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{ROAD TRIP} Bokuto x Fem!Reader



“So when’s your next game?” you ask the four guys sitting opposite of you and Hotaru in the school student center.

Bokuto replies just before taking a large bite out of his sandwich. “Friday, but it’s pretty far away. Don’t think you two would want to drive out all that way.”

“It’s so cool you get to go on a trip and skip classes,” you sigh. “I’ve hardly ever been out of the prefecture before, let alone do something like that.”

“One day the six of us should go on a vacation together,” Kuroo hums as he sits forward in his chair.

“Like hell I’d spend that much time with the five of you at once,” Kenma says as he keeps his eyes trained down at his Switch.

You chuckle at Kenma’s comment, able to see what he means by that. “It would be fun, though!”

Hotaru nods. “I agree even though it may be more trouble than it’s worth... But the four of you do always get to go somewhere fun for volleyball so maybe you could at least show us something cool sometime.”

Bokuto beams, answering Hotaru’s question but directing it at you. “I’d love to!”

“We’re all six broke college students,” Akaashi sighs. “How would we afford it?”

“Maybe not right now, but if we save up a bit after graduation it shouldn’t be too bad,” Kuroo adds.

Bokuto agreed. “And It could be a budget trip!”

“Ooo, we could get an RV!”

“And the six of us could sleep in it instead of spending money on hotels and stuff!”

The two of them begin to spiral down a hill of excitement for this fictional trip. Meanwhile, Kenma and Akaashi exchange looks as they wait for the right moment to interrupt the others’ fantasy.

“You’re spending way too much energy thinking about this,” Kenma mumbles.

“I wish you two would spend this much effort in thinking about school,” Akaashi adds. “You’ll never graduate and go on this trip if you don’t pay attention in class.”

“Wait, wait, wait... So you’re saying you’ll go if we graduate?!” Bokuto then beams towards his best friend.

You smile and exchange a matching look with Hotaru.

“I’m in,” the two of you exclaim at the same time.

“Hold on a second, that’s not what I was saying...”

“Come on, ’Kaashi. Don’t get their hopes up and then crush them. Besides, you have nothing to worry about if you think they won’t graduate,” you tease.

“Fine,” he grumbles. “Only if the two of you graduate on time like the rest of us. No excuses!”

Bokuto and Kuroo beam huge grins across their faces. Their bright, excited eyes then stare down their next prey.

“Alright pudding head,” Kuroo begins. “It’s all on you now!”

“This is so lame,” Kenma groans.

“It’ll be fun,” you assure him.

“Yeah,” Hotaru agrees, “and you can bring your Switch with you!”

Kenma looks between you and Hotaru for a moment before giving in. “Okay, whatever. I’ll go as long as Hotaru keeps her promise!”

That little conversation happened two years ago and was unfortunately lost amidst the other failed schemes and plans the six of you concocted before graduation. And then, for some reason, your group went their own separate ways and drifted apart after college.

You talked to Hotaru and Bokuto for the longest time, but Bokuto was always so busy being a professional volleyball player and Hotaru with her own sixth grade classroom to hang out as often as you used to.

It’s really nobody’s fault, but you all just began to grow apart. Thinking about it does make you sad, but there’s really nothing any of you can do about it. Your schedules don’t match up and your lives are now completely different.

And what about your day-to-day life? You’re a single, twenty-three-year-old x-ray technician who works from eight to four, Monday through Friday. Nothing interesting happens much; you perform almost the same routine on different patients throughout the day pressing buttons and scanning, typing reports, and repeating.

Today as you scroll through your list of patients for the day, the name BOKUTO KOTARO pops up on your computer screen.

There’s no way it could actually be him, you think in your empty room. There’s just no way. He’s a pro volleyball player. He probably has a professional doctor he goes to. He wouldn’t just show up at a common clinic site like mine. Besides, I never even told him where I work.

Despite your thoughts, you spend the majority of your day thinking about it. During your lunch break you hardly ate, too anxious wondering whether it’s your friend who you stopped talking to at least twelve months ago.

When the moment of truth has arrived, you walk out to the waiting room and call his name. As movement from the back of the room catches your attention, you notice the unmistakable spiky grey and black hair of the man you used to know. Your jaw almost breaks apart as you gape at him. He was always good-looking, but holy shit his muscles are practically bursting out of that small uniform he’s mocking you with. You’re not hallucinating, right...?

The man beams as he jumps up from his chair. He practically runs over to you and throws his arms around your arms. Your eyes widen in shock as his touch feels warm and real against your skin.

“Bo... is that really you?” you whisper.

He pulls away, his smile as wide and clear as you remember. “Yep, it’s me!”

You peer past him at the patients staring strangely at you from the chairs in the room. Realizing that you’ve perhaps been a bit unprofessional, you pull him out of the waiting room and down the hall by your x-ray room.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” you whisper. “What are you even doing here?!”

“Ah, well, my manager thinks I broke my leg so I came to get it scanned,” he sighs.

“Oh! That’s right, we should probably do your test now,” you chuckle as you usher him into your room.

You complete Bokuto’s exam quickly. When you’re done, you guide him back out to the patient room.

“You know, my number hasn’t changed by the way,” he blurts out. “The two of us should hang out sometime!

“I might have to take you up on that,” you smile. “My number hasn’t changed either.”

“Hmm, good to know,” he nods as he opens the door. “See ya then, Y/N”

You wave to your friend as you watch him walk away.

Was he always that nice... and good looking? you wonder silently as you walk back to your room to type up your report. However, as you attempt to do your work you can’t help but daydream about the encounter you’d just had.

But, suddenly, your phone buzzes. You pull it out of the pocket of your scrubs to find Bokuto’s old contact lighting up the screen.

BOKUTO: “When do you get off?”

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