave.

“Good-bye, Turtle!” Brunak yelled.

And that was that. Leo made a deal with Brunak that could easily get him into trouble but he knew he would definitely win this battle. Goofy and Leo are now getting ready to catch the eel and Leo has his scuba-diving suit on just in case he needs to take the creature by hand or by sword. Goofy prepares his fishing pole, hooks the bait, and casts the line out to the ocean. Without the emerald, Leo is starting to feel unlucky of whether he’s going to catch the eel or not, but Leo is not one who quits or backs down, he’s thinking positively which helps him feel more confident. Goofy’s fishing pole then starts getting pulled into the water. Goofy quickly grabs the pole and pulls with all of his strength. Leo hurries to Goofy and begins pulling the pole out of the water. When they finally get the pole into the boat, they find out that they have just caught an ultra-rare Silver-man eel!

“We did it Goofy! We really caught one! Now, we just need to go to Notloss and find Brunak!” Leo exclaimed.

Suddenly, they feel this quake coming from under the boat, but all they notice are large bubbles in the water. Leo thought it could be some kind of machine under water.

“What are those bubbles coming from?” Leo wonders.

Right then, an enormous water dragon springs from the water. Goofy and Leo had no idea there was a water dragon in this ocean, all they knew about were the eels.

“Come on, Goofy! Let’s show this thing we’re stronger than we look!” Leo yelled.

Leo grabs his sword and gives the creature a vigorous slash across the chest. The creature roars which was so intense it made an insane boom. Goofy charges into the creature and swings his finger launching it into the sky. The creature falls into the water; then Goofy and Leo grabbed it and reeled it in. Brunak comes back and thanks them.

“I really appreciate the hard work brothers. Well done.” Brunak said.

“Where are we heading next? Notloss?” Leo asked.

“Actually, there has been a change of plans, so, you’ll be heading to Eealo.” Brunak answered.

“Alright, we’re heading out.”

Goofy and Leo have been travelling for a good 3 hours and are tired from battling the sea creature. They saw nothing but people and eels everywhere they walked. Brunak showed up behind the two and told them what to do.

“Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. You’ll find an eel, but not just any eel, but the heart-shock eel. After that, you’ll be moving to the graveyard to meet up with me and another creature named Su-bak-na.” Brunak said.

“Alright then, let’s get to work.” Leo replied.

Goofy and Leo went from door to door, building to building, shop to shop and no sign of a heart-shock eel. Until finally, they arrive at the Official eel store.

“This must be the place.” Goofy said with hope.

“There’s the heart-shock eel!” Leo exclaimed.

Goofy and Leo ran over toward the last remaining eel and see that there was no price tag.

“How much is this eel, sir?” Leo asked.

“It is $100.” said the worker.

Goofy and Leo’s eyes widened with surprise. They didn’t expect the eel to be so expensive. But Leo made an offering.

“How does a silver medallion sound?” Leo asked.

“It looks like it’s worth at least $100, so I’ll accept your offering.” said the worker.

“Thank you, kind sir.” Leo said grabbing the eel.

Goofy and Leo walk out of the eel shop and head out to the graveyard.

“Now we have to see Brunak at the graveyard.” Leo moaned.

“Is he going to kill us?” Goofy asked nervously.

“He said we’re going to see Su-bak-na there, so I hope not.”

Brunak hops off of a building and lands in front of Goofy and Leo, causing Leo to nearly drop Brunak’s eel.

“Alright, thanks for the eel guys. It’s really precious. How much was it?” Brunak asked.

“It cost us a silver medallion.” Leo answered.

“Not bad for an eel like this. Now, close your eyes for 10 seconds and you’ll be at the graveyard.” Brunak said.

So, Goofy and Leo did as told, they closed their eyes and counted to 10 and when they opened their eyes, they saw the graveyard. Su-bak-na flies past them and lands a few feet away.

“Hello, sir Brunak.” Su-bak-na greeted.

“Su-bak-na, these are the guys that are travelling the world for a treasure with me. They are Goofy and Leo.” Brunak said.

“They look tasty.” Su-bak-na whispered.

“Alright, I’ll leave you guys alone and you guys can talk about the adventure.” Brunak said.

“Now, we’re alone. And I feel really chilled right now.” Leo said.

“That’s because I prey on your chills and fears!” Su-bak-na yelled.

Su-bak-na jumped past Goofy and Leo, trying to catch them. Goofy does a body slam onto Su-bak-na’s dead dragon, causing it to fall down. Leo grabs an emerald out of the dragon’s chest and knocks the dragon over to pieces.

“Ah, rats! You’ve beaten me! I shall deal with you later.” Su-bak-na said in defeat.

Brunak shows up feeling surprised.

“Well done you two. You’ve gotten the emerald of the dead. Now, go to Targetor to find Bull’s eye.” Brunak commanded.

“Are you talking about the bull’s eye as in a bull’s eyeball or a target?” Leo questioned.

“I’m talking about a target because an actual eyeball would be too disturbing.”

“Okay, thank goodness. Let’s go, Goofy.”

Goofy and Leo ran all the way from the graveyard to Targetor within 20 minutes. All they saw were targets and ammunition everywhere they looked.

“It’s loaded with targets and ammunition.” Leo said.

“That’s how it got its name.” Brunak laughed.

“I already found the bull’s eye. It’s right over there.”

The three ran over to the bull’s eye and lifted it up. The bull’s eye was quite heavy for the three to carry it together. So, Goofy decides to ask Brunak where to put it.

“In there. *whistles* Toss it right through that portal.” Brunak said.

Then, the three tossed the target into the portal which disappeared when the target entered.

“Well, where next, Brunak?” Leo asked.

“Boys, we’re going to Madagarscei.” Brunak answered.

“Let’s hurry there!” Leo said.

Brunak teleported Goofy and Leo and himself to Madagarscei and they were all amazed by the scenery.

“What are we supposed to find here?” Goofy questioned.

“We’re going to search for a coconut filled with medallions, which will be very exciting.” Brunak replied.

“Let’s get looking.” Leo reported.

So, all of them searched through almost all of the palm trees and there was no sign of any medallion-filled coconuts anywhere until Leo spotted a palm tree with a glowing light in the leaves.

“Guys, I think it’s up there in that tree! Someone toss me up and I’ll grab it.” Leo said.

Brunak and Goofy both grabbed Leo and tossed him onto the tree top and Leo grabs the coconut and jumps off.

“It’s really shining even on the outside. This must be pretty valuable.” Leo said.

“Now that we have this we need to go and see someone named Charos.” Brunak said.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go see Charos!” Goofy hollered.

Goofy, Leo, and Brunak teleport to the volcanic islands and already start sweating from the intense heat.

“It… is… so… hot here! I feel like I’m… melting!” Leo gasped.

“You’ll have to get used to it. Charos should be here any minute now.” Brunak said.

Charos flies in and greets everyone.

“Hello, I’m Charos the flying serpent.” Charos greeted.

Everyone sat in silence from the way Charos greeted himself sort of in a humorous way. Charos was standing still with a funny smile on his face waiting for a comment on his little ‘presentation.’ Brunak felt embarrassed by Charos’s quirky behavior and almost apologized to goofy and Leo for how he was acting.

“Guys, I’m feeling really awkward right now because of him.” Brunak whispered.

“It’s okay. I’m cool with it because I had 3 brothers growing up.” Leo said.

“You guys think I’m annoying!?” Charos yelled.

“Wait, Charos!” Brunak demanded.

Charos starts blowing fire everywhere and his flames were as red as his rage. Goofy, Leo, and Brunak were trying as hard as they could to dodge Charos’s flames and fireballs. Charos had already burnt down many items and melted rocks and volcanoes started to erupt.

“Charos! You must stop this madness before everything gets destroyed!” leo yelled.

“You must pay for all the insults you all have said about me by being melted to your death!” Charos screamed.

Leo jumps onto Charos’s back and starts riding him like he’s a dragon. Goofy tosses a rock into Charos and then he crashes into the ground.

“My goodness, what bravery you guys must have defeating Charos.” Brunak said.

“Wait! He has the chest of gold that we should be getting!” Leo said.

“That’s great! Now hand it over!”

“What, we get to keep this! Goofy and I did all of the fighting and hard work!”

“We would have been lost without him giving us directions where to go, Leo.” Goofy said.

Leo then realized that they would have been lost without the help of Brunak and Brunak knew the world like the back of his hand. So, Leo decides that they should all share the treasure with each other.

“How about we can all share the treasure with each other and that way we all get a fair share without fighting or complaining.” Leo suggested.

“I do think we all deserve the same amount of gold. Anyways, let’s go home.” Brunak said.

Brunak called for his teleport and Goofy, Leo, and he all climbed inside and went back to Nelegena. Goofy and Leo are now good friends with Brunak and they are all having a good time back at home where everything is peaceful. Brunak was also forgiven by Goofy and Leo for himself trying to be selfish and greedy and forcing Goofy and Leo into travelling. So, Goofy and Leo, and Brunak lived happily ever after.

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