Sam and Dean’s little Brother


Aiden Winchester the adopted 19 year old brother. Trained from age five he knows hoW to kill almost every supernatural creaturethere is. Dean and Aiden go get Sam to get him to help find John. Go along on the ride.

Fantasy / Scifi
Age Rating:

Info and lokks

Short fluffy hair that goes over eyes
One blind eye one gold eye
Eyebrow piercing
Septum piercing
Spider bite

Powers: Shadow, teleportation, summon (weapons and items like food), human eye
Inhuman eye: me and my brother came up with this it's where you can see things the human eye can't.
Shadow, teleportation, summon should be obvious.
Eyes are always hidden

Has an anti possession tattoo where Dean has his

Sam and Dean know and accept his eyes and powers.

John adopted Aiden when he was one year old. Now Aiden is nineteen, going on hunts with Dean. Now trying to find their dad with Sam.

Aiden is learning how to do medical stuff because Dean and Sam are prone to get hurt.
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