The Forbidden Half-Bloof


Onyx Brabec has lived in the Hermes cabin for as long as he can remember. Everyday he looks for signs of his godly parent claiming him but it doesn't happen. Onyx starts to lose hope until he does something stupid to help his friend Percy Jackson. Read to find out what he does.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter I

Thalia, Annabeth, Percy, and I were in Percy's mom's car headed for a boarding school in Maine to pickup two half bloods with Grover.
I should probably introduce myself. My name is Onyx Brabec, and I'm and undetermined in the Hermes cabin. No one at camp really played attention to me until Thalia was revived from her tree. Thalia and I used to be best friends until she ran away. My dad brought me to camp about a week after Thalia tan away.
Anyway, Sally which is Percy's mom's name was telling us a lot of embarrassing things about Percy when he was younger. When we got to the school we all thanked Sally and walked in. We ran into a couple of adults who said that we werent supposed to be there.
But then Thalia snapped her fingers and said, "Oh but we're not visitors sir. We go to school here. You remember: I'm Thalia, and this is Annabeth Percy and Onyx."
The lady that was there with who I assumed was the principle was convinced on what she said while the man wasn't. Then Grover ran up to us making up an excuse on why we were late for the dance that is going on. Grover led us to a gymnasium that was full of kids dancing and laughing about. Percy started to dance and talk with Annabeth, while Thalia dragged poor Grover onto the dance floor. I just sat in the corner watching two kids who I assumed were the Half-Bloods we were sent to retrieve.
I glanced at Percy and he glanced at me, then we looked back (while he was awkwardly dancing) to where the kids are only to see Thorn which is the assumed teachers name out of the gym. I looked over at Percy to see Annabeth walking to where Thalia was and Percy looking at me. We had a silent but quick conversation and ran out of the gymnasium.
While we were running Percy took out Riptide and I took out Noghtmare, both in writing utensil form still. When we saw the two kids we crouched down low to be level with them.
"It's okay, we aren't going to hurt you," Percy said to the kids.
But they didnt answer, their eyes were full of fear.
"My names Percy," he said to them,"That's Onyx. We're going to take you out of here, get you somewhere safe."
The girl's eyes widened, that's when I realized that she wasnt afraid of us, she was trying to warn us. Percy must have come to the same conclusion, because he turned around same time as I both of us unwrapping our swords. But something went WHIIIIIIIIISH and then pain exploded in my right shoulder. I look ed to my right to see myself and Percy pinned to the wall with spikes in our right arms.
Thorn took the spikes out of our shoulders and escorted us and the kids outside to a cliffside. Percy and Thorn started to have a conversation to distract him until reinforcements arrive. Thorn started to talk into a walkie talkie when we were pushed to the ground. I looked up too see Annabeth and Thalia fighting Thorn. In the middle of the fight, a silver arrow sprouted from his shoulder. He started to scream profanities and saying that direct interference wasnt aloud. I'm not completely sure, because I hit my head on a rock and wasnt really paying attention.
I came too all the way when a bunch of teenage girls came out of the forest, all dressed in silver.
"Hunting wild beasts is with my domain," a 12 year old girls said, "So it is aloud."
"Pernission to kill mylady," a girl that looked about 14 asked.
The 12 year old looked at the older girl and said, "Permission granted."
The girl then shot a bunch of arrows at Thorn. But he changed into the Manticore, and grabbed the two demigods. Annabeth jumped on his back so he would free the two kids, but he jumped over the edge with her. Percy was about to jump off of the cliff to go after her, but two of the girls held him to the ground. That's when I realized that these were the hunters if Artemis and the 12 year old must be Artemis.
"What are you doing," Percy said, "Let me go we have to go after her. Who do you think you are."
"Percy," I scolded, "You are talking to Lady Artemis and her hunters, I think this is one of the times that you watch what you say."
Lady Artemis looked at me seemingly impressed, and said, "I'm impressed, a boy actually knows who we are."
"Well it took me a minute to figure out," I explained, "But then I remembered the stories about you and your hunt then it wasnt so hard to figure out."
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