Day to Unravel-A Supernatural Fanfiction (Pt 3)

Chapter 19: The Back Up


“So you’re saying we just went through the motions like circus clowns?” Dean grunted.

Dan watched as the taller Winchester brother flinched at the word clown. He felt a small twinge of something himself.

“Most likely,” Dan reassured, though what kind of reassurance it was he didn’t know. “It happened to me too, don’t worry. I looked like a fool when I was here the last time.”

He watched as Haven’s face registered the night he was speaking of. He hadn’t wanted to bring it up, but in a way he had to. She certainly wasn’t going to and as much as he felt bad for condemning Haven, she was the reason for his big break with the bunker. He owed her one.

He hoped that by telling her friends about her deal, they could save her.

“Ok,” Sam said, “enlighten us, since that’s all you can think of talking about.”

“No need to be rude,” Dan muttered, a tad louder than he should have. It made Sam grimace. “I met Haven back in 2011. I came here on the assumption that I’d find what I was looking for---”

“And what was that, exactly?” Dean wondered.

Dan’s mouth tightened into a straight line.

Do they ever stop talking?

Maybe that one’s good looks are all that he has. Give him a break.

But he's annoying.

"That's something I'll keep to myself," Dan told him aloud, not wanting to reveal the relic he'd acquired at the house. His hands came to rest on the top of his hat.

When the group had finished the latest round of exasperated groans, he followed with, "But I couldn't find it alone. I ended up calling an old contact and they gave me Haven's number."

"Sounds reasonable," Sam murmured.

Dan nodded. "She was on her way to hunt the werewolf around here, so she said she'd give me a hand," he said.

"But she couldn't remember why she was there, because of the wards," Lindsay recited.

The Collector tilted his head to the side. The long-haired twin still seemed suspicious, but his story was catching her attention. It was just as well. She was as beautiful as Haven. Maybe more so, what with her chocolate locks flowing in the light wind.

Chocolate is the best. I wish I had some chocolate.

Not know! Focus. You need to focus.

"And I forgot her, too. She never showed so I never remembered who she was. I found what I was looking for and went on my way. A few years passed, and she found me again. She said she'd been only following me for a few days, but I think it was a lot longer than that," Dan mused.

Haven's eyes hardened. She had been quiet for such a long time that Dan was surprised she hadn't tried to sneak off again. He'd been so engrossed in his own storytelling that he forgot to keep checking on her, making sure she stayed put. He didn't have to; not really. As soon as he'd realized what Haven had done, as soon as he knew he was the only one who could help her, Dan had teleported to the house in the hopes that she was there.

It would make sense that she'd try to keep her death where she'd bargained for it. The Jacobs' family was dense and Haven probably had another hunter in line to clean up her remains and burn them before the family returned. Everything would seem ordinary, like nothing gruesome had ever darkened their neat little garden. And Dan was right. Haven had turned up at the Jacobs' house right when he needed her to. The spell he cast as soon as she was within his sight would keep her locked on the premises---a prisoner for the time being.

"I needed to make sure you didn't know anything," Haven revealed.

"No loose ends," Connor added.

Dan nodded. "And while you were off doing your thing with the demon, I was here, pretending to kill some big baddie that you were worried you couldn't handle." He scoffed. "I was basically swinging at the air and shooting at trees for three hours until she came back," he said.

"I had to cover my bases if I was going to do the deal," Haven added.

"Wait, wait," Jenna interrupted, her eyes widening. "I thought we were hunting a werewolf. Are you saying we're hunting a Hell Hound?"

Her eagerness faded as quickly as the blood in her cheeks did. Dan felt a pang of sympathy towards her.

And now it came to the last part. Dan clamped his mouth shut and didn't say anything. He'd done his bit. Haven's fate was known to those who mattered, and he could leave. He didn't have to mention that she'd told him where the Winchester bunker was. He didn't have to tell them it was easy as pie to get past their wards.

A threatening growl split the air. The eight hunters and the Collector froze in their skin. Dan didn't like the sound of that. Was that a Hell Hound? He'd never heard one before. He'd never been on the bad side of one before.

Now wasn't the time to be, either.

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