Day to Unravel-A Supernatural Fanfiction (Pt 3)

Chapter 18: The Rodgers


“Haven, it’s your life, I get it, but she’s your sister,” the Collector said. “She’s the one that’s going to have to clean up your mess once its all over.”

The long-haired twin frowned. “What is he talking about?” she demanded of her sister. “What else are you hiding?”

Haven remained silent, her narrowed brown eyes willing a hole to form in the middle of the man’s forehead.

“Fine,” he shrugged. He turned to the men and Haven’s sister. “Long story short: Haven and I found out what this house does and she sold her soul to a demon to make sure no one else ever gets hurt by it.”


Sam and Dean heard the pain in Lindsay’s voice though it was no louder than a breath of a mouse. For they felt it inside them, too.

“Why would you do something like that?” Mary asked. All could see her eyes were soft, but they were also hard as ice.

Each hunter in attendance knew the consequence of selling one’s soul to a demon. They all knew the risks as well as the rewards that could come of such a thing. Haven, moreover, had felt what it was like to be possessed. She understood the calamity that had occurred. Yet none of them wanted to voice the question of the day: how much time did Haven have left?

The rumble of a car took everyone except Lindsay and Haven by surprise. The twins stared back at each other; the long-haired one astonished, the short-haired one ashamed. And yet...defensive.

Connor exited his red Chevelle first. Jenna followed.

“I called them,” the man off to the side of the big group offered before anyone could say anything. “I figured you’d need someone in case anything went down.”

Jenna didn’t really like long car rides. She was stiff. It was relief to stand up again. Her arms stretched above her and a few cracks echoed loudly in the silence. When she was more comfortable, she took in the group.

She wasn’t shocked to see Sam and Dean. Wherever they went, Lindsay was sure to follow. Although, Lindsay hadn’t talked about them recently; Jenna often wondered why that was. She was actually very happy to see her friends. Not even a glance was spared for the man she didn’t recognize. He was probably just another hunter. At least now she could put a face to the voice she’d heard on the phone. She was overjoyed, however, when she realized who was standing next to Lindsay.

“Haven!” she shouted. “I can’t believe it’s actually you! I mean, he said you were alive but I didn’t want to believe it until I actually saw you in real life.”

Connor walked past her and wrapped a protective, loving arm around Lindsay’s waist. He didn’t say anything.

Jenna watched as Haven’s glare eventually softened. She was still very pretty. Looked exactly like Lindsay, right down to the last freckle. Her hair was still the same too; spiked in every direction with the tips dyed purple. Jenna was always a bit envious of her hair. But what was going on? She hadn’t seen Haven in a vision in years. The only reason she had known the twin was missing was from Lindsay’s frantic call a few years back after New Years. Haven was still staring at her sister, but an edge of nervousness was making her hands shake by her sides.

“You had to go and get more people involved, didn’t you?” Haven spat at the man Jenna didn’t know. “Even with what’s about to happen, why would you put more people in danger?”

“I only just figured out what was going on myself,” the man replied, “and I when I found out that you had family, well, I knew they needed to be informed.”

“That was stupid,” Haven and Lindsay said together.

Jenna supposed Lindsay was telling her sister that she was an idiot for something---maybe for staying away for so long?---and Haven was telling the man what an idiot he was for involving so many innocent people in whatever this group had been doing before she and Connor arrived.

“Why didn’t you just come to us for help?” Dean asked Haven.

Lindsay shot him a look. It was a fiery glare that Jenna had only seen her use a handful of times. “Are you fucking kidding me, Dean?” she hissed. Then her fingers reached up to squeeze the bridge of her nose. “You know what, never mind. I don’t even care that you guys abandoned me all those times.”

Jenna flinched like the brothers did. She’d have to ask her about that later.

Lindsay’s eyes opened. They were determined. “Okay, so, if you have time,” she gave her sister a pointed look; Haven nodded solemnly, “you should start at the beginning.”

Jenna could feel the tension in the air. She knew she was just feeding off the group’s agitation but this whole thing bothered her nonetheless. Haven had been so loyal and thankful towards her family after she’d been freed of the demon that possessed her. It was strange that she would go to such lengths to keep something that seemed to be huge as this a secret. Jenna wanted to know quite badly exactly what had gone down to make Haven act this way.

“I found the house in 2009,” Haven began. She didn’t look nervous anymore, Jenna noted. “I didn’t understand what was happening at first, but eventually I realized that your memory is affected if you so much as look at this house.”

She pointed feebly at the mansion.

“It was warded,” she continued. “So heavily warded. The first few times I came here was because of a werewolf. It had been spotted around here and a contact of mine had asked me for help.”

Jenna couldn’t tell if Haven was lying. It didn’t look like she was. But as the red-head searched the group, she didn’t like the closed-off expressions each of them wore. Haven was back! Why were they so stubborn? They should be more than happy that they finally found her. Granted, they’d have to deal with a werewolf one way or another from the sound of things, but there was so many hunters in one area that Jenna was sure they’d take care of it without a problem.

“But each time I got here,” Haven said, “I’d forget why I was there. It was so frustrating.” She grabbed her hair in both hands and tugged on it. But she dropped them and they swung back to her sides. “A year went by of this back and forth bullshit. So I called another friend for advice.”

Jenna’s eyes widened in horror. “That’s how he was turned!” she yelled suddenly.

Everyone looked at her.

“Cameron!” Jenna smacked her forehead and spoke directly to Lindsay. “He was helping her when he got turned,” she realized.

“Cameron?” Dean asked.

Jenna was momentarily distracted by his green eyes. He hadn’t really looked at her before and now the force of his stare was piercing. She shook her head to clear it.

“Not Cameron Dowding, the werewolf hunter?” Sam asked next. He and Dean exchanged a glance. “Where is he now?”

Connor shrugged. “No idea,” he replied. “We haven’t been in contact with him in some time.”

Jenna thought Connor looked exactly the same, as well. He hadn't understood the phone call either, as they were already on their way to the Jacobs' place---Connor would never admit to using a tracking device in his wife's phone but Jenna was glad for it---because of a vision Jenna had. His black hair was still messy as if windblown (there was only one book character she could think of and she blushed scarlet at the thought of him) and he was wearing his favorite Converse boots as he usually did.

“We should get back to the topic at hand,” the man to Lindsay’s left interrupted.

Jenna turned and noticed that Haven had been quietly trying to sneak away. Her shoulders drooped as she halfheartedly turned back to the group. Would she try to leave so that she could protect everyone? The werewolf probably wasn’t that far away. Would she stay and let them help her? Or would she let everyone else do her dirty work, dirty work she couldn't finish on her own because of the warding?

“Fine,” Haven sighed. “Yes, he got turned here. Cameron disappeared after he left the hospital, and I haven’t been able to get in contact with him. His progenitor is still out there somewhere, unfortunately.”

Jenna noticed that Haven had totally skirted around what really needed to be discussed; she wanted to avoid the attention involving the whatever it was that she was keeping a secret. So far it seemed like she was going to get her way.

“We know a guy, Garth, who’s a werewolf now. And he’s great,” Sam told Haven. He was smiling. “Still a little weird---“A little weird?” Dean muttered---“but he’s managing it. Maybe Cameron is too.”

“That’s really not the point right now,” the man to Lindsay’s right repeated calmly.

“And who are you?” Jenna demanded, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. “Can you help? Because if not you should clear out before it gets here.”

Silence followed Jenna’s heavy statement. She didn't realize that she was talking about one monster, when she should have been talking about another entirely.

“Let me get this straight,” Lindsay whispered. Jenna had to lean forward to hear her friend with her better ear. “If everything started happening in 2009---”

“Everything started way before that,” the man next to her added.

“Then something must have happened to us,” she continued as if he hadn’t spoken. Lindsay jerked her thumb at Connor.

“What do you mean?” Connor asked.

“We were here in 2009,” his wife replied. “We met up with these guys,” she nodded to Sam and Dean, “to deal with some vamps. Remember? But what if...that didn’t actually happen?”

“Freaky,” Dean said.

Jenna’s head was spinning. Could something like that possibly exist? She wasn’t one to really learn spells, but could something that powerful really mess with a person’s mind the way Lindsay described?

“It probably didn’t,” Haven agreed. “With the way these wards work, I doubt any case you’ve worked here was a real one.”

“We torched a ghost the other day,” Dean hinted.

“The ghost of Una Jefferson has been gone for years,” the man no one seemed to know pointed out.

Again, awed silence drifted through the group.

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