Chapter 2

Chloe returned back to where Bruce and Lana were waiting patiently to hear the update on Erica. After she watched her being forced outside by William and Alison, wondering what plans they had for her.

Her reporter instinct still present in her life, but even stronger since she became a mom. She decided to let it go for now because of the situation. Making a mental note to ask Alison about it later, when she got a chance.

“How is she doing?” Lana, first to speak.

“Still not talking, eating or drinking for that matter.” Chloe sighed, weary from all the crying and worrying she been doing all day.

“Don’t worry,” Bruce reading her thoughts, “She’s a tough young girl, just like Lois. She’s gonna be alright.”

“Bruce is right Chloe. She’s from the most stubborn, strongest people in the world. She’s a Lane and Kent, she’ll bounce back from this in no time. She just needs a lot of that. Time.” Lana said, putting on a brave smile

“Especially Clark, first his parents, now three years later...Lois,” Chloe winced, remembering when they got that terrible news about Clark’s parent’s being in a car accident, and now Lois being killed.

“They been through a lot. Clark, must be going out of his mind.” Lana, noted, then remembering Lois’s father. “How about Mr Lane, has anyone seen him?”

“I have. My uncle’s really shaken up. You can pretty much say that his worsts nightmare has come true since Lois’s mother died.”

“Poor Erica, I know what she’s going through, it’s the worst feeling in the world loosing someone you love.” Lana whispered, tears forming in her eyes.

Chloe took Lana hand in hers. Giving her a small smile of encouragement, knowing the pain of loosing her own parents was still there inside.

She then turned to look at her husband. “I think we should take Erica to stay with us, just for a little while, anyway. She should be surrounded by her family right now.”

“What about, Clark?” Bruce asked.

“He can come as well, but if I know him, he’s gonna want to be alone. That’s how he deals with things like this, and I don’t want Erica hurting by herself.”

He smiled at her, she always had a heart of gold. One of the many things he loved about her. “Sure, why not, it will be great for her to spend some more time with her cousins. Get her mind off things.”

Chloe gave him her best smile she could muster up all day. “Is Pete still with Clark?”

“Yeah, they been up stairs since we left from the funeral. It’s going on four hours now.” Bruce replied, after checking his watch.

“I’m gonna go up, and see how Pete is making out with Clark, and let him know we’re gonna keep Erica for a few weeks.” she said, kissing him lightly on the lips before heading toward the stairs.

Clark sat on a chair in his master bedroom, squeezing the red blanket in his hands. The same blanket he was wrapped in when Lois and him first met. The blanket he slept with every night on the couch, while Lois occupied his room.

The red blanket he couldn’t seem to part with. It remained him of Lois too much. She was the one who gave it to him, after all.

His world was shattering, piece by piece it was falling apart, and nothing he could do would stop it. Lois Lane the girl that drove him crazy from the first day. The one he couldn’t help but find himself constantly around, not there anymore.

Lois always kept him on his toes. She didn’t settle or allow him to be in his little pity party moods. She didn’t believe in being down. Not if she had anything to say about it. She was always there bantering him, the out spoken one. After awhile he didn’t mind so much. Truth be told he really never did mind her constant sarcasm. It was one of his favorite qualities about her, how she could make him laugh so easily with their non-stop, playful bickering.

He felt so comfortable around her, it seem so natural just them two hanging out. It was like he was a whole different person, and he liked who he was around her.

He always found her attractive, though he would never admit to it, but after awhile getting to know her. Looking past all the barriers she put up. She was an amazing person, who was independent, strong, challenging. A person he fell deeply in love with, once he realized how much he really cared for her.

Lois his heart, the one truly written in the stars for him. His Kryptonite, one and only true weakness.

Pete looked on his friend, grieved that he couldn’t give much comfort to him. They been up here for hours now, and much really hadn't happen. Pete said a few words of encouragement, the best he knew how, but mostly Clark just sat there, holding onto that blanket for dear life.

He said a few words here and there, mostly telling bits and pieces of times him and Lois spent together. And of Erica being born, watching her grow. All his memories were happy ones, he told them with such pride and joy. A treasure.

He loved her very much, Pete could tell. The few times he met Lois, and got to know her. He seen exactly why Clark liked her so much, even if Clark couldn’t see it at the time. Chloe told him all about her, but there were no words that could truly capture Lois’ quality. It was something you definitely had to experience to get the real deal.

The first time he met Lois, he was visiting Clark. It had been a long time since he seen his old friend, and thought it was about time for a little reunion.

He called Clark’s parents ahead of time, so he would know that Clark would be there along with Chloe. They were sitting at the Kitchen table when he arrived at their back door. They too busy talking to Clark’s parents to notice him. He Saw Martha and Johnathan Kent sitting across from them and they saw him too. A sudden shock in their eyes at the sight of him. But not letting the other two on, because they knew he wanted to surprise them.

Boy, were they surprised! He tap a few times on the glass and let himself in. They turning around to see who it was. Chloe raising her hands to her mouth, gasping when she saw him. Then screaming with excitement. Pete never seen her so surprised. Clark, he was just in total shock, grinning widely as he does when he’s really happy.

They hugged, said,” How much they missed him.” and, “How glad they were to see him.”

Chloe even shedding a few tears on his behalf. He was overwhelmed with joy himself, being there with his friends again.

Then all, settling down at the table talking of old times. While Martha made everyone sandwiches and poured them a glass of lemonade, leaving the pitcher in the middle.

Pete told everyone about his life in Wichita. How things were going great there, with him and his mom. His school years, the new friends he made, but also adding how none of it compared to living in Smallville.

Chloe and Clark excitedly told him about all the weird things that happened to them since he left. Pete already knowing about Chloe discovering Clark’s secret.

They chatted on about their adventures and near death collisions. All to which, Clark’s parents were none too thrilled about, and uneasy when they talked of Clark’s powers.

The Kent’s knew they could trust Chloe and Pete, but it didn’t mean that they still didn’t worry about it. Or about them getting hurt, knowing their son’s abilities.

“So, where is this famous cousin of yours?” Pete asked, after she was mentioned in their conversing. He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

She came barging through the door. “I swear, that is the last time I try to make a few extra bucks by taking the lunch shift at the Talon.” she sneered in her usual manner.

“Well here she is, Lois never missing a cue.” Clark smirked.

“I should of known someone was talking about me behind my back. My plaid senses were tingling,” she teased, rolling her eyes.

Clark glared at her, smiling. She returning the same back to him. It was at that moment, Pete seen the connection between them that Chloe told him about. They, obviously being clueless to this matter.

Chloe raised to her feet. “Pete, this here is my spunky cousin, Lois Lane. Lois, this is our good friend, Pete Ross.”

Lois shook his hand as he raised to his feet, “Yeah, Pete from Wichita. Chloe told me so much about you.”

“Same here, as well did Clark. He mentioned a few things about you, also.” he said, grinning.

“Oh, he has, has he?” Lois asked, giving a teasing grin toward Clark, “Well, whatever he said about me, it’s absolutely false”

“So, you didn’t take over his room and claim all the hot water in the house for yourself?” He questioned, raising his brow.

“Oh, that,” she mumbled, “Guilty as charged” raising her hand in the air.

“Well, what Clark did fail to mention was how his parents let a gorgeous girl like yourself stay under the same roof with him.”

Clark rolled his eyes. “Gorgeous, where?” he teased, causing his mom to playfully hit him on his arm and getting death glares from Lois.

“Well, Smallville I see where all your charm has rubbed off on.” Lois teasing Clark and blushing from Pete’s words.

“Lois, I have charm. I just decide not to show it toward you.” he said, playfully.

Johnathan broke in before the two really got started. “As you can see, we didn’t have any problems in that department and even less with the bantering since Lois moved into the apartment over the Talon.”

Lois and Clark shyly and guiltily looked away from each other.

“Smallville?” Pete asked, confused.

“Yeah, It’s Lois’s Pet name for Clark,” Chloe, gleaming at Lois.

“It’s not a Pet name...” Clark and Lois blurred out quickly, scared of where the discussion was headed.

Pete and Chloe gave each other quick glances, smiling widely, “I have a feeling that happens allot.”

“Yes, it does.” Chloe said coolly, still beaming.

Clark and Lois rolled their eyes, sighing in disgust.

“Anyway, Smallville already has a Pet name, Clarkie.” she said smiling, trying to turn the tables onto Clark, sitting down next to Chloe at the table.

“The dog,” Pete said remembering the story he was told.

Lois gave him the, "How did you know?" look.

“Chloe and Clark, told me about it.” he explained, and she nodded.

“It’s Krypto...,” Clark sneered. “At least I didn’t run him down with my car.”

Lois was about to say something when Martha interrupted, “Why don’t you guys stay here for the night? Me and Johnathan will go pick up some movies and a couple pizzas, and we’ll make a night out of it.“

They all agreed to stay for the night. After changing into their pajamas. Popcorn, soda, and pizza in hand, they settled in front of the TV.

Mr and Mrs Kent sat on the main sofa, as did Pete. Chloe quickly sat down next to him. Leaving the small love seat empty on purpose.

Lois seen what she did and gave her an angry glare, tempted to pour her bowl of popcorn on Chloe’s head.

Unfortunately she was sitting next to Mrs Kent, other wise she would be picking kernels out of her hair.

Lois looked at Clark, already sitting on the love seat enjoying the movie. “Move over, Smallville, you’re hogging up the seat.”

Clark reluctantly oblige, not wanting to start one of their bickering episodes at this point. He scooted over closer to the end of the sofa, which his side was already touching.

Allowing her to plop down next to him onto the seat, that could just barely fit them on.

“Oh, I love this movie, Tom Cruise is so hot on here.” Chloe, gloated.

The guys in the room rolled their, eyes and sighed.. “Chloe, how many times have you watched “The War of the Worlds?” Pete asked.

“Nine or ten times, I dunno, I lost count. I always get distracted by Tom Cruise and realized I really haven’t seen the movie.” Chloe, chuckled.

“I don’t see what the big deal is about him. He’s just like any other guy in the world.” Clark said, teasing Chloe, who furrowed her brows shooting Clark an annoyed look. Jabbing Pete in his arm for laughing.

“Do I hear a pint of jealousy there, Smallville?” Lois cocking a smile at him, grabbing the bowl of popcorn from his hands.

“Now, why should I be jealous?” Clark sneered, reaching for the bowl of popcorn, Lois was keeping from his arm length. Causing him to lean in closer to her, his face mere inches from her, trying to grab the bowl from her hand.

Both paused, noticing how close their bodies were to each other. Clark nearly on top of Lois.

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