Day to Unravel-A Supernatural Fanfiction (Pt 3)

Chapter 5: Mark Ruffalo


"Where do you know this guy from?"

"He's a hunter, that's all you need to know."

The dark-haired girl raised an eyebrow. "Since when are you all 'need to know'?" she asked.

"Since now," the red-head replied. Her eyes were guarded.

"Huh. Okay, then."

There was silence between the friends for a few seconds. Only the flipping of a page was heard. A car honked in the distance.

"What's his name?" the dark-haired girl asked.


"Wow. Same name as me."

"No," the red-head said. "I mean, Lindsay, seriously, stop asking. Because I'm not telling."

"Well... He looks like Mark Ruffalo."

"He does not."

Lindsay sighed long and low. This wasn't the time to upset Jenna. They had a case to get to. Without Sam, Dean, and even Bobby's help, Lindsay hadn't wanted to go to her. She had wanted to find her sister. But her sister...

That was the case they were on.

The monitor beeped next to the man's head. Even if he thought long and hard, he couldn't remember how he got there. Amnesia, that was what this was called. And it wasn't like the times he got black-out drunk. No, those mornings had the reminder of a hangover to tell him what he'd done the night before. Even if he was almost used to them by now.
This was different. He was in a hospital. The man glanced at the identification wristband snapped around his wrist, just above the IV drip that stuck out of his hand. He was checked in as a patient. He'd been hooked up to machines like this before. The pain he was in now, however, was nothing like he's ever felt.
It made everything foggy. The man searched for the clock on the wall. All he could make out was a blurred black circle. He could hear its ticking---
The door opened. Two tall men in dark suits walked in. He didn't recognize them.
"Cameron," the taller of the two said. He reached into his breast pocket and produced a badge. "I'm Officer Pond and this is Officer Castle."
"We'd like to ask you a few questions," Officer Castle added.
"Sure," the man replied. He guessed that his name was Cameron since that's what Officer Pond had called him.
"Can you remember anything form last night?" Pond asked.
Cameron shook his head. The room wobbled.
"The doctors can't tell us much, Cameron," Castle said. "Doctor-Patient confidentiality and all that. So if you can tell us anything---"
"I can't."
Pond's hazel eyes softened. "Even the smallest---"
"I'd like to help, really," Cameron told them. He cleared his throat. "But I don't have anything to remember. It's not like I drank so much there's a huge black spot in my memories. It's like... I went to sleep here and woke up here. I just don't have any dreams to prove it."
The officers glanced at each other. Their expressions weren't reassuring.
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