Day to Unravel-A Supernatural Fanfiction (Pt 3)

Chapter 20: Cameron


A threatening growl split the air. The eight hunters and the Collector froze in their skin.

“You shouldn’t have come back,” Cameron growled. He was standing upright and relaxed, yet his teeth were bared. “This house is warded for a reason.”

“What are you doing here, Cameron?” Jenna asked.

The cock of a hammer made the hair on Cameron’s neck stand up. His eyes flashed as he smelled the silver bullets.

“Whoa!” the woman he remembered being called Lindsay yelled. She had her hands up. “Sam, put that down!”

When Cameron’s memories had fully returned, he hadn’t had a hard time remembering who she was. She and Jenna had only visited him once in the hospital after he was turned but he recognized her right away. There were stories about her. She was connected to the Winchesters. And everyone knew them. People always said that they were like her big brothers in a way. It made Cameron a little envious that she had someone like them to look up to.

Kate had only visited him once as well. She told him what she was, helped his memories return, and then she vanished too.

Cameron remained still. Sam Winchester had a gun pointed at his face. It was just as well. Once he got rid of the pureblood, he was going to provoke them into shooting him. Probably. He was still undecided on the idea. He shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

Sam and Dean had run into Cameron on one of his cases before. It was at least seven years ago. They hadn’t helped, not really. He had already taken care of it. They’d just swung into town to double check. Or maybe Dean had wanted to check out the new strip club in town. Either one was plausible.

Another gun appeared and Sam’s brother Dean cocked the hammer back.

“Cameron, go!” the guy with the dark hair next to Lindsay ordered. “Before you get yourself killed.”

He had a ring on his left hand---silver---that made Cameron’s nose twinge. Was Lindsay married now?

“Guys, chill!” Jenna pleaded. “He’s not going to hurt anyone.”

“You don’t know that,” Sam argued.

Of course. It’s always the same with hunters.

“When was the last time you saw him?” Dean asked.

Cameron watched Jenna’s soft face grow fierce. He’d only known her a short while as a hunter, but this chick was cool. Reckless, but handy in a dicy situation. Although, he was already tired of this stand-off.

“Please go,” Cameron pleaded to the group. “I don’t want anyone else to get hurt tonight.”

Cameron hated violence. He killed animals for food, yes, and he was a hunter before he was turned, but if humans were involved it meant trouble. He didn’t like it when people got hurt. Monsters were things he could deal with. Unless they had a conscience, they’d be target practice.

“Why are you here?” Lindsay repeated. She walked over to the Winchesters slowly and placed a hand on each of their arms.

The guns lowered reluctantly. Cameron breathed a sigh of relief.

There was one woman in the group that he did not recognize. Her hair was honey blond and chin length, a cute bob. She seemed older than the rest. Dean and Sam looked as though they were positioning themselves in front of her, as if to protect her. Cameron looked a bit closer at the woman. Dean had her eyes. And Sam had her nose. This woman couldn’t possibly be old enough to be their mother. But was she?

Cameron shook his head to clear it. He opened his mouth to speak; the woman with the short dark hair spoke first.

“The werewolf that lives here is a pureblood,” she told them. “He’s smart. His whole house is covered in warding to keep people away.”

“What?” Sam asked.

“He lives here just like anyone else,” the woman continued. “He wanted his family to have a peaceful, normal life.”

“But he turned Cameron. How is that living a normal life?” Dean challenged.

The werewolf grimaced at the mention of his name. When he first decided to come here, he didn’t expect so many hunters to turn up. He wanted to get in, destroy the pureblood, and get out. No one else had to be involved. That would have been easier than being surrounded by humans like he was now.

The werewolf hadn’t tasted human flesh. Kate had gently insisted that although animal meat and blood was the lesser of the two choices, it was the right one. Not that that mattered---eating human flesh repulsed Cameron. His stomach heaved at the thought of it. But maybe, if he hadn’t had Kate as guidance and he’d tasted a human, he wouldn’t react that way every time he thought about it. Maybe...he’d enjoy it.

It wasn’t something he liked thinking about.

“You sold your soul to protect a werewolf?” Lindsay demanded.

Cameron watched her eyes narrow angrily. Those two were clearly sisters. They were practically identical. Even their wide eyes seemed to mean the same thing: please leave before it’s too late.

A muffled muttering somewhere off to his left made his ears perk. He shifted his glance around, trying to locate the voice, but no one matched the male voice he was hearing; it was distracting him and he couldn't afford that. Cameron shook his head roughly.

“Wait,” Cameron said suddenly. “You sold your soul? Why the hell would you do that?”

“It doesn’t matter now,” the twin replied tiredly.

“But if you sold your soul, that means a Hell Hound probably isn’t too far away.”


Cameron hated those beasts. He’d only tangled with them once before and he’d hoped it was the last time. An uneasy feeling seemed to creep up his spine. His nose twitched.

The pureblood was close. He had to get these people out of here. Especially if that Hound came to collect; he wasn’t ready for that sort of fight.

“You know the deal you made was trash, right?” he asked her. He took a step towards the house.

Blank stares answered him.

He took another step back eagerly. “The wards are strong here,” he said. “So strong that even a deal with a demon couldn’t cancel them out.”

A breath of surprise whooshed out of Lindsay’s twin. Cameron had her now. Garth had been right to look into this house and he called Cameron right away. As daft as he was sometimes, this almost backwards logic had presented it to him in a matter of days. Cameron would be forever grateful for his fellow werewolf’s insights. Knowing the secret of the wards helped Cameron see clearly.

“The wards keep the normal people away. If neighbors aren’t a threat, the werewolf’s wards don’t bother them; they just give them an uneasy feeling and the naturally avoid the house. But the wards also lure hunters with false cases. Their minds get messed with. Even if they knew the truth before, as soon as they got to the house another memory would be tucked neatly over the real one. Like Dean said, they’d be acting out fake cases like buffoons.”

Cameron took another step.

“The demon knew that,” Sam grumbled. He tuned to the twin. “He probably knew hunters would keep coming back for bogus cases, and the werewolf would get its prey. Maybe they had an agreement.”

“You just said they wanted a normal life,” Dean said, confused.

“Normal as they could be,” Lindsay muttered.

“The wards... Maybe they only lured hunters back...” The twin paused, searching desperately for a lifeboat. Cameron almost felt bad for her. “For revenge?”

And there it was.

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