Heaven in your eyes

Heaven in your eyes

Chapter II: Heaven in your eyes


The enormous beast roared fiercely. A leopard. Biggest of its kindred both Uchiha had seen in their lives. Long sinister fangs could be seen clearly as the beast opened its huge jaw. It seemed to be awfully hungry. And now that it had found two delicious-looking preys here, it wasn't going to wait. With another thunderous roar, it jumped from its position, charging toward its victims with lightning speed.

The two humans dodged just in time and the powerful claw plung into the tree trunk instead, leaving a large gap in it. The frustrated leopard made a low voice in its throat and made another attempt, leaping toward Itachi. Wrong choice, for at the moment Itachi wasn't in a good mood to play. Narrowing his eyes, the older Uchiha evaded the deadly blow--the leopard's huge claw missing its target by an inch. The hungry beast spasmed and stopped moving. Blood gushed out from its back like crimson shower , painting the earth with red as Itachi's hand emerged from its back. Its lifeless body then drop to the ground as Itachi pulled his hand out of its body.

Sasuke's eyes widened in recognition. He knew that technique. Chidori. Itachi could copy it by only seeing it once? Maybe not once but still... He frowned deeply. It would take a longer way than he supposed...to defeat this man.

"Sasuke." Itachi's voice cut through the air. The way that deep husky voice pronounced his name made him shiver uncontrollably and he quickly backed away from the man he called 'big brother', fearing that Itachi would try another attempt to... He blushed hotly at the thought. That didn't escape his brother's hawk-like gaze and the older Uchiha tossed him a smirk. That arrogant yet knowing smirk... he didn't like it.

"Blushing, eh?"

"You wish, fucking bastard."

Itachi raised one elegant eyebrow. "You want that?"

"Want what?"

Sasuke gasped as Itachi shoved him forcefully into the tree behind, hitting the trunk hard. The moment he regained his composure, he found Itachi standing before him, blocking away other views. Black-painted nails sensually grazed from one of his shoulder to his arm, leaving a long trail of scratch there. "Fucking." The older Uchiha said huskily and clamped his mouth over his little brother's in another kiss before the younger one's brain could register what he was doing.

Sasuke moaned into his mouth and the older Uchiha could almost smile in satisfaction at how his little brother reacted. Almost. Common sense of right and wrong didn't matter at the moment. He wanted to see more. He wanted to hear more. He wanted to feel more.

The kiss grew more passionate and Sasuke felt like his lips were on fire that no amount of water could extinguish it. Burning flame, just like the one in Itachi's blood-red Sharingan eyes, engulfed his body, making him melt. His knees went weak and he slid down the trunk with their lips still locked. It was hard to describe what he was feeling right now. Because however good it felt, he knew exactly that this was wrong. Yet he didn't push Itachi away.

Long, slender fingers caressed his pale, silken cheek, sending a thread of electricity through him, teasing him with a forbidden rush of desire as Itachi broke away, breathing hard. Their faces were flush and their lips swollened from the mind-blowing kiss. Fangirls would die of severe heart attack had they had a chance for one.

"Did you like it?" Itachi smirked.


"You lied." And he kissed Sasuke again. The boy didn't object but instead, opened his mouth willingly, letting his tongue in. Hands were everywhere, exploring every inch of the smooth flesh as the strange yet desirable electricity shot through both of them, making them yearn for each other's touch.

It was hard to fight back the urge to respond and it was hard too to ignore the protesting scream in the back of his mind. He didn't struggle, for he had learnt that it was no use doing so yet he didn't respond. He just stayed there as still as a stone.

Itachi's head shot up from its position in kissing his little brother's creamy inner thigh, for he was surprised that the boy didn't try to push him away. It was nice for him but... He looked at the boy. Sasuke had his head turned to the side and his nails dug into the ground as if trying to control himself. How much his body yearned for this forbidden fruit, his little brother sure didn't want to have a taste, for he would be exiled from the heaven...to hell. Depurifying him. Chained with sin. Losing his wings to fly.

Hell is only for me. Me and my own selfishness...

Sasuke felt the weight lift away from him. Hesitantly, he looked back at his brother. Itachi was now standing with his back on him. He had his clothes fully back on. Silence prevailed for a while as Sasuke didn't know of what to do. Finally, he managed to voice out a soft "...Itachi?"

There was a rustle and something were thrown onto his laps. And Sasuke realized just a minute later that they were his damp clothes. "Put on your clothes." came his older brother's plain yet commanding voice. Sasuke didn't move at first but raised his gaze up to his brother's still form.


Having decided that he couldn't get anything else from the older Uchiha, Sasuke began to dress, his obsidian eyes never leaving his brother's figure.


Walking. They were walking in silence for a while now. The last thing Itachi had said was that they were about to check if there was someone else on this island, which Sasuke doubt there was one. It was that, Sasuke thought, Itachi didn't want to talk to him. Hn. As if I want to talk to you. He rubbed his neck. Every villain sure knew where to leave their marks.

The trees were getting bigger and bigger as they walked. The twigs on the ground made a snapping noise as they stepped on. A giant boa crawled lazily down around a large branch. It somehow reminded him of someone creepy he didn't want to think about right now. His gaze shifted back to his brother, who was walking just a few paces ahead of him. He noticed blood, red against white, on Itachi's left cheek where a pointy twig had cut into it. The older Uchiha was indifferent about it. The wound was nothing serious but for once, Sasuke wondered if his older brother was a masochist.

They halted to a rest nearby a river. It was the same river that ran down the mountain from one side of the island to another. The two Uchiha was now having their lunch, which was some fruit they found around. As Sasuke ate his meal, his eyes darted to his brother, who was sitting with one knee up, back against a lean palm tree opposite of him. He wasn't eating and the blood on his left cheek was still unwiped. Sasuke gave an elaborate sigh. Not that he cared much but still...

He walked over to Itachi, crouching down in front of him. Saying not a word, he wiped the blood away with his fingers. He also saw another cut in one of Itachi's upper arm. This one wasn't tiny. Sasuke frowned. His brother was really a masochist. He then tore at his sleeve, making it into a long piece of cloth and used it as a bandage, wrapping the wound. As he did this, his thought went back to his childhood memory when Itachi was taking care of his wounds, scolding him for being so naughty. And he would ruffled his hair...like a big brother would.

Yet Itachi didn't act like one now.

A brother didn't kiss his own brother.

Itachi watched his brother take care of his wounded arm. He half-expected the boy to scold him like he used to when they were younger. He didn't. A fiendish smile passed upon Sasuke's face and before he could ask anything...


The younger Uchiha tried to look innocent. "Sorry, *Aniki*. I just wonder if you are really a masochist." The cloth was tied so tightly around his upper arm. Too tight. He gave the boy a baleful glare, which was simply ignored.


Afternoon was nothing more than a muddy, slippery jungle tour thanked to the heavy rain that they had encountered for the second time they arrived here. And it was unpleasant for anyone's liking, even for the most indiffernt man in the world, namely Uchiha Itachi, who was now having a slight frown on his face as he made his way through the thick green gathering of trees, bushes and tall grasses. Not to mention his little brother, Uchiha Sasuke.

Fortunately, they spotted another cave for shelter, it was not as big as the one they had lodged last night but it was better than nothing. Kicking away the obstacle that get in the way, they ran straight toward the cave. Yet there was still misfortune in the fortune they had, for they couldn't find any dry sticks for the night if it was going to rain all day.

And I have just washed my clothes. Damnit.

They discarded their wet clothes and Itachi threw his stuff at one corner. Squeezing water out of his long hair, the older Uchiha sat down on the dry yet cold floor. Sasuke remained standing. Itachi raised his gaze to meet his little brother's.

"Why do you act like this?" The younger one asked, his voice barely above a whisper.


"Why do you act like nothing happened? Why do you act like you care? And why *the hell* did you touch me that-that way?" The volume of his voice raised to a yell mixed with confused emotions. Itachi stood up to face him, towering him with his taller height yet the boy didn't seem to be intimidated. He raised his chin, glaring up at his brother with glowing Sharingan eyes.


"Itachi...no...Aniki, why-"

The older Uchiha quickly cut him off. "Don't call me Aniki, Sasuke. I don't deserve to be one." Breaking their gazes, Itachi turned his back on him. "You know why. Don't ask and I promise not to lay a finger on you anymore." Let me go to hell alone.

On hearing that, an image flashed into Sasuke's mind.

"Stop it! Itachi, you're my brother! Damnit!" The boy yelled, gathering the last bit of his strenght to push the older one away but Itachi didn't even flinch. Those Sharingan eyes seemed tp sparkled with the light Sasuke had never seen before as their shade reddened. "Then what? It was the same question yet it wasn't quite the same, for the tone was harsh and dangerous. Sasuke tried to restrain himself from shuddering as Itachi crushed their lips together in a rough kiss, biting down hard on his lips.

And he thought now he understood why.

Itachi's eyes widened as he felt small arms wrapped around his waist. He whirled around to face the younger Uchiha. He met with a pair of Sharingan--similar to his own. "Kiss me." The boy said. As if he had read his earlier thought, Sasuke added: "Let us rot in hell together, then."

Yet Itachi didn't move. He just stared at Sasuke as if he heard something wrong. The younger Uchiha murmured something, which sounded like 'idiot', and yanked him down to meet with his lips. The kiss was clumsy but it was a kiss, after all. The older Uchiha let his brother have a taste in his mouth for a while before he finally took control of the kiss and pinned Sasuke to the ground.

"Are you sure about this?" The older one asked as they parted, breathless. The younger one gave him a smile and pulled him down into another kiss. "No regret."

The older Uchiha smiled back a genuine smile as he twined their fingers together. Forbidden as it was. This was no hell but a real heaven.


They lay there, flesh against flesh, skin against skin, sweating and panting softly as they listened to the heartbeat of each other. Evident was the sin they had committed together yet none of them regretted it. Sasuke ran his hand through his brother's long dark locks, using his fingers as a comb--the finest one, in Itachi's opinion.

"You know there's no going back now, Sasuke." The older Uchiha said as his strong arms encircled the smaller frame of his now lover in a protective embrace.

"You're saying that after what we've done?" The younger one asked, raising his an eyebrow. "I thought you were a prodigy."

A soft chuckle escaped Itachi's lips. "Everyone can be a fool when it's come to love. Even I or you."

Sasuke snorted. "Who say I'm in love with you? I didn't say you're forgiven."

"....Maybe you still hate me." He tightened his embrace around the younger Uchiha.

The younger boy nuzzled his neck. "Maybe."

Snap. Snap.

Both raven haired-boys' ears caught the sound of twigs breaking. Someone was approaching. Well, not only one... From the voices out there, Sasuke knew who they were...

"Hey, there's a cave over there!" came Naruto's enthusiastic voice.

"I hope Sasuke-kun's okay." This was Sakura.

"Hmm...I've a bad feeling about this." came Kakashi's voice. "Anyway, we've to find him as fast as possible. I don't think those waiting in the ship have that much patience."

"Geeze. Those heartless bastards... why don't they come help us?" Naruto complained.

"At least they're kind enough to let us on their ship. We're lucky, you know." said Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei's right. Let's find Sasuke-kun." said Sakura.

Snap. Snap.

Sasuke gave his brother a nervous look but Itachi looked like he didn't give a damn. "Let them find us like this." he said, an amusement light sparkled in those Sharingan eyes of his.

"You're a freak."

"No. Just a masochist."

Sasuke glared at his brother. "I hate you." Yet his eyes softened as they met with Itachi's. The older Uchiha smiled again. The most beautiful smile he had ever smiled in his life, for he knew besides that attitude toward him, he could see in Sasuke's eyes the same feeling he had for him. Love. And seeing such love in those eyes, it was the real heaven, the sanctuary of his sinful soul. He held the boy in his arms tight and he wouldn't let go, for this boy was the only treasure in this world for him.

Snap. Snap.

Let them found them like this. He wouldn't care...as long as they were together...



"Why do you have leather pants?"

Heaven in your eyes


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