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To Change the Future

By Tori Roth

Other / Adventure

Chapter 1

This is my first story. I have read tons of Time travel stories and I have always wanted to write one. So here it is. I know my Grammar is probably not perfect. Also if I missed any mistakes or anything I am sorry in advance. Well I hope you like my story. :)

Disclaimer- I don't own Naruto or any of the characters.

On to the story!


There they sat, back to back breathing heavily. They fought once more as a team.

"We did it, the wars over." A pink haired girl said.

"Yes, but with great loss." A blue-eyed blond replied.

"I know…." The pink haired girl muttered as tears came to her eyes. She couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Sakura…we may be that last three alive now." A dark-haired boy began."Kakashi, the Konoha 12, the other sensei's….." The dark-haired boy continued on.

It had been almost three months since they last saw someone they actually knew. That was when Shikamaru, Neji, Sai, and Shino were sent out to take out a base; the seven of had been the last of the leaf village.

Now it was just the three of them left. Everyone else had died before this. No one had the time to mourn those that had died, after all there was a war going on. The war had changed many people.

"Sasu…ke… don't have to remind me …that no one else is left…." Sakura cried through tears. "What do we do now? I can't even really move."

"I think I know of a way…." The blond boy began to say. He paused as if he was still considering his idea.

"What is it Naruto?" Sasuke asked his best friend. Sasuke had teamed up with them after re-killing Orochimaru. The three of them had teamed up in the end to fight off Madara. Obito had died the same day as Kakashi did.

"I have talked to Kurama; he knows of a way we can go back in time. To before all of this, we can stop a lot of things from happening. We could save everyone. We wouldn't have our full power, just our knowledge of this time, and any jutsu's we know. We just have to relearn them, and build up our body strength and stamina." Naruto explained.

"Really we can go back? We can save everyone?" Sakura asked hopefully.

"We can, Kurama doesn't know how far back we will go, but far enough that we can stop a lot of this from happening." Naruto replied.

"Let's do it" Sasuke suddenly said. "It's a chance for us to start over and save everyone. I didn't care much for everyone else, but they are important. Maybe this time around I can actually make a bond with the others."

"I am in too!" "How does it work?" Sakura asked turning to Naruto.

"Kurama will do it, just add your chakra in with mine." Naruto answered.

Both nodded in understanding, before they placed a hand on his shoulder. A few minutes later there was a flash of light and the three friends blacked out.


(Naruto's POV)

"Naruto!" A familiar voice I hadn't heard in a long time shouted.

I opened my eyes, and just in time for me to see an eraser coming at me. I caught it in mid-air before it could hit me, "Why was this eraser being thrown at me?"

"Iruka?" I called out loud, slightly confused. I almost jumped in surprise when I heard laughter from around me. I was in the Academy! "It worked! The jutsu worked. I made it back before I became a Genin, but how far back?"

"Naruto, why were you sleeping? This is the third time this week." Iruka asked with a sigh. I had to really fight the urge to hug him. Iruka had died not long after Kakashi.

"Well…I um….didn't sleep well last night! I had a nightmare." That sounded like a good excuse to me.

"Fine, I will let it go. I don't want you falling asleep in my class anymore." Iruka replied as he turned back to the board to continue on with the lesson.

As soon as Iruka turned his back, I searched the room. "Did Sakura and Sasuke make it back too?" I looked towards Sasuke's usual spot in the academy. There he was, staring out the window. "I wonder if it's actually him from the future."

Sasuke turned to look at me, as if he knew I was watching him. Once his eyes met mine he smirked, and then signaling me. "It was him!" The three of us made up our own signals during the war.

I quickly signed back, before turning away from him to check if Sakura had made it back too. It also helped that since we had been shinobi for a few years, you can easily pick up if someone is watching you.

Just like with Sasuke, she was sitting in her usual seat next to Ino not very far from Sasuke. Sakura didn't look at me at all, but a few minutes later she turned towards me quickly, while Iruka's back was turned.

She signed in my direction. I signed back when she turned her head to look at me again a few minutes later.

Good, we were all here, now class just needs to end. We had a lot of planning to do. I really needed to find out what the date was.

Luckily Iruka always put it on the board every day. I looked back to the board to find the date, where Iruka always had it.

"So it's a week before our Genin exam. We could work with that, but once we start working with Kakashi we will have to be more careful about what we show. Or we could always freak him out a little" Naruto held in a laugh. That sure sounded like a fun idea.

It wasn't much longer for class to end. Before I left I made sure to give Iruka a quick hug. I couldn't hold it any longer. Hopefully I could control it when it came to everyone else. I did pretty well during class without shouting in joy and hugging everyone in sight.

I met up with Sakura and Sasuke soon after at the tree in front of the academy. Next to the swing, I always liked.

"So what's the plan Dobe?" Sasuke asked as soon as I was close enough to hear. I should have known. I am going to be stuck with that name forever. Stupid bastard, he knows I am way stronger than him.

"Knock it off you two, I don't want to listen to you guys fighting. I really don't have the patience to deal with the two of you." Sakura sighed, she knew how they could get.

I quickly pushed out my chakra to make sure no one would over hear our conversation before finally answering Sasuke's question. "So we have a whole week before our Genin exams. Right now is the easiest time for us to train without raising any suspicion.

So we can train after class and during the weekend. We have to get as strong as we can before the Chunnin exams. That is our first big problem" I explained to them. "Sure Wave plays a big part too, but not as big as the Chunnin exams."

"Ok, that sounds like a pretty good plan for now, we can always add details later. So let's go start that training." Sasuke declared. Sasuke started to walk away from them and head towards the nearest training grounds.

"We probably should look for a training ground that no one uses, like at all. We will cause too much attention if we train in training grounds that are more commonly used." Sakura suggested.

We both agreed with her, we definitely did not want to gain any attention. At least not yet. The three of us then set out to find an unoccupied training ground.


(No one's POV)

The three time travelers, spent most of the week training and going over plans for the future of Konoha. The Genin exams went much like the same as before, even dealing with Mizuki. Though this time Naruto copied down other jutsu that the three of them could use.

Team Seven were now sitting in the classroom waiting for Kakashi. Though this time they were well ready for their tardy sensei.

"So Kakashi will be here in what, like two hours?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, so we are going to have fun with this right?" Naruto asked his two best friends.

"Oh we are. Otherwise we would have to wait until the wave mission for anything exciting to happen. At this point everything will be boring tell then." Sasuke replied.

"Naruto, I am so glad you got that stick out of Sasuke's ass. Now he actually interacts with the world." Sakura laughed at her own words.

"Shut up! Back then all of you just annoyed me." Sasuke grumbled.

"Look what you did Sakura. You are turning him back to being a brooding bastard." Naruto replied with a snicker.

Sasuke grumbled again, "You two are so getting your ass kicked when we spar."

"Sure Sasuke….." Sakura stopped in her sentence when the door opened to show Kakashi's gravity defining silver hair.

The three of them held the urge to hug him, well two out of three. Sasuke doesn't really hug anyone. After all Kakashi was like their big brother/parental guardian. Sakura was chewing on her bottom lip to hold herself back. The other two weren't fairing much better.

"Meet me on the roof" and with a puff of smoke he was gone.


Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura sat across from Kakashi, silently observing each other.

"Ok, why don't we get to know each other a bit?" Kakashi said after looking each of them over.

"You go first sensei, that way we can have an example." Sakura replied. After all they have to somewhat play along.

"Alright, my name is Kakashi Hatake. I have some likes and dislikes. A few hobbies. My dream….well I had one the other day."

The three soon to be genin nodded. They already knew what he was going to say. Kakashi pointed to Sakura, "Pinky your turn."

"Ok…I am Sakura Haruno. I like my friends and family, cooking, healing people, training, books. I dislike a guy, people who judge others before they know them. My hobbies…training, healing, cooking, reading. My dream is to become the best medic ninja in the word, even better than Tsunade of the Sannin. And to help my friends with their dreams."

Kakashi was definitely surprised with her introduction, none of it matched her academy profile. Plus her hair was now shorter, and she was wearing more suitable ninja clothes. "Alright, the dark-haired one, your turn."

"I am Sasuke Uchiha. I like my friends and family, training, tomato's, reading, Shogi. I dislike a man, people who can't see the difference between a Kunai and a scroll. My hobbies training, reading, Shogi. My dream is to become an Anbu captain, and be one of the strongest Ninja in the world.

This added even more confusion to Kakashi. Sasuke's academy profile didn't match this introduction either. It said he wanted to get revenge on his brother. "Ok, now for you Blondie."

Naruto smiled. "I am Naruto Uzumaki. I like my friends and those I consider family, training, ramen, sealing, the village, food, training, reading, and protecting others. I dislike….a certain dude that ruined everything. My hobbies…training, creating seals, writing, reading um…other things I can't really think of at the moment. My dream is to always protect my precious people no matter what, and always be there for them.

Even if it puts my life and dreams behind theirs. I also want to become the strongest Hokage there ever lived.

So that I will be able to protect my precious people and everyone that lives in the village even if they hate me.

I want to become one of the strongest shinobi in the entire shinobi world. All so that none of my precious people have to suffer."

There was a long silence after Naruto's introduction. Sasuke and Sakura both glanced at him. No one could ever figure out how Naruto just seems to captures everyone's attention with his speeches.

They are one of the many things that make people believe in him. It's something that the Konoha 12 and many others pondered about Naruto.

Kakashi was almost utterly confused by know. Naruto's introduction didn't match his academy record either. He also seemed to care very deeply for people who are precious to him. Not many ninja care as much as that for their comrades.

Naruto claimed to care for them a whole lot more than the average shinobi. Even to people he barely knew, and even to the village that hated him.

"Alright tomorrow we will start with some survival training. Just with the four of us"

Sakura sighed; she was going have to ask in order for this conversation to move along faster. "But we did survival training in the academy, why do we have to do more?"

Kakashi chuckled, he would surprise them now. "Because all teams have to do this. Out of 27 graduates only 9 will pass. It has a 66% failure rate."

None of genin from the future, showed any surprise by this. What the heck was up with this team.

The Academy records stated that he would get the revenge obsessed last Uchiha, a fan girl, and a dead last idiot. So far they didn't show any of that. He might have to talk to the Hokage about this.

"Anyways, meet me at training ground 7 at 6am tomorrow." Kakashi pause for a minute. "Oh and I would suggest that you don't eat breakfast, you might throw up." With that Kakashi was gone. Leaving the three Genin alone.

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