A Thousand Beautiful Things


Accidents happen everyday, like mutually getting off with a guy from your gym class in the showers. Now Dean's not saying he's gay, but the thing he has going with Castiel isn't exactly straight.

Romance / Other
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Chapter One - Part One

It all started in gym class where it literally hit him in the face. Dean Winchester fell over backwards onto his ass and groaned, bringing his hand up to his throbbing head. He lay there for a few seconds feeling sorry for himself. He should have guessed this would happen; pick on the new kid. When he finally moved his hands the first thing he noticed was that a guy roughly his own age was bent over him and looking worried, his dark hair sticking up in odd directions. The gym lights were bright and made it look like he was glowing where he blocked the light, his eyes stood out as an almost unnatural shade of blue staring down at him. In his deliria the first thing that came out of Dean’s mouth was, “Are you an angel?”

“Wow.” The guy laughed in surprise and straightened up, suddenly looking unsure if he wanted to help. He stared down again and Dean closed his eyes, except this time from humiliation rather than pain. He was such a dick, why had he even said that? Now this guy was going to think he was some kind of weirdo.

“Come on, I’ll take you to the nurse,” the other guy said eventually. He held out his hand and helped Dean to his feet.

“Thanks, but I can manage,” Dean said stubbornly, he had already embarrassed himself enough. Dean turned and made his way towards the locker room hoping to find some respite from the class. He stumbled to the side when a blinding pain flashed behind his eyes. The other guy was at his side instantly, wrapping an arm around him to hold him up. He was smaller than Dean, though not by much, and was surprisingly strong for his size. He held Dean up easily and they walked back to the locker room.

“I’m sorry I hit you, this hasn’t happened before. I’m really bad at sports! It really isn’t my thing at all. It wasn’t my intention to hurt you… I’m not even sure what happened.” He spoke quickly and formally, though he sounded nervous and almost a little stiff. It took Dean a few seconds to comprehend what he was saying. The guy stared at Dean expectantly, waiting for a response as they walked back. He clearly felt bad, it was written all over his face but Dean could tell he was telling the truth. At least he didn’t have to worry about bullies.

“It’s fine, gives me an excuse to miss that awful class, I guess.” Dean shrugged. “I don’t really want to go to the nurse; I’ll be fine to sit here until next period I think.” The smaller guy nodded.

“I’ll stay with you, I don’t want you to pass out or something.”

The locker rooms were empty when they arrived and Dean felt himself lowered onto one of the benches, they sat side by side in silence for a while, the other guys arm still hovering behind him. Dean put his head back in his hands, it was actually kind of awkward, the other guy next to him fidgeting silently and Dean unable to get past the fact that he had called him an angel.

“I don’t want you to think I was picking on before you because you’re new.” He sounded sincere, though a little defensive as he said it, as if he was worried of Dean thinking bad of him.

“Hey, it’s fine, just maybe cut gym next time, yeah?” Dean joked. “I’m Dean, by the way,” he introduced, smiling slightly.

He was taken back as he looked at his classmate for the first time properly; he had thought it had been the artificial lighting making the other guy’s eyes so bright, but the blue was outstanding and Dean stared, unable to look away.


“Huh?” He hadn’t caught what the guy had said, he found himself distracted admiring his eyelashes. They were long, thick and dark and framed his bright eyes beautifully, making them all the more shocking. For a guy, he was really kind of good looking. Dean knew that the thought was strange, it was very out of character for him, but he didn’t try to deny it, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to the guy. He wasn’t sure why, but this attraction was instant and undeniable. He felt like there was something between them, something deeper. He couldn’t explain it, but he had never felt it before. Dean licked his lips nervously as he felt the telltale signs of a crush already forming, his heartbeat picking up in his chest and the apparent need to feel closer to the other guy. He unintentionally glanced down at his lips and Dean scolded himself internally. He didn’t understand why this was happening, it was all a little confusing, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to question it or not.

“My name, it’s Castiel.” Castiel’s lips twitched into a smile, evidently entertained by Dean’s obvious behaviour. His cheeks slowly stained a rosy pink as Dean continued to hold his gaze. Dean wanted to say something, he wanted to impress Castiel or to say something witty or teasing but his mind was wiped blank.

“I’m sorry,” he said eventually. “Your eyes, they’re really distracting, are you wearing contacts or something?” he asked, forcing himself to look away. Castiel’s gaze was intense and it made Dean’s stomach twist and his mouth dry. He wiped his hands on his shorts nervously as his palms started to sweat.

“No, why would I be?” He sounded a little disappointed at what Dean had said, he hoped that h hadn’t offended him... “I assure you, my eye colour is natural, I know they’re a peculiar but—“

“No, they’re great, they suit you,” Dean interrupted, startled at Castiel’s response. What kind of jerk had told him that his eyes were peculiar anyway? Dean irked himself at the apparent lack of filter he had on his mouth.

“My own eyes suit me?” Castiel grinned. It seemed as if it had been the right thing to say, the other man started to fidget less next to him, he seemed more comfortable in Dean’s company. “You are something else you know. I don’t hear that every day.” Castiel looked down shyly and gnawed at his bottom lip, it made Dean feel warm all over.

“I think you kicked that ball pretty hard,” Dean said after some time, in an effort to get Castiel talking to him again. He liked listening to his voice. His headache had already started to clear so he knew he was already on his way to recovering. In some twisted way Dean didn’t want to be able to blame his sweaty palms on a ball to the head, he wanted this feeling to be real. He should feel bad using the situation to his advantage since it had obviously been an accident and had worried Castiel, but it was harmless for something as small as making the other guy talk to him, right? So telling him he had hit him hard wasn’t really too bad, it was only a mild form of attention seeking.

“I am really, really sorry about that,” Castiel spoke clearly; his voice was gravelly and less nervous than before, more relaxed. Dean turned to admire him again, Castiel’s expression was honest and concerned and he glanced at Dean’s lips. His tongue darted out to sooth his pink lips from where he had chewed them and it made Dean’s stomach twist in longing. They were sat close and Dean realised that their thighs were touching and butterflies fluttered in his stomach. Never in his life had Dean wanted to kiss someone so much, but he really didn’t want to risk getting hit in the face again. He would expect nothing less than a smack to the face if he tried, but he was convinced that Castiel was looking down at his lips too...

Castiel leaned forwards slightly to examine his face and Dean stilled, not daring to move an inch as the other guy looked at his bruise. He selfishly used the guy’s concern, using the time so he could look at his pink lips, admire his cupids bow and imagine what it would feel like to close the space between them.

“You might have a bruise,” Castiel whispered. He didn’t away, he remained close, the distance between them only small.

“Oh,” he replied, he had already known, it felt tender, though bruises were the furthest thing from his mind right now. Dean subconsciously leant closer.

“I am an angel, by the way. Castiel is the angel of Thursday.” Castiel spoke softly, as if afraid he would startle him. Dean pulled back slowly, feeling unsure if he was mocking him. He could feel a feather light caress of Castiel’s fingers as he slowly trailed them over his bruised temple. He shivered. He was dizzy with feelings, his head fuzzy and his only thoughts on the fact he couldn’t feel Castiel’s breath against his cheek if he concentrated.

He couldn’t be reading all these signals wrong, Castiel was practically sat in his lap, he was touching his face softly and he seemed eager for Dean to do something. He wasn’t sure what it was that he should do. If the situation was different and it had been a girl that was behaving this way, then Dean would have made a move by now. But Castiel wasn’t a girl, he was undeniably male, and the thought of treading into the unfamiliar territory was very tempting.

The thought never crossed his mind that Castiel might be the one to make the first move.

But oh, he did.

Before Dean knew what was happening he had a lap full of angel and Castiel was pressing against his lips insistently, not taking no for an answer. Dean inhaled sharply through his nose in surprise, his eyes wide open with shock. Castiel took advantage of his surprise and cupped his face, he changed the angle of his lips. The kiss was kind of sloppy but what he obviously lacked in experience he made up with in enthusiasm. Dean’s eyes fell closed as the situation caught up with him and he groaned, hands gripping at the guy in his lap. He kissed back, deeply and desperately and guided the other guy into a more comfortable rhythm. The feeling was electric.

Fuck, he tasted so damn good.

When they pulled apart their breathing was harsh and they stared into each other’s eyes, resting their foreheads together as they tried to calm down and steady their breath.

“No-one has ever looked at me like that before, you made me feel wanted.” Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, seemingly quite comfortable sat in his lap. Dean’s mind was still trying to catch up with what had just happened, but his body was already with the program and aching for more.

“I don’t know why, but I feel like I already know you,” Dean whispered and leaned forwards to kiss him again, pulling him impossibly closer. Castiel felt small and strong in his arms and unable to resist he shoved his hands under the guy’s shirt, sliding his hands up his back, feeling his muscles shift. Castiel was pulling back, encouraging his touch and mouthing down Dean’s neck, he could feel him nod, agreeing to the statement.

“I’ve only known you for minutes and I want you so bad,” he whispered, the words sounding dirty on his tongue; he was begging with the way he arched into him. Dean growled. They kissed again, both eager and full of teenage lust and desperation - their lips ripped apart at the sound of a ball hitting the gym door. It banged open for a split second. Castiel was up in a flash and leaning against the opposite wall leaving Dean confused and staring down embarrassed at his obvious boner. He crossed his legs.

The quick separation between the two of them sobered Dean slightly. He wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen now. Castiel giggled, flushed with nerves and hid his blushing face. “I can’t believe that just happened. I’m not promiscuous, I swear,” he said, eyes wide and obviously embarrassed at the state he had got himself into.

Dean stood up and gingerly walked over, he didn’t want Castiel to react badly to this. He didn’t know what this meant but he knew that he wanted it to happen again. Castiel looked as afraid as Dean felt and that let him know that he felt the same.

“I never said you were-“

“I just meant I don’t normally go around kissing boys,” he interrupted, voice higher in a panic. “Not like there’s anything wrong with that!” Dean nodded in understanding and smiled slightly, letting him know that there was nothing bad going to happen because of what they had shared.

“To be honest me neither, I’ve never kissed a dude before-” Dean admitted, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He tried to think of anything else to try and get rid of his erection but the sight of the other guy was still making his stomach twist. It almost felt a little inappropriate seems Castiel was worrying. It did his best to ignore it.

“Me either-” he said shyly, seemingly calming down a bit. “I’ve never kissed anyone before, I’m normally quite reserved. You won’t tell anyone will you?” Castiel asked, kicking his shoes together, looking uncomfortable.

“No. No way, man. That would be like social suicide right? We don’t have to tell anyone.” Castiel stared at him again, looking into his eyes like he was trying to determine if Dean was telling the truth. He looked away then nodded in agreement, he looked reassured Dean was telling the truth. It was a relief.

So that was it, they had come to the agreement that neither of them was going to tell. Dean wasn’t sure what was going to happen after that, he didn’t know how to ask. Would they pretend that it had never happened? The thought left something bitter inside him and he tried to push it away.

“Well, we’ll have to be careful, right?” Dean felt hopeful at the words, but he didn’t fully understand what they meant. He was just about to ask him when Castiel grabbed him by the hands and lead him into the shower room. “They hardly use these,” he explained as he pushed him into one of the stalls and then locked the door. Dean swallowed thickly and nodded, his eyes darting around the small cubical. It was everything that a high school shower was expected to be, the shower head was leaky and the tiling cheap, the floor wet from the constant dripping pipes. At least it was clean.

Dean glanced back down to Castiel’s lips, they had been so soft and the feeling was fresh in his memory. They both were leant awkwardly against the crappy red stall dividers, standing parallel to each other. Is that why Castiel had brought them in here, so they could carry on? Maybe Dean was getting ahead of himself and his new found friend just wanted to talk in privacy.

“You can kiss me if you want,” Castiel whispered, his face still red, effectively answering Dean’s silent questions.

“I—I don’t want to force you into anything, you said you had never kissed anyone before.” He was trying to be a gentleman, to do the right thing; this guy was really good looking so he was either lying about not being kissed before or he had chosen not to. He was assuming it was the latter, he seemed harmless and didn’t look like a liar. He didn’t want to take advantage of him, now he knew more about Castiel - that Dean had been the first person he had ever kissed, he felt bad for his earlier thoughts. Dean didn’t feel particularly special, he didn’t know why Castiel wanted to kiss him but he craved it. His hormones were saying something completely different to his head and as gentlemanly as he was attempting to be he knew what was going to happen. He didn’t really think he could say no to this guy. Castiel wanted Dean to kiss him and he had kissed him first anyway; it wasn’t like he was forcing himself on the guy. Castiel was looking at him like he wanted Dean to press him against the stall and ravish him.

In a decision that both terrified and excited him, Dean closed the space between them, their bodies lined up and pressed together. He didn’t know where to put his hands, he didn’t know what was okay. He settled for lacing his fingers into the waiting pair that were at their sides. Even such a simple action made him warm inside.

And then Castiel was looking at him again and it felt like he was pulling him apart, tearing down all his barriers and laying him bare.

So he kissed him, softer than before, a simple caress of his lips against the other pair. Castiel’s lips were chapped from the cold gym, but they were warm and made him tingle. He pressed firmer, opening them slightly and feeling the other boy tremble at the touch. He squeezed his hands, in what he hoped was a reassuring manner and then let them go, tangling them into the guy’s dark hair. He gripped Dean’s hips, letting his hands rest on waistband of his gym shorts.

Dean’s emotions were spiraling out of control, all he could think of where those hands on him. He wanted to feel them on his skin. He kissed him deeper, opening his mouth and encouraging Castiel, guiding him, trying to tell him what he wanted with his actions.

Castiel surprised him when he pulled Dean closer, it made their hips align and they gasped into each other’s mouths. The rest came naturally. They were grabbing at each other, touching everywhere they could reach and Castiel pulled at Dean’s shirt, making it obvious he wanted it off. He pulled it over his head without hesitation and let it drop to the floor, he grinned as he watched the other boy do the same. Within seconds they were back on each other, chests pressed together, lips clashing and hands everywhere. Dean squeaked as he felt Castiel’s hands grab his ass and pull them closer. Dean knew he should feel ashamed rubbing himself against a guy he had just met, but all he could think of was that beautiful face, those eyes, the noises he was making and the way he responded to his touch.

It was a little bit strange feeling another guy’s dick pressing against him but when it rubbed against his own it left him gasping, biting at Castiel’s lips and whimpering into his mouth at the sheer need he felt. He even started to like the fact he could feel how turned on the guy was; fuck, he had done this to him, he had made him hard and desperate.

“Dean, please.” Castiel was groaning, pulling away from the kiss and burying his head into his neck. Dean looked down when he felt him shift back and watched in awe as Castiel pulled his shorts and boxers down far enough to get his cock out and started jerking himself off, his teeth scraping into Dean’s shoulder as he whined.

Dean could only stare, watching the hot slide of another guy’s dick in their hand. His body caught up and he pulled his shorts down too, biting into his lip as he grabbed himself. Castiel was watching him, his eyes staring down at their cocks as they clumsily bumped together every other stroke. Dean looked up to his face, eager to see his blissful expression. As soon as those blue eyes met his own Dean was leaning forwards and sharing an obscene kiss as he felt himself tip over the edge. He could feel the wetness of Castiel’s come mix with his own and drip down over his fist.

They stay like that for a while, leant together and catching their breath. When they pulled away they looked at each other’s flushed faces and smiled.

“That was-“

“Wow,” Dean finished.

The first bell rang, warning the end of class and they both exchanged an alarmed look and stumbled to clean up their mess before anyone came to get dressed. They left the shower stall quickly, easily blending in with their noisy classmates.

Dean changed on the opposite side of the room to Castiel and he lost sight of him, it was a big class and there were easily fifty guys in the room. He found him again quickly and was surprised to find he was dressed immaculately in a suit, complete with a blue tie. He looked different and a little odd for school but the style suited him. Dean stared down at his tattered jeans and his plain tee-shirt, suddenly feeling a bit self-conscious. He tried to catch his eye before he left for his next class and he did. Castiel raised his hand in acknowledgement and smiled, pulling his bag over his shoulder and then exiting out of the other door.

Dean wasn’t sure why but he felt a little disappointed, he wasn’t sure what he was expecting but he was hoping Castiel would maybe show him to his next class or make plans to meet him later. Dean made it to his next class alone, he had a map but the school has a stupid one-way system, he got there just in time and sat at the back of the room, not interested in English at all. He spent most his time doodling little stick men with angel wings.

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