Two-Stage Heartbreak

By SoulHorse

Romance / Drama


Heartbreak hits you in two stages: Stage one is numb. You don’t want to believe that it’s happening. You distract yourself with parties and friends. You drink alcohol until you can’t remember your name and dance under street lights with boys you just met. You wake up in the morning with an earthquake in your head and a strange man in your bed. All you want is to fill this empty feeling. Stage two is when the emotions hit you. You lay in bed for weeks, maybe even months. You cry so much that your face is naturally puffy and red now. You can’t even begin to think about going out with friends. The breakdowns begin to hit. You walk into your room and scream and cry until your voice cracks under the stress. You throw things until they break and punch walls until you are a mess of drywall and blood. The saddest part is, does anyone really know which one is worse?

Chapter 1

“Heartbreak hits you in two stages: Stage one is numb. You don’t want to believe that it’s happening.”

“I want to break up.”

The words hit her hard. She gawks at her boyfriend of two years in disbelief.

“Why?” she finally manages, eyes wide.

He shrugs aimlessly.

“Look, Luce, I like you and all, but more as a friend. A sister, really. And it feels weird to be dating a sister,” he replies.

She feels like she’s been punched in the stomach. But she tries to keep her calm. Her warm brown eyes searches his and then, that’s when she realizes.

“…There’s somebody else. Isn’t there?” she whispers.

He freezes in his tracks. His mouth is opened and moving, but no sound comes out. She watches him, waiting for his response.

“H-how did you find out?” he finally says.

“Eyes tell truths,” she says simply.

He sighs, running a hand through his tousled mane of orange-brown hair.

“I’m sorry Luce. But—”

“It’s fine,” she interrupts. “I don’t need your pity, Loke.”

She turns her back on him.

“Bye Lucy,” he says behind her.

She doesn’t say anything as the door shuts quietly, and that’s when she lets the emotions out. She’s shaking, tears flowing down her cheeks. She feels numb with pain, as if he did punch her in the stomach.

It’d hurt less if he hurt me physically, she thought bitterly, wrapping her arms around herself. I can’t believe him, the jerk.

Yes, it would’ve hurt less if he had hit her.

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