She must save the Past to ensure the Future... Erica Mara Kent, Girl of Steel, born to the greatest hero the world has ever known. Tragically witnesses the death of her mother by a creature who can bend the fabric of space and time. Knowing the destination of the being's leap with not a moment to spare and none who believe her. On her own, Erica must face the knowledge of time travel. Going back to her parent's past to save the life of her mother before the unknown being can strike again. To secure her future before her world becomes nothing but a memory.

Scifi / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Rain..., it was pouring, drops pattering like a steady beat across the window. Flowing down into little streams; tears of the transparent glass. Soaking everything outside that wasn’t protected from the sudden down pour.

The day was dreary, ashen clouds loomed over head blocking the promise of a better day. Dark, sorrowful clouds weeping without end. A heaviness that seem to hang in the air, round about as if the earth too knew of the events that took place just weeks ago. Giving it’s sympathy in this reply.

She stared out of the huge clear window before her, grateful that it was such a gloomy day. Glad that the world was sullen, covered with a mundane blanket, hiding away the sins of the world--the pains that welled inside her.

She didn’t think she could handle it, if the day was brightly shinning; birds chirping, people joyfully round about, and life going on much to her dismay.

Soon though, she knew the sun would reclaim the skies again, forcing away all the solemnness that she took comfort in. Just pleased, that day wasn’t now. Glad that the world matched the void that weighed heavily inside her chest, dark like the way she felt.

Not caring, like the clouds felt as it let itself pour upon what or whoever. Rich, poor, ugly, beauty, worst, best, it matter not to the drench that proceeded still from the vengeful sky. All at it’s mercy.

Stood still, time, at a lost to her, melting away hours that were really minutes that passed. Eyes, blank , no sign of life, paused on the steady fall crumbling in the distance.

Mind shattered into thought, hurtful thoughts, ringing through the vast dark womb of her mind. Tears swelled in her eyes threating to fall, stinging the beautiful hazel green pigment of her pupils. A gift of inheritance.

She raised a hand, quickly wiping the tears not giving them the pleasure to do what they wanted. A pride she had also picked up. Not allowing anyone to see her cry again. She couldn’t, it was too set in her ways not to shed anymore tears.

Besides, she was tired of it...of it all. People putting on their brave faces, trying to cheer her. Failing miserably, she might add. Remorse played deep into their eyes, while their face displayed another matter. She couldn’t take all the niceness, the sincere condolences everyone shared. Even though, those had come that she haven’t seen in awhile. All her friends and family there, giving her support...

thinking back 2 weeks ago...

Her favorite aunt stayed there by her side the whole time, as well as her favorite cuz, but she might just as well been alone. For all she felt was solitude from the world. Even with the mass that showed up, she was deserted.

Just a blur of people around. Voices muffled as if speaking from far away, as they spoke to her. But their words just falling on deaf ears, trapping herself inside, away from everything. Not wanting to deal with any of it.

She didn’t even try to respond after each person she knew closely stopped to say a few words out of respect. Just sat there, motionless. If not for the constant movement of her chest rising and falling, you would thought she turned to stone. Eyes straight ahead falling to nothing in particular, just blank.

Shock still quite present in her hazel orbs.

Her Aunt squeezed her hand every now and then, but Erica feeling nothing. Checking to see if she was still there, Erica not responding. Glued to the sofa, numb, hurt, wanting to run out of there, to leave it all behind. She didn’t want to face the truth, couldn’t believe that she was really gone.

Her mother, dead!

“Has she eaten anything, yet?” Lana asked, voice cracking with sorrow, eyes red from crying.

“No, she won’t touch anything. I’ve been trying for days now,” Chloe answered, eyes shining with fresh tears.

“Poor thing, she’s gonna make herself sick if she doesn’t at least drink something,” Lana, very concerned for the child.

“I can’t believe this is happening. This is some kind of bad nightmare, that’s real,” Chloe sniffing back her tears. “She’s only 12, a time when a girl really needs her mother around. I just can’t believe this happen. I miss her so much, I can’t stand it.” Chloe began crying into her hands, harder then before.

Lana wrapped her arms around Chloe, trying her best to comfort her. “Shh, there, there. Everything is going to be alright.” she whispered to her friend.

Her heart going out to her, knowing Chloe was so very close to the girl’s mother. She herself also being friends with the deceased woman, but not as close.

“I can’t help it, I miss her so much, Lana.” Chloe, sobbed onto the raven-hair girl’s shoulder.

“I know, I do too.” she said truthfully.

Across from the room, Bruce notices his wife, and mother to his children, breaking down again. He hurries to her side hating to see her like this, knowing she would take it really hard.

Chloe fell onto him weeping when he appeared next to her side. Bruce held onto her tightly, rubbing her back to clam her.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed into his chest.

“For what? You have nothing to be sorry about,” Bruce whispered into her ear, hurting, because she was so upset.

“I promised I would be strong for Erica, but all I have been doing is crying every time I’m away from her.”

Lana placed her hand on Chloe’s shoulder. “Chloe no one is going to think any less of you because of it. Everyone here knows how close you two were, like sisters. We all know you’re hurting, we all are. You’ve done so much for Erica, being there when she needs you. So please don’t beat yourself up on this.”

Holding back the urge to break down, herself.

Chloe gave her a weak smile. Then turning her attention back to Erica, who still sat on the huge sofa in the middle of the living room, invisible to the world.

“I better get back to Erica, see how she’s doing.” leaving Bruce’s embrace, Chloe wipes her tear stained eyes dry with a Kleenex, before putting on her game face.

She walked through the crowd of people, over to the banquet table putting a few items on a plate and grabbing a cup of water. Then heads over to her niece.

Chloe sat down next to Erica, who didn’t even stir. Body still positioned in the same way, features still hard and poised. Eyes beaten with the scenes of the day, heart not ready to accept it all.

“Erica, how are you feeling,” Chloe scowled at herself for the words she used.

How the hell you think she’s feeling? She just lost her mom...

“Look, I brought you something to eat. I know you’ve got to be hungry. It’s been a few weeks, now, since you last ate.”

Chloe pointed the small saucer of food toward her, Erica doesn’t move, her pain tokening away her desire to eat, and pretty much to live. “At least, please, take a sip of water. You’re gonna dehydrate yourself.”

Worried about the fair skin beauty beside her, a mixture of her parents looks, but no doubt who’s child she is and was. She mainly resembled her dad in ways, to his dark hair, tan complexion, and strong bone structure.

But if anything she was her mother’s daughter. Down to her green gem like eyes, her bright charismatics smile, and most of all her charming personality or mood. Depend on how you viewed it.

Chloe tried with the cup of water, only getting the same result from her. “Erica, I know you’re really, really upset, and you miss your mom terribly. I very much miss her as well, but she wouldn’t want to see you like this. And how do you think she would feel if I couldn’t at least get you to drink some water?”

Chloe sighed, getting nowhere as usual. She wasn’t going to listen. Erica was indeed just like her mother, stubborn to the “T”. Not about to do anything that she damn well didn’t want to. This scared Chloe, though, she wished that her mother’s traits weren’t so much engrained into the girl.

Erica hadn’t ate since the death of her mother.

Worst of all she was there when the whole thing happen. Seeing everything. There was nothing she could do to stop it, and Chloe knew she was blaming herself. She hadn’t spoke, not a word to anyone, not even to her dad since that day.

She remembered about him wondering how he was doing. Chloe hadn’t seen him after the funeral.

He must be going crazy, loosing the love of his life. Like this of all ways. He loved her more then the world. Loved both of his girls more than the world. He would have given his life up anytime for them, he was so protective of them.

Especially, when Erica was born, which he didn’t even think could happen--having children. Boy was he excited, calling everyone three o’ clock in the morning with the news that him and her Cuz were going to be parents!

Chloe smiled remembering that day. She squealed with delight when she got the phone call that she was going to be an Aunt. He was over joyed, they both were, waking everyone from their sleep giving them the wonderful report that a new edition was coming into the... Kent’s lives!

He was so happy, now it seems like those days are forever gone. He’s blaming himself...I know he’s blaming himself. He couldn’t be there in time, busy elsewhere, and now he’s killing himself with guilt.

Chloe swallowed the lump in her throat, stopping herself from shedding any tears in front of Erica.

Poor girl, so young losing someone so close to her, and adored very much.

Chloe wiped away a stray tear falling down her cheek. Her mind going back to Erica’s dad.

Poor,...Clark...losing the love of his life and one true weakness...Lois Lane!

Chloe looked back to Erica. She raised her hand, gently brushing back Erica’s long dark hair with her fingers. “Honey, I’m going to go check and see how your father is doing. I’ll be back real soon. If you need anything just ask for your Auntie Clo, OK?”

A tear slid down Erica’s face, remembering how her mother use to call her Aunt Chloe by that name.

Chloe motioned for her daughter Alison to take her place till she got back. “Watch over her, I’m going to quickly check on her dad. I’ll be right back. Try to get her to eat or drink something, or at least get her talking.” she sighed, wishing Erica wasn’t so quite.

Alison and her brother William walked over to Erica, grabbing her by the hand, forcing her off the sofa and outside to the patio. Erica, unwillingly allowed herself to be taken, not caring what anyone did to her.

Chloe watched as Erica is dragged off by her two children, wondering what they had up their sleeves. Whatever it was she hoped they could get through to her.

The three of them stood out onto the patio. The gloomy day about. It drizzled earlier, not lasting long, but leaving a dampness on everything around. Including the many flowers planted around the patio. Adorned with the droplets of rain.

Erica stood by the railing, hands propped on top. Still lost to the world.

“Come on Erie, you have to say something.” Alison pleaded, shaking Erica’s arm slightly. “Come on, we’re cousins and best friends. We always talk to each other.”

Erica didn’t even bother to look at her cousin, a couple months younger then herself. Blondish hair like her mother’s but longer, shoulder length, and deep silver-blue eyes.

“Ace, leave her alone. She’s hurting too much, she’s not going to speak.” William advised, leaning up against the railing. His hands rubbing through his, slick, short dark-brown hair. Looking much like his father.

“Will, you’re not helping. So, cool it.” she warned, glaring at her older brother.

“I did offer a plan, and I say we should still do it,” giving back his own glare.

“No, absolutely not. It’s not right. Plus you know how she gets when she’s around that stuff.”

“She’s only half Kryptonian, it doesn’t affects her that much. Besides, it’ll take away the pain.” he walked over to Erica’s side, revealing a small piece of red Kryptonite in his palm.

“I snuck into my dad’s lab and chipped a piece of it off after I heard what happen...” trailing off the subject not wanting to bring his Aunt’s death up at this point. “No one’s going to blame you if you decide to take it. Th-We know you’re hurting. It will take away the pain, if just for a little while. Ace and I will cover for you while you’re gone to sort things out.”

Looking into her eyes, stretching his hand out for her to take the rock. She turned her head to look at him.

“No one has to know, but us.”

Alison shook her head, not agreeing with her brother’s approach to this situation. Yes, of course she wanted more then anything for Erica’s pain to stop, but not like this. Not this way. Who knew what she would do, out there, on her own under the influence of the Red K.

Erica raised her hand over top of Will’s, very much knowing the affect of Red K on herself.

She was tested from the time she was a toddler and on. With consent from her parents, along with the help of her Uncle Bruce’s Lab and Dr. Emil Hamilton. Her parents wanted to know how much of the Kryptonian powers and weaknesses she had inherited from her father. They discovered she had inherited pretty much all his powers, except flying, which was indeed only a privilege for full Kryptonians. Though she had his powers it pretty much took a lot out of her to use her abilities.

As for the meteor rocks, she could withstand the green Kryptonite more then her father. It made her sick and weak but not to the point where she would die. Which they were very pleased about, in case she ever came in contact with the stuff. They knew she would be alright.

For the red Kryptonite, it only effected her more like a human size high. Which she had control over, to get off whenever she wanted. Unlike her father who would be totally under the influence of the Red K, not able to choose his actions.

She knew it could make her forget about the hurt she was feeling, until she chose to relieve herself of it. But she knew she would stay hooked onto it, not wanting to go back to the hurt or sorrow. She didn’t want that to happen.

She knew that her cousin meant well, and just wanted to help. So she didn’t hold it against him, when he offered her the Red K.

Lightly, she brushed the red Kryptonite out of his hand. Even though it was a very tempting offer at that moment. Knocking it to the wooden boards below, it falling in between the cracks.

William smiled, he should of known that Erica wouldn’t have accepted it. Like her mom, he never known her to choose the easy way out of any situation. Erica was too strong for that.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, squeezing her tight against his side. Alison joined in from her other side, doing the same. Smiling, glad that she refused to indulge herself in the that horrible red Kryptoninte, but not quite happy though.

Wishing it was another time, when they were entwined like this, and they all would have been smiling...

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