Heaven in your eyes


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Where you called heaven

(A/N: This is an old story written in 2004)

Heaven in your eyes

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Chapter I: Where you called heaven

Cool sea breeze made contact with his face as the cruise sailed the wavy ocean, making his face cold and wet. Above the enormous cruise, seagulls cried mournfully as if mourning that they had to part from their beloved home. He could taste salt on the tip of his tongue as he unconsciously traced his tongue across his moist lips. Closing his eyes, he leaned on the rail. He could hear his teammate squeal with excitement from the inside.

"Wow! This is great! Kakashi-sensei, are they serving ramen for dinner? I think that'll be the greatest of the greatness of all!" Naruto said loudly, jumping up and down. He was too excited to just stand or sit or do whatever something else. The silver-grey haired jounin sweatdropped. Naruto's fondness of ramen was at the level of being called ramen-addicted.

"I don't think they have something like that in a trip like this, Naruto." Kakashi replied matter-of-factly to the blond boy's disappointment. Naruto stopped jumping and hung his head in disappointment. "I want ramen." he started mumbling repeatly to himself. Sakura, paying Naruto no attention, spoke up: "So, Kakashi-sensei, why does Hokage-sama suddenly think we need a vacation?" And an extravagant one, thank god! Inner Sakura cheered.

"Well..." The jounin coughed.

Sasuke strained his ears. He too wondered what did Godaime think taking all of them on such an expensive cruise. Naruto, for one moment, stopped mumbling to himself and turned his attention fully to the masked jounin.

"Actually, I don't know." came the reply.

"You don't know?" The pinked haired-girl arched an eyebrows. "Really?" I know you know! Don't try to fool me. I'm not that stupid. I'm the smartest student if you haven't already known that. Hell yeah! Inner Sakura yelled in frustation.

"Come on, tell us!" Naruto said, pounding on his sensei. Inner Sakura cheered. Go Naruto! Make him speak! You've better not lie to me. There must be some hidden truth behind all this. Hell yeah!

And there was a sound of something crashing and "Itai!" Then the crashing sound began again followed with Sakura's piercing shriek. "Narutooooooooooooooo!"

Sasuke shook his head at the stupidity of his own teammate. They're all idiots. He shoved his hands in his pockets and decided to find a quieter place at the deck. He walked up the stairs with sure paces and opened the door that connected to the deck, where the midday sun shone brightly above. Sure, it was quiet and had a perfect spot for viewing the scenery but he didn't expect to meet someone up here. His legs frozed where he stood. He recognized the man in black cloak with red clouds pattern very well. "Itachi."

His own brother. His enemy. Uchiha Itachi.

Itachi turned at the sound of his name. Yet even without turning, he could tell who it was, for he remembered that voice well. That sweet, melodic voice of his little brother. He always loved how his name sounded coming from those full rosy lips. Their eyes met, blood-red met blood-red as the obsidian shade faded from Sasuke's rage-filled orbs, remaining only the reddest shade of the Sharingan. Just as Sasuke's legs left its former position, the floor where they were on shook. "Wha-!?"


There was a loud crash and everything turned blue and then black...and then nothing else.


Everything was black. Complete blackness. He could feel coldness cut into his skin like it was a silver knife. In his ears, he think he heard sound. The sound of the rain pouring lightly. He tried to breath in the air. It seemed so hard at first but slowly and steadily, he managed to breath himself alive. Something warm and moist touched his lips. Again and again. He took in a deep breath and forced himself to open his eyes, which grew wide at the sight that greeted him.

Uchiha Itachi at a dangerously close sight with those enticing lips slightly parting and less than an inch apart from his own.

"Bastard! I'll kill you!" He had noticed all of his weapon was gone with the sunk ship, so he decided to punch instead. Yet his fist never made contact with his hated brother's face, for Itachi quickly caught his slender wrist with one of his strong hands and pinned his offensive hand down above his head while his other hand held a kunai close to his throat, keeping him still. Sasuke scowled. Why did Itachi still have his weapon here when he didn't? It wasn't fair. He gritted his teeth.

"You should be grateful, little brother." said Itachi, tightening his grip around the boy's wrist.

"And why the hell should I be!?" The younger one snapped, glaring up at him. Anger was evident in his eyes.

Itachi leaned in to whisper in his brother's ear. "I helped you breath." Sasuke shuddered as the other's warm breath made contact with his sensitive ear. And that seductive tone... What the hell?

And although he knew what Itachi meant by that, he couldn't help thinking about its possible undertone. Itachi did kiss him. What the hell are you thinking!? Stop that! He mentally scolded himself. Itachi watched him. Although his face didn't show any emotion, amusement danced behind those Sharingan eyes of his. And Sasuke didn't like it.

That, Itachi noticed. He released Sasuke and tossed the kunai aside. Sasuke looked at the kunai then at him. "Pick it up, Sasuke, if you want to kill me that much." Sasuke's eyes widened in surprise. Yet the boy didn't move even bit. He just stood as still as a stone. Silence prevailed for a while as thunder crackled and lightning lightened up the dark grey sky. The storm was coming.

The light rain started to get heavy as larger droplets hit the ground. The sea getting rough and wavy as thunder roared madly from behind the dark cloud. Sasuke closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to subue his anger. When he opened them again, he had made his decision. He kicked the kunai. It spun around as it slid from where it was to rest before Itachi's feet. "Keep it." he said plainly. Yet inside he was still boiling with rage.

There were only two of them on this god-know-where island. Where the others were, he had no idea but what would he do if there were only him left? It was not that he didn't know how to survive alone but it was better with two of them instead of one even though the fact that the one with him was this bastard of a brother was unnerving. Sure, Itachi knew this fact. He had known what his answer might be, so he offered him the opportunity. "Insufferable bastard." Sasuke muttered under his breath. He knew that behind that poker face of his, Itachi was now laughing his head off.

The older Uchiha's gaze turned from his little brother to the cave in the cliff behind them. Sasuke followed his brother's gaze. It had been a long time they agreed on something. Saying not any word, they began striding toward their caverrnous shelter.


Ruby flame crackled as shadow danced along the solid wall of the cave. The dry branches they had managed to find weren't enough to suffice the whole night and it was getting colder and colder as time passed by. Sasuke sat as close to the dying fire as much as possible. He was wearing only his shorts since his clothes were wet. So were Itachi's. The older Uchiha was wearing only his black pants, leaving his upper body bare. Yet the coldness didn't seem to bother him as much as it did his little brother.

Itachi sat in one corner, resting his back against the stone wall as he watched the rain fall through the entrance of the cave that looked like a giant scary mouth. The lean palm tree swayed back and forth as the harsh wind crooned. The sky was dark saved for the temporary light of lightning that flashed from time to time. When he decided that the scenery outside was boring, he shifted his gaze back inside. His blood-red Sharingan eyes softened as they rest on the shivering form of his little brother.

Sasuke stiffened when he felt two strong arms encircle around his waist, pulling him back against the other's bare chest. "Wh-what're you doing?" Heat crept up the younger Uchiha's face as he stammered the words out. "Keep you warm, little brother. It's what a good big brother should do, isn't it?" his brother replied as if nothing was wrong. Yet Sasuke knew this was really wrong. Itachi hadn't treated him in such a brotherly way since he left the day he murdered the entire clan. Not to mention the earlier event that he had saved his life. Something wasn't right.

Who, in the hell, does he think he's kidding? Does he know what he's doing? Damnit, I don't understand him.

As if he had read his mind, "You don't have to," Itachi uttered softly, tightening his embrace around the boy so that he could feel warmth from his body. Sasuke snapped out of his deep thought and then realized for the first time their position. He wasn't in a sitting position he used to be but was down on the floor with Itachi's arm securely wrapped around him. "Now go to sleep." his brother told him, his voice no longer held the iciness it used to have but a tone of a loving brother he once used years back from now.

The younger Uchiha no longer felt the coldness of the weather yet he couldn't bring himself to sleep. It was that well-built chest bare against his back, that warm, steady breath against his neck and that soft lips barely brushing his naked shoulder... How could he go to sleep? Curse Itachi for acting strange and making him confused!

Sasuke sighed and turned slightly so that he could have a look at his older brother's sleeping face. It was something he had never seen before, for back then it was him that always slept before Itachi, thus Itachi was the one watching him. A little yet genuine smile crossed his lips at the thought. Such happy memory, such happy childhood he had... His hand moved to brush away his brother's untidy bangs. His brother looked so pure yet vulnerable as he slept. Seeing him like this, Sasuke couldn't believe this man was the same one that murdered the clan.

His heart skipped a beat as Itachi stirred, moving his head a little. Yet that slight movement made the boy's heart to beat faster that he feared the other would wake up from hearing the sound of it, for his lips brushed against Sasuke's. Sasuke shrank back and quickly turned his head back the other way. The younger Uchiha then prayed to whatever it was that he finally had a peaceful sleep, trying to ignore his brother's soft lips on the crook of his neck.

This was going to be a long night.


Dawn came as golden rays of sunlight peeked through the mouth of the cave and onto his eyes. Sasuke blinked at the bright light, using one of his hands to shield his eyes. He then looked around and noticed that Itachi was nowhere in sight yet the other's stuff was still there. He sighed. He wasn't going to wait here for Itachi to come back. He looked down at himself. Although the cave's stone floor was dry, it didn't mean it was not covered with dirt. He really needed a bath.

And from the condition of his white shorts, he knew he had to find something else to wear while he was waiting for the clothes to dry. He looked at the corner where Itachi's stuff were. How could Itachi have all of his stuff when all of his was gone? It was not fair. Shaking the complaint out of his head, Sasuke looked through the stuff if he could find something of use. His eyes then caught something. He picked it up. His eyes grew wide in surprise.

Leather pants!?

Why Itachi had leather pants, Sasuke had no idea. Yet he didn't think he wanted wear that, so he decided he would take a bath and wait for his clothes to dry.

Considered himself lucky, he founded a stream not far away from the cave. He stripped and got into the refreshing water, washing himself and his dirty clothes clean. When he had finished with his clothes, he hung them on the nearest tree's branch. It would take some time before they were dry enough to wear. He looked up the cliff. Itachi wasn't back yet, so he decided to enjoy himself a bit. And he dove deep into the water...


Enough with the fun, Sasuke was resting on a small boulder that stood out like a little island in the middle of the stream. His black hair was no more spiky but clung to his head, those dark bangs fell into his eyes and he raised his hand up to tug it behind his ears. He let out a surprised yelp and almost fell back as a certain raven haired-man with a pair of permanent Sharingan eyes appeared in front of him. And in such a promising position... Right between his legs. He shifted uncomfortably as the other's gaze roamed his naked form.

"Where have you been?" he said, trying to hind the nervousness that rushed through him. For a brief moment, he swore he saw a smile flash across Itachi's face. "Finding something for breakfast." his brother said, tilting his head to the bank where he had placed all the food he had gathered.


"Do you think this is really edible?" Sasuke asked as he looked at the weird-looking fruit in his palm.

"Don't be selective. I'm sure it is." His big brother gave him a look that one would gave his little brother when the stubborn kid refused to eat something the adult said it was good. Sasuke scowled at him. "Fine, fine. I'm eating it. Satisfied?" And he took a bite from the weird-looking yet edible fruit. Hmm...not bad.

As he finished the first one, he decided it was not bad at all. He licked his lips, tasting the last bit of the sweet juice. He took another one from the pile and did not hesitate to take a bite. The red juice trickled down from the corner of his lips to his chin, leaving a long blood-like trace against his pale skin yet he paid it no heed. He busied himself with the delicious fruit that he didn't notice the look his brother was giving him.

When he took another bite, spilling the juice the his throat, he founded himself being pinned to the ground. "Ita-" The rest of the name was cut off when Itachi's soft lips silenced him. It felt like there was an electricity ran through both of them from the contact. Sasuke gasped and Itachi took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside the boy's mouth, tasting the sweetness of it. The sweet taste of the fruit still lingered there yet his little brother's own taste was equally sweet.

Sasuke tried to push his brother away but it seemed like his energy was drained by the forbidden kiss. When the need of oxygen separated them, the younger Uchiha's mind became blank.

Strong yet slender fingers raked the boy's perfect body, caressing the smooth alabaster skin. "You're beautiful." came his brother's words, his breath a bit raspy. That was when Sasuke's sense came back and he bagan to struggle. "Wh-what're you doing!? Stop it!" he supposed to say that out loud but managed to let out a weak voice instead as Itachi traced his tongue along the red trace of the juice that ran down the corner of his lips to his chin and down his delicious throat. The boy let out a soft moan as the older one nibbled at his neck.

"S-stop! If you don't I'm sure I'll kill you after this!" This time he managed to cry out loud.

"Then what?" His brother murmured into his throat, indifferent at the threat. One of his hand pushed the boy's shoulder pinned while the other was making its way down his abdomen.

"Stop it! Itachi, you're my brother! Damnit!" The boy yelled, gathering the last bit of his strenght to push the older one away but Itachi didn't even flinch. Those Sharingan eyes seemed to sparkle with the light Sasuke had never seen before as their shade reddened. "Then what?" It was the same question yet it wasn't quite the same, for the tone was harsh and dangerous. Sasuke tried to restrain himself from shuddering as Itachi crushed their lips together in a rough kiss, biting down hard on his lips.

Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut. The hands he used to push Itachi away grew weak. Damnit.



There was a roar. Sasuke opened his eyes and looked over Itachi's shoulder. Itachi noticed this and followed his gaze.


Damn. The older Uchiha mentally cursed.


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