Day to Unravel-A Supernatural Fanfiction (Pt 3)

Chapter 6: Inside the House


Sam dialed the EMF detector to high. The lights immediately blinked and the siren wailed annoyingly in his earpiece. He hadn't wanted the noise to be noticed by anyone else, just in case the Jacobs family came home early. He didn't think they would ask any questions but with the cards that Dean had given them, anything was possible.

The younger Winchester was still put-out that Dean had used them. The bold lettering said Men in Black for crying out loud! Sam scoffed to himself. His brother was upstairs; he wouldn't notice the eye roll. Shaking his head, Sam wondered how the Jacobs family ended up as gullible as they were.

That's when he shut his EMF detector down. There wasn't any need for it if it was only going to scream at him constantly. A ghost was definitely taking up residence in the Jacobs' house. That much was clear.

Another step around the corner proved just that. Sam had only glanced through the window at the mansion's stone tower when he stopped mid-stride. The spectre of a woman had walked up the tower's stairs and vanished inside the wall.

"Dean!" Sam yelled.


"Did you see that?"

"See what?" Dean asked as he trudged down the narrow staircase.

Sam pointed out the window. "Someone's in the tower," he told him.

"Huh," Dean muttered. He walked over to the front door and opened it.

Sam followed without another word.

The tower was cold. A door at the bottom opened to reveal a cramped staircase with a low ceiling. At least, low for the Winchesters. They were both over six feet tall, after all.

Dean muttered irritably the whole way up. Hunched over and shuffling, he could barely fit. But he, at least, made it. The passage ended in a tiny room. There was one space in between the rocks that formed a window, a period-style writing desk sat underneath it, and a circular rug that had frayed and dulled with age was just under his feet.

His brother's ascent was a bit tougher.

Sam didn't see the room. He didn't see the desk, or the window, or the rug. He only saw Dean's backside for a moment. It was only a moment, and then alarm set it.

Sam's shoulders were stuck.

"Aw, crap," he complained. He tried to wiggle against the rock.

Stone was stronger than skin.

"Ow!" Sam muttered when he felt it scrape through his shirt.

"What's the hold-up?" Dean asked. His head appeared around the corner.

Sam looked up at his brother, trying to hide his discomfort.

"Are you stuck, Sasquatch?"

"Yes," Sam grunted.

Laughing, Dean backed away from the stairs. "Hold on, Sammy."

It took the brothers almost twenty minutes to get Sam free. Because when Dean realized that he had nowhere to go as well---Sam was blocking his only exit from the room---he started knocking on the walls. At least, that's what it sounded like to Sam. All Sam could do was wait for his brother. And so, when Dean had finally managed to get behind Sam and pull, Sam nearly shrieked like a girl.

"Really?" Dean chuckled.

"How'd you get down from there?" Sam asked, avoiding his brother's sarcasm.

Dean smiled. "There was a secret door that led out to a catwalk outside," he replied.

He was pleased with himself, Sam noted. "Did you see anything while you were exploring?"

Dean shook his head. "But I felt the cold, even outside," he told him. "I think this will be an easy case, Sammy. We just gotta find whoever it is that's sticking around and torch 'em."

Sam stood from where he'd fallen on his backside, brushing himself off. "Everyone in town says its the ghost of the first owner's wife," he said.

He opened the tower's door and breathed in the fresher air. It was a relief to be out in the open again.

"Does she have a name?"

They crossed through a patch of lilies and stopped in a section of undisturbed grass. The view of the lower town was beautiful from there.

"You would've known that if you'd been paying attention."

"Uh-huh. So---"

"Is that Scott's car?" Sam interrupted.

Both brothers turned to the sound of the big iron gate opening. A dark sedan made its way up the driveway and parked just next to the garden. Sure enough, Scott Jacobs opened the driver's door and stepped out.

Sam's lungs expanded deeply to hide his annoyance.

"Hi, fellas!" Scott called out. "How's the investigation going?"

Dean walked over to him. "Well, it was going great, Scott, but in all honesty, you weren't supposed to be back until later tonight, if you remember," he said.

The older Winchester brother wasn't being polite. He was having more trouble than Sam in keeping his lid on.

Scott's eyes widened. "Oh, dear!" he exclaimed. "I must have forgotten." He smacked his forehead with his fist. "It's no matter though, boys. We'll just go out to see a movie and have dinner. Then we'll call before heading home. How's that?"

Sam nodded tightly. "Sounds great, Mr. Jacobs."

Scott smiled warmly. Saluting, he opened his door once more---"Guess we're going to see that movie after all, kiddos!"---and backed out of the driveway. The gate shut with a soft clang.

"That was close," Dean muttered.

Especially since the boys had changed out of their suits.

Sam barked a small, irritated laugh and headed over to their car; they'd parked it in a corner of the driveway once Scott and his family had left the first time. He unlocked the trunk and propped it open with a sawed-off shotgun. The EMF detector he'd been using he placed next to his flashlight.

"We should get this done before they decide to crash our party again," Dean said as Sam shut the trunk.

"Definitely," Sam agreed. He and Dean walked around to their sides and opened their doors.

They'd be back to check on the place once the woman's bones were torched. Hopefully, by then, all would be well.

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