The Good Doctor

By chrystalwise78

Romance / Scifi


SG1 worked well together, so when the Pentagon decided to add another member the team was hesitant about it. That is until they met Dr. Alisson Storm. That's when Daniel realized that maybe moving on wasn't such a bad idea. But before he did he had to break down the walls and teach her that being alone wasn't the only choice a widow had.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Dr. Jackson I understand your protest, but there really is nothing I can do about the issue.” General Hammond said as he walked out of his office, proceeded by a very aggitated Daniel Jackson. “General, I don’t need the help. I honestly think the “extra set of hands” will only slow things down.” Daniel said making qoutation marks with his fingers. “I highly doubt that Dr. Jackson. I do think it will help speed up things, but I do understand the concerns you have with sharing a space with the new Doctor. Know that it is only temporary, once the new lab is ready Dr. Storm will move to that space and you two will colaborate at will.” he said with a smile on his face. “General.” Daniel started. “I’m sorry Doctor, the discussion is closed. You are just going to have to make it work.” he said as he walked into the briefing room.

Daniel sighed as he pushed his metal rimmed glasses up his nose. He may be stuck with a new doctor to help, but he didn’t have to like it. He followed the General into the room and took his usual seat next to Sam, opening the blue folder sitting at the table in front of him. “General.” Jack O’Neill said as he stood as the Hammond approached his seat. “I hear that Danny boy is getting a new playmate.” Jack said with an amused look on his face. Daniel looked at Jack with a scowl. “Dr. Storm will be joining us shortly, the pentagon believes that the extra help in processing all the technology, and artifacts brought back from other worlds would be benifitial to the SGC.” General Hammond stated looking around the table. “OK, so has anyone actually met the guy?” Jack asked looking at the other members of SG1 with a questioning look on his face. “Well actually Colonel, Dr. Storm is...” General Hammond started, stopping when Walter stepped into the briefing room. “Right this way.” he said as he gestured into the room, stepping out of the way to allow Dr. Storm to enter.

Everyone turned their heads to get a look at the new member of the team as General Hammond stood to great them. Jack dropped the pen he was holding, Sam smiled, and Daniel sat frozen in his seat. “SG1, welcome the newest member of your team. Dr. Alisson Storm.” General Hammond said as he stood beside the woman that had just walked in. “Dr. Storm this here is Colonel Jack O’Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Teal’c and of course Dr. Daniel Jackson.” General Hammond said gesturing to each person as he introduced them. Alisson smiled at each one as the General called their names. “It’s nice to finally meet the infamous SG1.” she said as she took the seat next to Dr. Jackson as the General set a blue folder down for her. “General, before I am comfortable with this arrangement, can we learn a little about Dr. Storm.” Jack said holding his pen up. “Doctor would you like to tell everyone a little about yourself?” General Hammond said as he retook his seat.

“Well, I have been fully trained by the USAF Colonel. I have under went all training new SGC memebers must pass before assigned a team. I have a Master’s in Linguistics, a Phd in Phsycology, and a Bachelors in Economics.” she said scooting her chair up to the table. “Oh, wonderful, it’s Daniel in a dress.” Jack said dropping his pen once more. Looking around as everyone as the whole table looked at him. “What?” he asked not sure what everyone was looking at. “I will take that as a compliment Colonel.” Alisson said with a smile. “Dr. Jackson is the reason I worked so hard to get those degree’s. His theories about the pyramids has always facinated me, and then to find out years later that he was right, was like a dream come true.” she said glancing over at Daniel. “See, a dress I tell you.” Jack said looking at the General. General Hammond chuckled lightly as he looked down at the folder in front of him. “You all can get to know each other later, right now we need to learn about the planet you all are going to tomorrow morning.” he said opening the folder and looking around the table.

Two hours later Alisson gathered her things and followed the rest of the team out of the briefing room. “It’s nice to meet you, Alisson.” Sam said as she followed her out. “Thank you Major Carter. I get the feeling not everyone is happy to see me.” she said smiling over at the blonde haired woman. “It will take time. Jack just worries about any new memebers. His concern is for safety. Teal’c usually has an open mind, Daniel, well Daniel see’s the Pentagon appointing him help as their way of saying he isn’t doing his job.” Sam said as they walked down the hallway towards the elevator. “Oh it’s the opposite actually. They think you are all doing a wonderful job, I’m only hear to help speed things up a bit, and give another perspective to things.” she said shifting the bag on her shoulder. “I think you will be fine. Just don’t take a lot of things personally. And give them all time to get used to you.” Sam said as the elevator stopped and they exited on level 18. “Thanks Major Carter.” Alisson said as they walked down the hall. “Call me Sam.” she said as she stopped at one of the doors. “OK, Sam. Which lab is Dr. Jackson’s?” she asked looking down the hall. “3 doors down.” Sam said pointing further down the hall. “Thanks Sam.” she said smiling as she started down the hall. “Hey, we usually all have lunch together at about 1.” Sam said calling after her. “Sounds, fun.” Alisson said with a look on her face that made Sam laugh.

Alisson turned into the door that Sam said, and looked at Dr. Jackson sitting at his desk. “Dr. Jackson.” she said as she slowly walked to her desk, her bag sliding down her arm, and the papers and books teatering in her arms. Daniel jumped up and grabbed the stack out of her arms before they fell. “Thank you.” she said quietly as he walked over to the other desk in the room and set them down. Daniel didn't answer he just gave her a shy smile. Alisson smiled back. “Don’t take the Pentagon’s decision personally Dr. Jackson. It has nothing to do with you or your work. They feel I would help make things easier for you, as well as give another insight into things.” she said slowly sitting down in the chair "You know the old saying two heads are better than one." Daniel looked up from the book he was looking at, looking directly at her over the top of his glasses. “That obvious how I feel?” he asked looking surprised. “Psychology major remember?” she said opening the bag and looking up at him as he set the stack of books down on the desk. “You have my book?” he asked smiling as he looked at her again. “Of course. Like I said in the briefing room. You were the reason I studied the way I did. I read your book in High School.” she said looking at the book as he sat it down on her desk. “Wow now I feel really old.” he said laughing. “Come on, your not old. I read it as a Senior, and decided that was what I wanted to work towards, I wanted to know more about your theory. I wrote my thesis on your theory actually.” she said smiling shyly as she thought about actually talking to the man that intrigued her on a daily basis through out college. “Really? I would love to read it sometime.” he said setting the book down and walking towards his desk. “Of Course.” she said looking down at her own desk.

“So, Dr. Jackson, I hope sharing an office won’t be a problem at least until the SGC can get mine ready.” she said shifting the stack of books to the other corner of her desk. Daniel looked up at her for a minute. “Call me Daniel. If we are going to work together we shouldn’t be so formal.” he said with a smile. Alisson felt a warm sensation growing in her stomach each time he smiled like that. Alisson nodded her agreement. “They should have your office ready by next week.” he said sitting behind his own desk. “My things won’t arrive until then, so that will be good timing then.” she said pulling papers from her bag along with her laptop. “After lunch I will show you the Linguistics library, there are some books in there that will help when you get into processing artifacts.” he said opening a folder and looking at the pages inside.

“your expertise will be greatly appreciated Daniel.” she said looking at him. “I’m glad someone appreciates what I do.” he said laughing as he looked up at her. “I’m sure many people do.” Alisson said blushing slightly. Daniel grinned “So when did you graduate high school?” he asked curious as to how old his new team member was. Alisson looked up at him. “Well I graduated in 1997.” she said blushing again. “So a few years after the SGC was founded.” he said smiling making the dimples in his cheeks deepen. Alisson felt her pulse quicken. “Yes. I checked the book out at the public library, and read it with in a few days. I found it facinating. The ideas were so amazing, and the fact that no one believed you boggled my mind.” she said looking at the book as her hand slid across the cover of it.

“Well a lot of people still don’t.” he said laughing. “Yes, but now you know your right.” she said looking up at him. “Yes I do. But no one else does. So to them I’m still crazy.” he said looking at her. “Well some day they will know the truth.” she said giving him a smile. “We shall see.” he said looking down at the papers in front of him. “just in case your interested Daniel, I’m 38. I know that is why you asked what year I graduated. It was the most polite way you could think of to figure it out without coming out and asking.” she said with a smile. Daniel looked up and stared at her. “Psychology don’t forget that.” she said without looking up at him. She heard him laugh quietly. “I will remember that from here on out.” he said as he reached for a pen.

Alisson knew a lot about SG1, she had read most of the mission reports in her weeks prior to joining the team formally. She really wanted to talk to them about some of the stuff she read there, especially Dr. Jackson about being Asended. She knew he couldn’t remember anything from the time he was gone, but she wanted to know how the transition had been, if he felt as if nothing had changed, or if he had to adjust to being back. The team had been through a lot of things together in the 20 years they had been working together.

At 1 pm they all met in the commissary to eat lunch. Alisson felt a bit out of place even though Sam, Daniel and Teal’c greeted her with a smile, she just felt how well they meshed together and wondered if she would ever feel like a part of the team. She knew she would some day, it would just take time. She sat down next to Daniel across from Sam and listened to Jack talk about their mission to P3X-403. “I don’t get why we have to go back there. As far as I know the mining operation under Colonel Edwards is doing well.” Jack said looking at Daniel. “I’m sure it is, but I want to go back and talk to the Una’s with Chaka and be sure everything is good, so we don’t end up with another situation like we had before.” he said trying to explain. Jack nodded his head in agreement “Guess that makes sense, that was kind of a disaster.” he muttered as he took a bite of his green jello. Alisson looked over at Daniel. “Chaka will be there?” she asked looking excited. “You know about Chaka?” Daniel asked surprised. “Yes, I read the report a few days ago. That situation could have been a lot worse than it was.” She said looking down at her tray. “Later I would love to talk about how you figured out their language.” she said looking over at him before looking back down at her food. “After lunch I will show you my notes.” Daniel said smiling at her. “A dress I say.” Jack said out loud, staring intently at the green cube on his spoon as it wiggled.

Daniel was true to his word, after lunch he showed her his notebook with his notes about Chaka’s language. Alisson flipped through the pages, her hand sliding over the words as she read. “Daniel is this blood?” she asked looking up at him with surprise. “Yes. That is from when Chaka had captured me, the day we met.” he said looking at the page she was refering to. “That must have been a very scary ordeal.” she said looking up at him. “There was a time I thought I was going to die, but fortunately I was able to gain his trust and communicate with him.” Daniel said smiling at the memory. “Very fortunate.” Alisson said flipping the pages. “If not, there are so many things you would never have accomplished, such as Ascension.” she said closing the book and handing it back to him. “So you know about that as well.” he said taking the book and laying it on his desk. “yes, I would love to talk to you about it sometime.” she said turning to walk over to her desk. “What do you want to know?” he asked sitting on the edge of the table in the middle of the room. “Sadly I don’t remember anything but a few events from the time I was ascended.” he said crossing his arms over his chest.

“I understand that, I’m just curious as to how you felt coming back to the team. Was there a period of adjustment? Like being the new guy all over again, or was the bond there as soon as you came back?” she asked her eyes watching his body language. “Well when I came back I had no memory of anything, who I was, who the team was, nothing. I had to remember it all first. Luckily that didn’t take but a few months for me to regain all my memories. But there was a period of adjustment while I regained those memories, however after that it was like there was no time lost.” said looking up at her, watching her watch him. “Well, I’m glad you are back to normal.” she said turning to her book infront of her. “Tell me more about you Alisson.” he said as he continued to watch her. “What would you like to know?” she asked pulling a paper out of a book and setting it beside the pages on her desk. “Where are you from?” he asked noticing how her hands shook slightly. “I am from Missouri. I went to school at the University of Missouri Springfield.” she said laying her hands on her desk to stop the shaking.

Daniel wondered what she was nervous about. “You have any family?” he asked standing up from the table. “I have a sister back in Missouri. She thinks I work deciephering messages for the department of defense.” she said with a smile. Daniel smiled at the cover stories the government made up for them. “Have you ever been married Alisson?” he asked as he slowly walked over to her desk. Alisson dropped her hands into her lap as she looked up at him. “Once I was, but like you Daniel I lost him to evil.” she said looking away quickly. “I’m almost positive that it’s not the same evil, so do you care to elaborate?” he asked sitting on the corner of her desk. Alisson stared at her hands. “Wyatt died a few years ago from cancer.” she said quietly, not wanting to look up at him. “I’m very sorry Alisson. The pain gets easier, trust me. I am here to talk to you if you need me.” Daniel said leaning over and placing a hand on her shoulder. Alisson looked up at him for a minute. “Thank you, Daniel.” she said a tear escaping from the corner of one eye. Daniel quickly reached up and wiped it away, with his thumb. Alisson closed her eyes, relishing the feel of his hand on her cheek, noticing his hands weren’t as rough as she expected, considering his line of work.

Alisson sighed lightly as Daniel brushed his lips across hers, briefly, so briefly she almost thought she had imagined it. “I’m sorry Alisson, I should never have done that.” he said standing up and backing away. Alisson stood up and walked towards him. “It’s Ok Daniel. It’s normal for people to get wrapped up in an emotion like that, when they share a connection like we do, especially when one of them is emotional. I’m not mad. I am flattered though.” she said blushing. “Have you had a relationship since Wyatt?” he asked queitly. Alisson looked up at him for a moment. “No. I haven’t.” she said looking at his lips again. “The word widow seems to scare off a lot of men.” she said looking away. “Well not every man is scared by the word. Only those who don’t understand it.” he said stepping closer to her again. “Like you?” she asked quietly. Daniel smiled. “Yes.” he replied. “Well it’s nice to know that I have someone to talk to that understands what I’m going through.” she said turning back towards her desk.

“Some day I hope that I will be able to find someone and be happy again.” she said closing the folders on her desk before walking to the door. “I hope that some day you do the same Daniel. Your to nice to be sad and lonely the rest of your life.” She said before walking out of the room. Jack entered the room behind her. “Daniel.” Jack said looking from the hallway to Daniel. “Did I interrupt something?” Jack asked. Daniel just looked at him with a look of confusion mixed with a smile. “I’m not sure.” Daniel said after a few seconds. “Not sure?” Jack asked a bit confused. “Alisson was telling me about herself, I learned she’s widowed. So I tell her I’m sorry for her loss, and when she looks at me she’s crying so I wipe the tear from her cheek, she leans into my hand so I kissed her.” Daniel said recounting the event to Jack.

“You KISSED her?” Jack said shocked. “Yes Jack. I don’t know why.” he started. “Well look at her Daniel. She not bad looking. You’ve been alone a LONG time. No matter how much you loved Sha’re, things will eventually become really hard to ignore.” Jack said glancing from the floor up at Daniel with a look of discomfort at what he was suggesting. “I know that Jack. I’m not dead.” Daniel said with a grin on his face. “Well not any more your not.” Jack said patting Daniel on the shoulder, getting a laugh out of both of them. “What I’m saying is, that I have been ready to move on. Sha’re would want that. But I don’t want to start something with Alisson, when I’m not sure she’s ready.” Daniel said appreciating his friends concern for his happiness. “Just be careful.” Jack said crossing his arms.

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