Day to Unravel-A Supernatural Fanfiction (Pt 3)

Chapter 15: Cameron


Something was wrong. Cameron knew this house. It looked exactly the same as the last time he'd seen it but... Why was he there?

The house had to be important. He would only remember something like this if it were something important. So why couldn't he remember? It was starting to hurt his head. He was standing in front of a stranger's house with no idea why. He couldn't even remember how he got there in the first place.

There was no harm in exploring. He wasn't from this area, so anything that could happen would just force him to disappear. Cameron crossed the street towards the house.

That was something he was good at. It wouldn't be difficult.

Shaking his head, Cameron hopped over the high iron gate. It was just past seven so no one would notice him. The shadows of the tall house consumed him. It was like being enveloped in a blanket, except he didn't get tangled in anything. He was free to move unseen at will.

A growl startled Cameron into stillness. His right leg was poised mid-stride. He turned and peered into the mansion's garden, slowly dropping his foot to the ground. He knew that sound. There was only one type of monster that could make the hairs on his arms stand up the way it did.

A werewolf stared back at him, its eyes glinting in the streetlight.

Cameron's senses came alive. He bolted from his spot and ran after it, not caring who saw him now. He had to protect the town. That was why he was there. He could remember now. He was hunting the werewolf. That was his case.

Curiously, the wolf didn't put up a fight. It just zipped around a corner of the tower and continued down the hill towards the lower village. Cameron didn't want to shoot it. He didn't want to wake anyone. The village was too closely populated not to notice a loud gunshot in the middle of the night, when most of the well-off residents were safely tucked away in their luxury homes. And he didn't need any attention drawn to himself.

He was good at disappearing, and that is what he intended to do once this hunt was over.

The werewolf bounded across a street after the hill ended. It was sticking to the shadows; Cameron had a hard time following it, if he was being honest with himself. He could hear it, though. The creature's loud panting wasn't a werewolf's usual thing. This one might already be hurt. That didn't matter.

Cameron was going to kill it just the same.

Blue and red lights caused him to skid to a halt, just as the wolf ducked into a patch of trees. It was gone.

"Hi there," the policeman said as he exited his car. He kept his door open. "Could I ask what you're doing out so late?"

"It's only seven," Cameron replied, breathing heavily.

"Where were you running off too, son?" the officer demanded.

Cameron didn't need this. He should have just followed the werewolf and disappeared like it had in the woods. "I was taking a short cut home," he replied. "I was late for dinner and my wife wouldn't be too---"

"Here's the thing." The officer put his hand on his gun. "Mr. Jacobs up there," he pointed back up the hill, "called and said he saw someone on his property. Now, it could be a coincidence, but that short cut you mentioned seemed to come directly from his land. And he has an iron fence around that."

The officer waited for Cameron to say anything. When he didn't, the officer reached up to his shoulder for his radio. "I'm going to take you in," he told Cameron, "for questioning."

Cameron rolled his eyes. This was just what he needed. If he had only remembered why he'd been in front of the Jacobs' place in the first place---the last spot the werewolf had been seen---he wouldn't have climbed that damn fence. The fact that he'd blanked on something so crucial was making him nervous.

Maybe Cameron did need that vacation after all.

The officer walked forward and Cameron automatically turned and placed his hands behind his back. He didn't want to add insult to injury. There was nothing more frustrating than an ignorant police officer who got in the way of a hunt. Always thinking they're doing what's best when they were actually making things twice as difficult as they needed to be.

Cameron just hoped that he could warn one of his contacts about the werewolf before anyone else was bitten...or worse.

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