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The Eyes of the Snake

A/N: This is a very old story written in 2004 and also my very first fic. Since I'm not a native speaker, I apologize for grammatical/syntactic errors you may find.

Chapter I: The Eyes of the Snake

You're mine, Sasuke-kun. No matter what you do, how hard you try, you'll finally come to me.

The voice, creepy and freakily sweet, echoed in his mind. It made him feel like there was a snake crawling under his skin. He shuddered. The cursed seal on his neck burnt with hot white pain at the mere thought of the man who had given it. Orochimaru. The image of that sick bastard kept haunting him even in his sleep.

The young Uchiha started tossing in his sleep, sweating all over. The pain emitted from the seal was becoming so immense that he couldn't sleep anymore. As soon as his eyes snapped open, it turned blood red at the feeling of being watched by someone. He knew exactly who it was from the way his body reacted. He clutched his neck where the seal was.

You're mine, Sasuke-kun.

Sharingan eyes nervously searched the room for any traces of the psychotic sennin... There was none. Still, the raven-haired boy felt those snake-like eyes upon him.

You cannot escape.

His breath became short and his heart beat faster and faster, one hand held a kunai so tightly that the usually pale knuckle turned as white as snow. Sweat trickled from every inch of his small body, soaking him all over. He was shaking but still he was also ready for an attack. Suddenly, the door swung open...!

Sasuke's kunai missed its target by a few inches, cutting a few tresses of silver-grey hair for it was the wrong target. It wasn't that man. "I-I'm sorry, Kakashi-sensei." said the boy, sighing with relieve. The presence of those snake-like eyes vanished like darkness being chased away by sunlight. Yet in the back of his mind, he knew that their owner wouldn't be gone long. The burning pain from the cursed seal had stopped, leaving only paralyzing tingle there.

The silver-grey haired jounin eyed his student worriedly. The normal eye of his fixed on where the boy's hand was clutching, the grip had loosened slightly, though. "Sasuke." He moved from where he was standing to his student's bedside. Sasuke could sense the jounin's gaze on his neck and he knew what the jounin was about to ask. Yet the Uchiha boy said nothing, turning his head to the side.

Kakashi sighed and sat down next to his student. Sasuke almost stiffened when he felt two strong arms wrapped around him but soon relaxed, leaning on Kakashi's broad chest. He felt so warm and safe sitting there, in that embrace. Sensing the tension went away from the small body in his arms, Kakashi whispered soothingly into the boy's ear "Sasuke, I promise not to let him lay a finger on you," but his face was deadly serious, "...even if it costs my life."


Sasuke said nothing but leaned back closer into the warmth. They stayed like that for hours until Kakashi realized that the boy had already fallen asleep. The silver-grey haired jounin smiled under his face cover and positioned the boy back on the bed. He then took a seat on the chair just next to it, watching the sleeping beauty silently.


A cloaked figure stood on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the nightly view of the Konaha Village. It had been quite a long time since he last visited here. Or should he say 'since he left here'? He looked up at the sky. The sky was dark--there was no source of light saved for the waxing crescent moon and the air was eerily still but chilling. Just like that night. The night he had left this village, his hometown behind, remaining only memories... He still remembered that night clearly like it had just happened yesterday...

The smell of blood filled his nostrils. Fresh blood spilled onto his face and clothes as he slew them with no mercy. Their helpless, spine-chilling scream rang in his ears but for him it was nothing but a beautiful melody playing over and over again. One by one, the members of the Uchiha clan was slain by his own hands. And he couldn't wipe a smirk off his lips until... "Aniki!"

He closed his eyes. He remembered the look of pure horror and disbelief was written all over his little brother's innocent face. Beautiful and innocent that was what he used to describe his little brother. Beautiful...he always was but innocent? Not anymore. For now Sasuke wanted nothing but to shed his blood to avenge his clan. *Their* clan, to say correctly.

Itachi shook his head. Sasuke could kill him if he was strong enough and he wouldn't complain even bit. That way...was the only way to end his sinful pain, the pain that was unable to heal. Yet it seemed Sasuke wasn't getting even close to his goal. It would take more time--months, years or even decades from now and he could only wait and suffer the pain until then. And he couldn't wait forever for this pain would kill him from the inside before he was killed by his beloved's hand as he wished. That was the reason he decided to pay his little brother a visit.

To remind him of what he should not forget.


Kakashi woke up just to find that the bed before him was empty. Sasuke was nowhere in sight. He frowned. The sound of the water running could be heard from the bathroom, of which door was half opened. "Sasuke?" Kakashi called.


The frown on the jounin's face deepened as he walked closer to the door. When he pushed it opened, all he could see was the water shooting from the shower. Several shampoo and shower gel bottles scattered on the white floor, on which had a red spot against the sheer whiteness. When he took a look closer, he was was blood.

He balled his fist in anger, his eyes blazed with rage. How could he be so careless falling asleep and let this happened after what he had promised? How couldn't he sense this coming when he should stay alert and protect Sasuke? And he called himself a ninja, a skillful one? "Kuso!" he cursed and quickly rushed out from the apartment. He had to find Sasuke as fast as possible. If Orochimaru did...

He felt as if his heart would stop beating at the thought of it. The way the sennin looked at the young Uchiha, he knew exactly what it meant. Lust. No. He couldn't let that happen. He hoped it wouldn't happen. He balled his fist so tight that he drew blood. Even though he knew he was no match for the psychotic sennin but when he had someone to protect, he could die for it. Especially when that someone was... special to him.

Naruto was having his favorite miso ramen at Ichiraku for dinner as usual when he noticed the silver-grey haired jounin jumping from one rooftop to another. He was about to call his sensei to join him but decided not to when he saw the look on Kakashi's face. He didn't recall his sensei looking so scary and murderous before. Something really bad must be happening. Naruto knew that it was something he shouldn't mess with but curiosity disturbed him.

Instead, Naruto decided to follow the jounin. Of course, that meant he hadn't paid for his meal yet. Fortunately, the owner had known that he would come back again tomorrow, so he let the kitsune boy go. "Youngsters these days..." he said, sighing and continued to do his work.


Sasuke glared at the man before him with disdain. He wanted so much to punch the smirk off that face but couldn't since he was restrained to the wall. The more he tried to struggle, the stronger the chain became. He hissed in pain as the white-hot pain shot through his body. "Give that up, Sasuke-kun. The more you struggle, the more pain you get." Orochimaru inched closer to the restrained boy, a smile never left his lips. That, Sasuke found so irritating that his anger wouldn't stop boiling. That made the pain grew worse. "Let me go, you bastard!" he yelled.

Orochimaru shook his head. "My, my, temper will only make it worse." The sennin raised one hand up and placed it on the raven haired-boy's burning cheek. "You should learn to be more obedient." Those vice fingers seductively brushed across his cheek and down to cup his chin, resting his thumb on the boy bottom lips. Sasuke felt a shiver run down his spine at what he saw gleaming in those snake-like eyes.

"What do you want?" he asked out the stupid question that he already knew the answer and he could only hope he was wrong this time. The sennin chuckled. The room echoed that evil voice making it louder. "Can't you tell, Sasuke-kun?" Orochimaru licked his lips. The answer that Sasuke feared most fleeted from his those lips, word by word, slowly but clearly. "I. Want. To. Taste. You." Before the young Uchiha boy could do anything, he crushed his lips with the boy's in a searful kiss.

Sasuke felt like nauseating having that foul snake-like tongue in his mouth. The essence of the man alone was filthy enough that he would rather choose death than living if this man was going to... He struggled more. The metal cut deep into his skin and blood gushed out from the wound. He didn't care if he would bleed to dead or the burning pain from the curse seal would swallow him. The thought of dying seemed far better than living through this hell.

If you die, what about your clan then? Do you not want to avenge their death? Do you want your ambition to end here just because you cannot tolerate this pervert bastard?

His inner voice screamed. He closed his eyes as the thought of his brother flashed in his mind--the happy childhood they shared together, growing up together, how hard he tried to become like his brother until the night everything had turned upside down... His brother would be laughing his head off if he saw him here and now.

He squeezed his eyes shut tighter, seeing nothing but complete darkness as his entire body stiffened with that disgusting tongue trailing down from his chin to his neck where the seal was. He felt one of the sennin's hand moving lower and lower, reaching for its destination. He bit his lips. Hard. His ambition ended here, for he couldn't tolerate this any longer. He braced himself, ready to bite his tongue and die... Yet what he feared never came.


Hot, smelly liquid splashed, staining his face and clothes. Obsidian eyes snapped open just to see the face of his captor twisted in pain. Three deadly shuriken embedded in that daring hand of his, preventing it from doing its work further. Orochimaru turned to face his attacker and even the great sennin was taken aback at whom he saw.

Sasuke didn't believe his eyes. Before him stood Uchiha Itachi, the murderer of his clan, his brother, his enemy and the other member of the Uchiha clan left. From where he was, Sasuke couldn't see his face well. Yet he could tell that those blood red Sharingan eyes was blazing so dangerously with stormy rage that could be seen even in the darkness of the room.


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