Child of Everlasting Twilight


Megan Gwynn has been attacked during a date in amusement park. She becomes involved in events that will reveal her mysterious origins and connection with the world which exists only in the legends.

Action / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

In the hot, summer night, the middle-aged man with red hair and moustache of the same color left the municipal bar with simple sounding name: “Beneath Ruins”. He visited these premises every Friday evening in order to relax by the beer after the entire working week. Every visit proceeded the same way, with the same company and conversations about the same not very interesting topics. Things were supposed to be entirely different that night. When ginger man was passing by prostitutes known in the entire neighborhood, a man dressed in black ran up to him and pulled him to the dimwit backstreet. The red haired man was disorientated at first, however he didn’t have a chance with the assailant much stronger than himself. The stranger pinned him down to the wall, looking deep into his eyes.

“Ian... it’s me. Will, do you remember me?” The aggressor asked with a hoarse voice. He had greasy, and messy hair and bloodshot eyes. Ian said yes still being terrified. Will calmed down and let him go. He put his hand on the wall and started breathing more calmly.

“Have you gone mad? Meeting with me this way? Could you not just call? We can meet in the pub!” The surprised man with a big moustache asked.

“I could not... the risk is too great! Nobody can know about the fact that we got in touch...”

“What do you mean?” The ginger man was irritated very much.

“It concerns your daughter. We must get her back homewards... we can protect her only here...” “Megan is in danger? She’s in the most protected place in the world!”

“You understand nothing... her mother is in a big danger...”

“Liz? What are you talking about?” Will was silent for a moment. He looked deeply in Ian’s eyes.

“I meant her real mother...”

Next day, on the other side of the ocean, Megan mentioned by the mysterious man and her boyfriend Mark, young mutants from Xavier’s Institute, went together on a trip to the funfair. Wings of the girl didn’t turn an attention of people passing by her because there were many colorfully dressed persons in a bizarre disguises entertaining guests of the park. Megan was thought to be another employee, imitating a butterfly or a fairy from some fairy tale. The couple stopped at the entrance to the one of attractions - the slide looking like a huge snake. Megan sat down on the bench, she felt tired and legs ached her. Mark suggested, that he would bring something to drink, and then he disappeared in the crowd. The girl was looking around herself. A loud music coming from a few places simultaneously and a hubbub of children annoyed her, but in spite of it she was satisfied very much from the day spent in the company of her boyfriend. The clown dressed in the dress with red dots came up to her and he gave her pink balloon in the shape of cat’s head. The girl smiled to him unwillingly. People’s laughter reached her from the scene on which children were throwing cookies at the fat woman in the ruffled dress, sitting on a tiny, wooden stool. Megan noticed that a few meters farther, the man was in the long raincoat standing by the tree. Mutant girl thought that he had been looking at her every couple of minutes. At that very moment, Mark came back from the shop and he gave her the can of cold drink.

“Mark... I have a strange impression that this man is tracking us”. She discreetly pointed at the stranger.

“I could see him when we entered to the park, later when we drove this railway...” She added.

“There is only one way to check it out...” The boy took Megan by the hand and pulled her toward the tree by which the man was standing. The couple quickly passed by him, not even looking at his direction. When they walked away a few meters and disappeared in the crowd, Mark looked behind. The man finished smoking a cigarette and moved to their side.

“You were right. He is walking after us”.

“Who can he be? What will we do?” The boy noticed the view tower, the highest building in the entire funfair. They run across wooden bridge and crowded café garden. They quickly found themselves at the entrance to the tower. Getting through in its direction, the boy knocked down the employee dressed up as a huge egg, almost turning him over. At the last moment the couple of mutants took the place inside the lift of the attraction. The mysterious stranger ran up to the building’s entry, but the person guarding it stopped him because of the exceeded limit of people being able to simultaneously tour the tower. Megan and Mark leaned against the wall of the lift. An electronic music started coming from loudspeakers, darkness fell in the interior of the room and color templates symbolizing miracles found during interstellar journeys appeared on the ceiling.

“We lost him”. Mark replied.

“At the moment... It’s interesting what he can want from us”.

“Probably nothing good. We must think out how to get rid of him.”

Jessica Vale, dressed in black trousers and black sleeveless shirt was sitting on the bench in front of the halls of residence of Xavier’s Institute. There was a painted green dragon on the cover of the book which she was reading. Suddenly she felt that her abilities were becoming active. She had the vision. She was in the funfair, she was running in unknown direction every couple of minutes hitting people. Circus clowns appeared in front of her, intentionally slowing her down so that she didn’t reach her destination on time. She was on some hill. Her friends were there, Megan and Mark and some pale woman with black hair. Jessica tried to shout something, but the voice didn’t get out of her throat. Demonic stranger knocked her acquaintances into the chasm. The girl awoke from the vision. She shouted and the book which she was reading fell down on the pavement. One of students going by her stopped seeing that something was wrong with her. Jessie was poured with sweat, she was breathing with difficulty.

“Megan... Megan and Mark... they’re in danger... great danger...”

The pair of young mutants was on the observation deck. Nobody paid attention to them, because guests touring the attraction were entertained with admiring the panorama of the funfair. Mark turned in the direction of the balustrade, trying to protect his companion from the quite unpleasant wind. The sky became red from the Sun setting on the horizon. Megan, with her eyes fixed on the excellent atmospheric phenomenon, stopped thinking about the trouble and the mysterious man who tracked her. She turned in the direction of the boy, touched his shoulder.

“How much time do we have? How long can we be here?”

“Probably 20 minutes, perhaps less, I don’t know. Megan, are you afraid?”

“No... as a matter of fact yes, I’m afraid of this man. But I thought rather about how long we can be here together”.

The sun was already very low over the horizon and the tower and other high structures of the park, cast long and black shadows on all surroundings. Mark didn’t say a word to Megan what alarmed the girl. She got hold of his shirt, she wanted to cuddle. The boy lightly turned her away from himself. “Listen to me, Megan. You’ll stay here. The attraction isn’t being closed yet, you’ll go down with next group of sightseers. I’ll come back now and I’ll try to learn what this man wants from us.”

“I won’t do it! I’m coming back with you. If something happen to you...”

“Don’t worry. After all you know that the one ordinary man can do nothing to me...” Mark embraced Megan and wanted to kiss her. She knew that he was trying to calm her and force her to let him act the way he planned. They started kissing. Girl not controlling herself stretched her wings. Fortunately people were too busy with watching the sunset in order to notice anything.

Jessica was sitting on the bed in one of small rooms of girl’s dorm. There were two friends by her: Andrea - blonde from the Alpha Squadron group and Hope. The second one was holding the cell phone trying to call somebody.

“Come on... pick up Megan... quickly...” She talked to herself. Jessie also tapped someone’s number out.

“Mark... it’s really important.” Nobody answered.

“Damn it! They turned them off... we won’t get in touch with them.” Black-haired girl shouted.

“Are you sure about what you could see?” Andrea asked.

“No. I haven’t had explicit visions since the time of my transformation. But this one was different. Pixie is in danger. Somebody is hunting her. Some woman”.

“Why would she be supposed to want to do something to her?” Hope asked.

“She’s a mutant. For some it’s a reason good enough”. Jessica saying these words got up.

“We have to inform others. I’m going for Ben, you go to Nicholas, Hope”. Girls split up. Alarmed Andrea also left the room.

Mark kissed Megan and he went to the lift with the group of people. Mutant girl hesitated for a moment, but in the end she ran after him. To his terror she quickly was by him and the door of the lift closed with characteristic hiss.

“You went mad! I told you to do something else!” The boy shouted seeing his girl in the lift.

“I won’t leave you alone! You knew about it!” Mark put headphones of his Discman on his ears.

“Ok.” He replied and noticed that some madam in glasses was staring at him.

“As soon as we leave the tower, you’ll escape in the same direction as I.” He added with whisper looking straight in the eyes of Megan. The door of the viewing point opened with a quiet crack. People left the lift still enthralled by the view of the setting sun above the horizon. An evening semi-darkness was ruling over surroundings, street lamps and lights of shops and other attractions turned on. The clown with balloons strolled amongst children leaving the funfair and buttons on his dress phosphoresced in red color. The mysterious man in the raincoat spotted young mutants. After a moment he noticed that using darkness and the crowd, the couple had slipped out of the building and moved away from him with a fast steps. He rushed after them.

“Mark... He noticed us. Perhaps we should fight with him?”

“No... I had such an intention, but now when you’re with me I won’t risk.”

Young mutants went down along stone stairs to the colorfully lighted merry-go-round with white, plastic figures of horses. They sneaked past it. A very kitschy music playing around hurt mutant girl’s ears. Mark smiled and he stretched the arm. He transformed sounds coming up to him into the wave of the energy which he sent toward the crowd and the man tracking him. The attack of the mutant caused the giddiness and irritation to appear among people who under its influence began to push each other. The attack didn’t reach the stranger, but the confusion slowed his march in the direction of Megan and her boyfriend down. Some fat man started swearing to the circus clown standing beside him. He hit him so firmly that he turned over straight to the man in the raincoat. In the same time a young woman with black hair and pale complexion dressed in white jacket was sitting in the café above the lane on which young mutants were. She was looking at the fleeing couple and strange behavior of crowds of people. She noticed Megan’s wings growing out of her back. She smiled ominously rising from the table and vacated the local quickly.

“You shouldn’t have do it! You used your abilities on people! We aren’t allowed to do it!” Megan said to Mark upset with what happened a few minutes ago.

“They’ll be ok. And our plan worked. He isn’t tracking us”. The girl looked behind herself.

“Indeed. We lost him.”

Mark hugged his companion and he thought that it was high time to leave the park of entertainment. After a few minutes young mutants found their way to the poorly lighted alley with tall trees growing on its both sides. Megan felt worse. She stopped to rest and build up her strength. DJ was alarmed by her state. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, I’m not feeling good...”

“You are anxious. Our entire evening was spoiled by this guy...”

“No, it’s not this...” Megan looked at her boy’s eyes.

“I’m feeling something strange. As if some chills seized me... as if something very evil came near...”

The hunch of Megan was supposed to come true in a minute. The woman with black hair dressed in white turned up at the light spot of the lamp post. Pixie’s heart started beating faster, the girl instinctively cuddled up to Mark. Stranger didn’t say a word, she was only looking coldly at mutants. The clown handing out balloons in the shape of cats came up to her. He had only one balloon left, he handed it over the black-haired woman. She destroyed the gift before his very eyes. She affected the clown who slid unconscious to the pavement.

“Let’s get out of here!” Mark shouted and pulled Megan’s hand. The girl quickly came to her senses. When they both run to the another, more populated part of the park, the woman smiled and pointed at their direction. The tide of chill hit the escaping mutants. Megan felt it really hard. She clutched her stomach, bent over the fence and threw up. Mark touched her shoulder.

“Megan! Pull yourself together! We must get out from here!”

“It’s she... her mere presence is killing me...” Pixie whispered. The girl was feeling very bad, but the instinct of self-preservation and supporting boy were enough for her to overcome the weakness and she decided to move into the way forward. The two of mutants were running toward the exit from the park. They thought that centuries were passing, they had been hitting people and employees of amusement park dressed in strange, colorful dresses every couple of minutes. They were wandering on lanes of the funfair a dozen minutes not being able to find the route leading to the exit. Something or somebody caused that they could not focus their thoughts on anything, it completely messed up their minds. The image blurred in front of their eyes, colorful lightings of the attraction blinded them and the music which became the chaotic cacophony of sounds for them, annoyed their ears. Megan hit the huge, plastic head of the clown. She shouted from a terror and then the head laughed with a mechanical voice. Mark pulled the girl to his side. He hit some fat woman who smiled to him maliciously. The image in front of eyes of the couple started being washed away and the music became faster, louder and senseless. They both reached the abandoned, renovated House of Ghosts. They leaned against its cold wall tired. Noises and colors disappeared and minds of young mutants could work properly again.

“What was that?” Megan asked.

“I don’t know... but it was horrible.” Mark answered wiping the sweat off his head.

“She’ll be here... what are we going to do?”

“I’ll try to call...” The boy took his cell phone out. As it turned out it was out of order.

“Damn... Megan, check what’s with yours!”

“The same... it’s out of order...”

“It’s most probably a trick of this woman”. Mark looked at the great ghost painted above the entry to The House of Ghosts.

“Let us enter there. We’ll hide ourselves and think what to do”. He gripped the girl’s hand and disappeared with her in the interior of the attraction. There was a darkness inside, it was stinking of old wood and dirty dust whose thick layer settled on the floor. Characters from different well-known horrors: vampires, werewolves, mummies and monsters of Frankenstein were hung on walls and the ceiling. Everyone of them was in an awful technical condition which made it look more gloomy.

“I don’t like this place, Mark... let us leave from here as soon as possible”. Megan announced and touched the arm of the boy.

“Come on, these are only breaking down mannequins”. Mutant girl looked around with anxiety as if she tried to spy something in the darkness ruling in the room.

“It isn’t about these figures... I sense this unpleasant chill again. She is here Mark! This woman!” Pale stranger came out of hiding. The light of the neon flowing through the hole in the wall of the building granted her the infernal appearance. She smiled looking at the boy.

“Boy, you’d better escape from here as soon as possible. This matter doesn’t concern you but only your charming companion”. DJ covered Megan behind himself. He turned the music in the Discman up.

“In order to get her, you must go through me!” His hands sparkled with energy. He fired a shock wave toward the woman. Stranger dodged the energy and it wiped out the mechanical bat hung on the wall.

“I warned you to escape as long as you could. Now you’ll have to die also “. She ran up to DJ and hit him strongly. The boy fell down in the more distant part of the room. Megan grabbed the piece of the steel pipe strongly.

“Don’t come up to me! Walk away from here!” Threats didn’t disturb the stranger. She came up to the girl, tore the pipe out from her hand and she threw it to the other end of the room. She caught mutant girl by the neck. Megan felt her icy hug.

“You must die. It was decided”.

Shots sounded. A great surprise appeared on the pale face of the woman. After a moment she noticed three wounds made by bullets in her body. She fell down on the floor letting go of the girl’s neck. Falling down, she broke the cardboard coffin in which the artificial mummy was lying. Megan started to look all around. The unshaved man in the raincoat was standing at the second end of the room. He was holding the gun warm from the shot. Mark ran up to the girl, hugging her close to himself. Both were looking at the man who rescued them and the stranger lying motionless with a fear in their eyes. “Is she... did you kill her ?” The boy asked.

“No... it isn’t possible to kill them with conventional methods, but cold metal in her body will inflict pain on her, which she deserve”. The man with the weapon replied.

“Who are you?” Pixie whispered.

“It isn’t important. Get out from here... quickly! There is a rear exit from the park at the second end of this building. It is closed, but it won’t stop you... Escape!”

“But...” Megan wanted to learn more but Mark touched her shoulder.

“Let us do what he asks for...” He said. Both disappeared deep inside the room. The stranger squatted by the pale woman.

“And we’ll have a fun a bit longer.” He announced looking at her face.

The pair of mutants was walking along the road illuminated by lamp posts’ glow. Their step was fast, they wanted to walk away from the place in which the unknown person tried to take their life as soon as possible. They were silent, they planned only to go behind the walls of Xavier’s Institute. Suddenly a floodlight of the driving up car lighted them. Mark instinctively embraced his friend. The car stopped right by them. As it turned out Jessica and Hope as well as Ben - the leader of the Paragons group were inside it. Hope ran out of the vehicle and came up to Megan. She touched her arm. “Megan! Is everything ok?! Are you in one piece?” She asked.

“Yes, everything’s all right...” The girl answered.

“Wait a minute, How do you know that something happened to us? Why did you come here?”

“Jessie had the vision of the future. She could see that some woman with white face would attack you. The vision was so intensive... we had to become convinced that nothing happened to you”. Jessica also left the car.

“Mark, did you say that something had happened to you? Did my vision turned out to be true?”

“Yes, some woman with white skin attacked us in the park. She wanted to kill us, namely she really wanted to kill Megan only. We don’t have a clue who she was...”

“Did you escape her?!” Ben asked.

“No, but some man helped us. He turned up at the moment, when that woman wanted to kill me and he simply shot her dead... ” Megan answered him.

“Did you try to talk with him?” The boy asked farther.

“No... he ordered us to escape quickly...”

“We did what he had asked for. We were too terrified and disorientated to think who he was and why he helped us”.

“You’d better take his advice and quickly come back to the school. We don’t know if somebody else is not hunting for Pixie, I cannot evoke any significant vision”. Jessica said. Mark and Megan got in a the car.

“You must come back to the Academy and tell Emma Frost exactly about everything. Let her send the group of X-Men to examine this funfair, perhaps they’ll find something which help us to learn whom this murderess and our defender were”. Ben announced.

“It’ll be too late...” Jessica whispered.

“What do you mean by that?” Match asked.

“Where did you see them the last time?” The black-haired girl asked Megan.

“In the old out of order house of fears right by the enclosure. There is a hole by which it is possible to come in from the street. That way we escaped”. Preview approached Match.

“Come back to the school with them. Tell everything to Frost. I and Hope will try to come back to the park and find this guy”.

“You cannot! It’s too dangerous! I should go also. I’m leader of this team”.

“You have the body shining in the darkness and the flame instead of hair! You are really not blatant!” “Ok.. Jessie, but remember: do not mess it up! Do you understand?”

“I know, I know...” Jessica answered. Megan was shaking from cold and terror. She wrapped herself in her wings.

“Let us go from here. I cannot be in this place any longer...” The car started driving home, leaving two young mutants on the street.

“Jessie? Are you sure that it was a good idea?” Hope asked.

“Really bad. But who wants to live forever? We’re going!” Preview patted her friend on the shoulder. Both girls headed in the direction of the backdoor to the amusement park. They cautiously went through the low-cut hole in the hedge and they entered the breaking down hovel which many years ago was the most often visited attraction in the entire funfair. Jessica went first, inspecting the room before making every footstep. Friends found themselves in the main chamber. Hope looked all around, watching plastic zombie and dummies of monsters breaking down from the old age sprinkled with the layer of dirty dust.

“It’s not a nice place...” Hope announced.

“It’s not. It’s too tasteless for me.” Jessica commented. She noticed tracks of the fight in the form of destroyed characters. She came up to drops of some blue liquid spilt on the floor. She squatted and she started watching them.

“No sign of the man, or the body of this woman. How is it possible that he could remove her from here so quickly? Megan said, that the woman had been shot, yes? Perhaps it’s her blood?” Preview announced founding something interesting.

“Jessica! Don’t touch this goo!” Hope tried to warn her.

“Calm down, I’m going to touch only a floor nearby these drops. They must be somewhere in the vicinity. Perhaps I’ll manage to see some vision?”

The girl touched the floor. Her mind was flooded with the wave of images.

Man in the raincoat torturing the pale woman. Expedition through mountains during the intense snowstorm. Secret room full of the darkness and beings from which coolness is radiating. Garden with strange plants at a dusk. Elegant man playing the piano. Young father carrying the soul of his child. Moors flowing with wind and the older woman burning the candle in the window of the cottage. The wooden boat sailing on boundless waters of the ocean. Huge gate opening with a bright glitter.

“Jessie! Jessie! Awake Jessica!” Hope touched the friend. Black-haired girl was in the trance, she was looking straight ahead moving her lips without words. After the physical contact with the second mutant, she calmed down. Big brown eyes watching her with a concern was the first view she saw after regaining consciousness.

“Hope... what I saw... was simply remarkable... senseless, without order. I don’t know whether they were glimmers of what is supposed to happen or what already happened... damn... I was high...” Trance helped her to get up. Preview shook her trousers from dust and dirt.

“Hope. You must try to search the neighborhood of this funfair. You must try to find anybody who seems a bit suspected. I have a feeling that something really big is happening here. We must know what connection Megan has with it all.”

“Okay...” Hope replied and she closed her eyes. After a moment her astral projection left the body and then rose up to the ceiling and farther above the roof of the old building. She examined the funfair from the height, trying to discern something abnormal. Next she inspected every corner of the theme park with a speed of thought. She checked every attraction, shop and café, every technical building and even toilets. In vain, since mysterious man who was supposed to carry or to hide the body of murderess dissolved into thin air leaving no track. The girl came back to her body.

“Jessie, I’m sorry... I saw nothing... I searched everywhere...”

“In that case let’s hurry up, because it’s late and we can’t miss the last bus to Salem Center”. The mutants decided to come back to the school. The pentagram was drawn on one of the walls of the hovel amongst a dust, after the departure of girls it started shinning with white glow. The man in the raincoat holding the unconscious, pale woman turned up by it.

“I don’t want you to be exposed to a danger.” He said to himself thinking about for Jessica and Hope.

Megan and other members of Paragons keeping her company came back to the Xavier’s Institute. They entered the main schoolhouse with the intention of talking to Shan. Emma Frost surprised them in the corridor.

“Miss Frost! In the funfair Megan...” Ben started the conversation.

“She was attacked by the mysterious, pale woman.” Frost completed his sentence.

“But everything turned out well thanks to the stranger”. She added.

“Did you read our thoughts?!” Mark was indignant.

“I didn’t have to. Your emotions are now so intense that it wasn’t possible to block the inflow of your thoughts to my head. It’s the same if you wanted somebody not to hear the radio broadcasting something at full blast. Now let us walk into my study.” Emma came up to Megan and gently touched her back.

“Megan, let me calm you telepathically”. Megan’s boyfriend looked at the teacher angrily.

“Please do it.” Pixie announced. The woman influenced emotions of young mutant girl, calming her down. The girl felt better. Mark stopped being afraid that Frost will violate the privacy of Megan. Everyone were in the study of the headmistress. Emma was sitting down on her armchair.

“I caught emotions and images from your memories, but you’d better tell me about what happened yourself”.

“I’ll tell, I don’t want Megan to go through all of it again.” Mark suggested.

“Of course”.

“Afternoon, we went with Megan to the amusement park. Everything was all right, until some strange, pale woman appeared. She started chasing us or more specifically Pixie, I don’t know why. She used on her... and on me something... as if she tried to cloud our minds... Megan was feeling very bad... how did you describe it ?”

“Her mere presence was killing me... her eyes filled me with such a disgust... I don’t want to remember about it”.

“She defeated us, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to rescue Megan. Then this man appeared. He shot the pale woman dead and he ordered us to escape”.

“You did very well listening to him. And you, how did you know about this?”

“Jessica had the vision. She saw that something was threatening Megan...” Ben replied.

“And where is she now?” Frost asked.

“Hmm... She went to the funfair with Hope”.

“What?! She must meet with me as soon as she returns! I won’t let her do such unreasonable things! She knew well that she was exposing herself to a danger!” Frost shouted. Mark took the cell out of the pocket. He read SMS out.

“It’s Jessica. She’s coming back to the school... They found nobody...”

“Good! But she’ll be punished! She must wait a few years before she can play the X-Men!” Frost got up and moved from the desk. She announced the group that they could walk away to their rooms. She decided to find Wolverine and send him to the funfair in quest for assailants. She turned to Pixie.

“Megan, I know that you are feeling better now, but you must absolutely go to the clinic. Let Doctor McCoy examine you”.

“Ok,” The girl replied. DJ hold his hands on her shoulder and he accompanied her toward the medical section.

In the Danger Room located in vaults of the building the training session was going on. Logan, familiar to the majority under the name Wolverine was a teacher and his only student was Laura Kinney, black-haired girl which was created from his own genetic code. Both were wearing white kimonos. The man was going to teach his charge techniques which she leant many years ago in Japan. Green eyes of mutant girl were looking at him.

“Remember Laura, today you aren’t using your claws. You must learn to disarm opponents, without killing them, without using your weapon even if it’s a part of your body”.

“I understand...”

“Let us start! Attack me, but remember, irrespective of everything, fight without claws!”

Laura prepared to attack Logan. Suddenly the astral projection of Emma Frost appeared in the room. “Logan! We need your help, I’ll tell you telepathically what happened and location to which you must go...” The interested girl was looking at Wolverine as she silently merged telepathically with Frost. When Emma finished her projection Logan headed for the door. Opening them he looked behind and smiled to Laura.

“What are you waiting for ? Get dressed! It’s high time for field exercises!”

Megan was sitting on the bed in the clinic dressing herself. Dr. McCoy finished her examination, stating that she’s healthy and the pale woman didn’t damage her body, at least not physically. The door of the study opened and Wolverine with X- 23 accessed the room.

“Logan? What can I help you with?” Hank asked diverging from the desk with the microscope.

“Is Megan still here?”

“Yes, she’s there.” Henry approached the white screen of the room separating beds from the rest of the room. He turned it away. Pixie was standing there calmly, looking at people gathered together around her. She didn’t say a word. Logan came up to the girl and smelt her.

“There is a track of that woman on her... very weak, I’ve never met this smell before. She wasn’t one of X-Men’s opponents. Laura...?” The girl guessed what the mutant had wanted to ask her to do. She came up to the friend and she also smelt her. Megan surprised by this behavior moved back.

“We’re going to hunt Laura”. Wolverine announced heading for the exit.

“Ok...” Black haired clone agreed.

A few minutes later, Logan and Laura approached the funfair driving the jeep. The man had jeans and leather, brown jacket on himself and his companion was wearing black trousers, shirt and bovver boots. The streets emptied because of the late hour and cool rain started to fall down from the sky. The girl noticed two figures walking on the pavement, bathed in a beam of light from the street lamp post.

“They are there... Jessica and Hope...”

“They missed their bus...” Logan replied and stopped the car by his friends. He got off and called mutant girls. They were glad, because the night rain became stronger and colder.

“Jump in the car. You caused yourselves trouble with such an action. Jessica... you’ll be driving. You are supposed to go straight to the Institute”.

“I hope so.” The girl answered touching her hair getting wet. When both mutants were in Logan’s jeep, X- 23 wanted to go to the streets. Logan stopped her.

“Plans changed. You’re coming back to the School with girls “.

“We were going to hunt...” The girl was not very pleased.

“You must protect girls on the road. Your task is now more important than mine”. Laura hesitated for a moment. She wasn’t satisfied with the fact that Logan turned her away from the action. However she decided to do as he ordered her. The car with girls disappeared around the bend of the road and Wolverine stayed on the pavement in streams of the rain which was transformed into the real, unpleasantly cold downpour. The man slowly went toward the funfair. Three girls approached the school. Hope told Laura about the event in the park and the failure in localizing the mysterious assailant and the man who helped Megan.

“If they are somewhere in the vicinity, Logan will find them. If not, he will track their smell and go directly to the place in which they hid themselves.” X- 23 replied.

“I know about it Laura... He is the best at what he does. But I think it’d better if somebody went with him. We don’t know who these people were and who can be involved in this case”. After the last sentence of the girl silence fell. Jessica was busy with looking at the road didn’t join in the conversation.

“Listen... How Logan will know who to search?” Hope asked.

“The smell... smell of the woman and this guy stayed on Pixie. As a matter of fact I also remembered it.” Laura replied.

“And you know who they could be, are there some memories... you were after all...” Laura became sad. Hope guessed that she should not bring such a topic up.

“I know very well what I was created to. And therefore I’m reliable one. The smell of this woman is a smell of the death...” The silence fell again. Trance turned her head away in the direction of the window. She was looking at streets filling with water, not being able to get rid of anxious feeling about Megan. Laura looked at Preview. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something. She broke after the minute of silence.




“What do you mean?”

“Thanks for CDs which you borrowed me on Monday”.

“Ah... it’s about it?! They’re nice, right?”

“Yes. They are.” Silence had fallen once again, disrupted only by the noise of the engine and the blows of rain drops hitting the car body and the panes.

Logan crossed the gate of the amusement park. It was already late and more intense rain was falling down, so the generality of people had left the park. Thanks to that the mutant could move in the surroundings more freely. Having smells of the woman and students from school in the memory he decided to follow them until they were still recognizable in the downpour flooding everything. Passing by the lane with trees he noticed the crowd of people and the ambulance sweeping neighborhood with impulses of the light. Interested, he decided to come closer. As it turned out a few doctors were fighting for the life of the clown lying on the very middle of the pavement. A balloon in the shape of cat’s head entangled into branches of tree was getting wet on the rain. Logan ignored the crowd and he moved into the way forward. In the end he reached the vacated palace of fears in which the drama of Megan and Mark had taken place. The man went inside the attraction. He was walking in the darkness listening to drops of rain hitting wooden walls of the building but the smell of decay and dust struck his nostrils. At some point other smell reached his nose - the same which she smelled on red haired mutant. He turned violently noticing the pentagram turning white on the wall. He went up closer and in the same moment the unshaven man in the raincoat turned up behind his back.

“You’re getting into hot water.” The stranger announced. Logan noticing him unsheathed his claws with the intention of attacking. The man touched his forehead with the lightning speed. Wolverine felt that his senses had been overloaded with the flowing in stream of experiences, pointless images sounds, smells and tastes. After a moment his brain overflowed with such a great amount of data and the man fell down unconscious to the floor. The unshaven guy had looked at him for a brief lapse, and then he moved in direction known only for himself.

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