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Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

β•°β”ˆβž€ π‘Žπ‘π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘π‘œπ‘›π‘’π‘‘ (Asahi x Fem!Reader)

Asahi x Fem!Reader ~ Smut

β€œBye mom!” you wave as you watch your parent hop into a taxi car.

She waves back excitedly, certainly happy to go on her first business trip after landing her new job. However, the smile on your face fades as the taxi disappears from view. You’re now alone in your apartment with only your cat to keep you company.

β€œBeing between jobs sucks,” you mutter to yourself as you walk up the stairs to your small apartment.

You then walk inside and find your cat meowing by the front door. You pat him on the head and walk to the kitchen to find something to eat.

β€œCrap, there’s nothing,” you groan. β€œWell, at least there’s still cat food for you, Scraps.”

Upon cracking open a can of cat food and placing it into Scraps’ bowl, you hear a knocking at your door.

β€œBe right back,” you say to your cat. β€œMake sure you don’t eat too fast this time or you’ll throw up again.”

Once again, three small knocks come from your front door. You roll your eyes, thinking that whoever’s so impatient to get inside has the wrong door. However, when you turn the knob and are greeted by a tall man on the other side, whatever insults you were going to throw at them flies away.

β€œAzumane?! Can I help you?”

You recognize the man as your handsome neighbor who lives just on the other side of the wall from you. You admit, sometimes you can’t help but stare at his handsome features when you see him around the complex.

He lifts up two brown paper bags with what seems to be groceries inside. β€œYour mom asked me to bring some groceries to you. She said she’s out of town and thought you might need some help.”

She must think that I’m absolutely incompetent.

β€œOh, uh, wow, thank you so much Azumane... You really didn’t have to do that.”

Although Azumane is the same age as you, you’ve found it hard to approach him. That includes even when your mother tries to set something up between the two of you. Not unlike this circumstance.

β€œIt’s not a big deal,” he smiles assuringly. β€œCan I bring them inside? They’re kinda heavy.”

β€œYeah, of course. Sorry,” you stutter as you stand to the side and allow him in.

Azumane’s huge. How does he get bothered by carrying groceries? I mean seriously, look at those muscles.

β€œRight here?” he asks which breaks you out of your daydream.

β€œHuh?” you look over to where Azumane’s placed the bags on the counter. β€œOh, right there is good.”

You walk over to the groceries and peek inside. Your mouth begins to water instantly at the variety of foods and even a container of ice cream.

β€œWow, that was really nice of you,” you say to him. β€œLet me give you something.”

You walk over to your junk drawer where you pull out some spare cash to give Azumane, but the second that you turn around you see him shake his head in disapproval.

β€œPlease, you don’t have to give me anything. I’m glad to help. Besides,” he says with an awkward laugh, β€œyour mom gave me some money anyway.”

You nod as you back up to shut the drawer behind you, your eyes not drifting from his body.

β€œWell, I’ve got to get going,” he grins. β€œI’m going to play volleyball with my old high school team and then I’ve got to do a load of wash.”

β€œMe too,” you say quickly. β€œUh, I mean do wash not play with my... nevermind.”

I’m such an idiot.

Azumane chuckles. β€œI know what you mean. See you around, Y/N. If you need anything, let me know.”

β€œOkay,” you agree with slightly hot cheeks.

You walk behind Azumane as he exits your apartment, his tall, huge body distracting you from Scraps digging into one of the grocery bags.

β€œBye,” you wave with a sweet smile before shutting the door. You lean up against it and only then do you notice your cat about to drop the grocery bags on the floor. β€œScraps!”

Just in time, you catch the bag, but not in time for tomato sauce to drop to the floor and splatter across the kitchen- including Scraps and your pants.

β€œDammit. Looks like I really have to do the wash as well.”

⊱ ────── {.β‹… ✯ β‹….} ────── ⊰

After bathing your cat, washing the floor, and taking a well-needed shower, you gather your clothes into the hamper to bring down to the complex laundry room.

β€œStay,” you say sternly to Scraps before shutting and locking your door behind you.

That cat will be the death of me.

To be honest, you had never been much of a cat person before meeting Scraps. You had found him one day on your way home from work- that is, when you had your previous shitty job- and after he followed you home, your mother was the one who insisted you keep him. You weren’t against it, but Scraps is, well, a handful.

As you make your way down the hall, you pass Azumane’s apartment. You slow down as you pass it, wondering whether or not you should find a way to thank him for his generosity. But, you being your insecure self, decide against it.

He did say he has to do laundry. I wonder if I’ll run into him. Then maybe I can thank him.

To your luck, you open the laundromat door and find Azumane throwing clothes into one of the two washing machines. However, instead of acting excited, your body almost freezes to death.

β€œOh, hi, Azumane,” you say shyly as you walk towards him.

β€œY/N! Hi! How’s your day going?”

β€œAh, well it’s a bit of a long story that ends with me here washing more clothes. How’s yours?” you ask politely.

Azumane answers, but trails off as he watches you place your wash in the machine next to him. β€œHey, uh, Y/N? I think that one’s broken... But I didn’t start mine yet so you can put your clothes in, too if you’d like.”

You feel your cheeks heat up at his offer. Why is he always so damn nice to me? You end up accepting and begin to pile your clothes into the same machine as his with a quiet β€œThank you”.

The two of you then sit down as you wait for the machine to begin its job. It’s quiet and awkward for a moment until you decide to finally speak up.

β€œSo how come you bought the groceries? I just mean that you went completely out of your way for my mom and I like you always do and I...” you trail off as you see a conflicted look on his face.

β€œIt’s kind of a long story,” he says as he looks down, β€œbut I kinda owe your mom.”

β€œOwe her? For what?”

Azumane’s hands ball up into fists. You watch curiously as he turns to you and gives you a sympathetic look.

β€œShe found out that I’ve got a giant crush.”

β€œWhat are you, in middle school? Azumane you shouldn’t let my mom bully you,” you giggle.

Wait, this doesn’t even make sense. Who does he even-

β€œY/N, can I kiss you?”

The happy expression on your face turns to surprise as you piece together what Azumane’s saying. You nod slightly and watch as he slowly brings his head down to yours. Soft lips meet yours hesitantly for a moment before getting a bit more aggressive. You kiss him back anxiously; you’ve for sure thought about doing this before.

β€œAzumane...” you whimper between kisses.

β€œI’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” he hums. β€œCan I-”

You cut him off, pulling him down by his neck to kiss him again. The kisses quickly turn desperate and you swiftly swing your body around to sit on his lap.

β€œYou can do whatever you want to me, Azumane,” you tell him.

You tilt your head to the side and begin leaving small kisses on his cheek, traveling down to his jaw and neck. Your hips, grinding mindlessly down on his lap.

Apparently, Azumane has enough quickly. He grabs you by your ass, squeezing it tightly, as he lifts you up. He places you down on the washing machine before grabbing the hem of your shirt and lifting it over your head.

You pull onto Azumane’s shirt, tugging him close to you. You kiss him again, even rougher than previously. His hands travel up your thighs, over your bare skin until reaching the shorts you had just thrown on before leaving your apartment.

You grab his hand and guide it between your legs, being too anxious to wait any longer for him to touch you. You have been craving him for far too long to wait any longer.

Azumane pulls your shorts to the side and rubs over your clothed entrance. You let out a sharp breath as he then picks you up. β€œPull your shorts down.”

You do as you’re told, with an added bonus of removing your panties. However, Azumane looks more shocked than anything else at the gesture.

β€œWhat if someone walks in?” he asks.

β€œAzumane, if someone walks in here the last thing they’re going to question is the whereabouts of my panties,” you say as you tug him close to you.

β€œAlright,” he chuckles between kisses, β€œbut then at least call me Asahi.”

β€œMhm, okay.”

Azumane’s fingers trail back down to your pussy, rubbing it gently. You let out soft moans against his lips, craving more of his touch.

Soon, his fingers slip inside of you, stretching you out to prepare you. You let your hands slip down to his shorts and push them down and out of your way. You then grab onto his cock and begin stroking him as you wait for him to get you ready.

β€œYou ready?” he soon asks.

You nod and lean back against the washing machine, feet against the edge of it, exposing yourself to him. You watch anxiously as he lines himself up at your entrance and pushes his way in all the while biting your lip and hoping not to be too loud. But unfortunately, Azumane’s pushing in so deep and hard that you can’t help but let a few moans slip as he begins to thrust into you.

He wraps his arm around you and pulls you closer towards him. Your eyes wander to his, dark and lustful as he looms over you. β€œYou’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he whispers into your ear. β€œWe should do this more often.”

You nod in agreement as you allow your arms to glide up his broad back. It is now that you realize you don’t care anymore. Not about being insecure around Azumane, not about how your mom is sure to act, and certainly not about anyone else walking in the room.

Soon, his hard thrusts begin to become too much. You begin to tremble underneath him, your breath quickening as you feel your climax about to come. You grip tightly onto Azumane; your arms clenching onto him as you come.

Like you, Azumane’s grip becomes almost barbarically tight. He slams into you with a final push, sliding you back a ways from the edge of the machine. Then he quickly pulls himself out of you, his cum almost immediately follows and lands on the machine.

β€œShit,” he mutters as he looks down at the mess.

β€œDon’t worry about it, Asahi,” you smile. β€œI’ll go get some paper towels.”

You hop down from the machine as Azumane backs away. You quickly slip on your clothes and walk out of the room.

Well, I suppose that’s one way to thank him.

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