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Unleash the Beast


Jessica McCall always had a normal life, well normal for a 16 year old teenager in high school. Yet when your turned into a werewolf, well ... normal is thrown out the window. Jessica McCall has always had a very normal life, well normal for a 16 year old teenager in high school. Until one night looking for the other half of a dead body her life gets turned upside down once her brother gets turned into a teenage werewolf. Dealing with werewolves, hunter, crazy teenagers and kanimas, Jessica still has to try and survive being a teenage girl in high school.

Romance / Humor
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Wolf Moon

Jessica McCall rummaged through her closet in search of the perfect outfit to wear for the first day of her sophomore year. She desperately wanted to make a good impression, determined to make this year a good one.

It was a part of the resolution, both her and her twin brother, Scott made. His was to make first line on the school’s lacrosse team and hers was to make friends with people that weren’t her brother and her brother’s best friend, Stiles Stilinski.

Jessica finally pulled out a pink dress with white spots dotting the fabric, a belt was attached around the middle and she accessorized with a short denim jacket and black boots. Setting the outfit onto her desk, she sighed contently hands on her hips before hearing a loud noise.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion realizing the noise came from outside. Who would be here at this time of night?

Jessica exited her bedroom and looked down the hall, only to meet the eyes of her brother coming out of his own room, bat in hand. He put a finger to his lips and she nodded, following after him as they silently made their way down the stairs. The thoughts of a predator breaking into their house was on both of their minds as they walked outside and looked around the porch for any sign of life.

Scott walked up to the railing but the minute he did a body dropped, hanging from the roof. Three yells of alarm echoed throughout the night, Scott brandishing the bat in his hands as he yelled.

Jessica felt an overwhelming sense of annoyance the minute she recognized the boy hanging from the roof, so did her brother. ‘Stilinski!’ ‘Stiles, what the hell are you doing?!’ the McCall twins shout at the honey, brown eyed boy hanging from their roof.

‘You weren’t answering your phone! Why do you have a bat?’ Stiles asked in confusion, changing the direction of the conversation, seeing the bat in his best friend’s hands.

‘We thought you were a predator!’ Scott yells in his defense, lowering the bat to his side.

Stiles stares at him disbelief ‘A pre...’ He laughs mid-sentence before continuing ‘Look, I know it’s late, but you’ve got to hear this. My dad left twenty minutes ago, dispatch call. They’re bringing every officer of the Beacon department, and even the state police.’

‘For what?’ Both twins asked in unison and Stiles stared at them before getting down from the roof.

‘You know it really creeps me out when you two do that but anyway two joggers found a body in the woods’ Jessica looked at him exasperated, wondering what he was getting at and if he would get there quick. She wanted to get a good night sleep so she wouldn’t look like a zombie on the first day of school.

‘A dead body?’ Scott asked and Jessica raised one eyebrow in disbelief, he didn’t just ask that did he?

‘No a body of water, yes dumbass a dead body’ Stiles exclaimed, climbing over the rail, landing next to Jessica and in front of Scott.

‘You mean like murder?’

‘Nobody knows yet just that It was a girl, probably in her twenties...’ He shrugged but Scott interrupted.

‘Hold on, if they found the body, then what are they looking for?’ Stiles grinned at that and Jess shook her head, knowing that smile all too well.

‘That’s the best part... They only found a half.’ He nodded at Scott surprised expression ‘We’re going.’

‘Woah hold on! You want us to go into the woods I’m the middle of the night to find half of a dead body?!’ Jess questioned in disbelief.

‘What wrong Jess? Scared?’ Stiles teased and she glared at him. If there was one thing Jessica McCall was not and that was scared.

‘Just let me grab my jacket’ she spoke, walking back into the house and up the stairs. Jess quickly grabbed a hoodie, her phone and an extra inhaler just in case Scott’s ran out (it wouldn’t be the first time).

‘Lets go’ she said, hopping into the backseat of Stiles’ blue jeep.

The three of them sat in silence as Stiles drove towards the woods, only stopping when they reached a chained gate. Two signs hang together on the chains, the larger one reading ′Beacon Hills preserve′ and the smaller one read ′No entry after dark’. The three of them piled out of the jeep, Stiles turning on the flashlights as he did.

‘Are we seriously doing this?’ Scott asked pulling up his hood, protecting his head from the cool night air.

Jessica grinned, climbing over the chain with the help on Stiles ‘come on Scott, your the one who’s always bitching nothing happens in this town’

‘I was trying to get a good night sleep before practice tomorrow...’ Scott groans following after his sister and best friend.

‘Right, because, sitting on the bench is such a grueling effort’ Stiles says sarcastically, walking ahead of the McCall siblings.

‘No, because... I’m playing this year. In fact I’m playing first line...’ Scott speaks up confidently.

‘Hey, that’s a spirit. Everyone should have a dream. Even a pathetically unrealistic one.’ Stiles laughs.

Jessica hits his arm ‘Don’t be mean’.

‘Just out of curiosity, which part of the body are we looking for?’ Scott asks from behind.

‘Huh... I didn’t even think about that.’ Stiles says pausing mid-step before continuing to walk, Scott on his left and Jessica on his right.

‘What if the one who killed the body is still out here?’ Jess asked, the thought hitting her as they walked.

‘Also something I didn’t think about!’ Stiles says as they emerge from some trees and begin the ascent up a small hill.

‘It’s comforting to know that you planned this up with you usual attention to details’ Scott panted, his asthma getting the better of him.

‘I know’ Stiles says continuing. Jessica stopped looking concerned at her brother who leaned against a tree pulling out his inhaler, panting for breath.

‘Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one who holds the flashlight, huh?’ He calls, puffing a few breaths of air into his lungs before catching up quickly.

Reaching the top of the hill, the trio immediately fall to the ground, catching sight of several officers in front of them. The sounds of dogs barking being the only noise echoing through the trees.

‘Hey come on’ Stiles encourages, jumping up and beginning to run.

‘Stiles!’ ‘Wait up!’ The twins yell, Jessica stumbling to her feet chasing after him, Scott following after a puff later.

They both run after him, only a few paces behind him. Jessica could have easily caught up but would rather stay by her brother’s side just in case. She did not want to experience another asthma attack.

‘Stiles!’ Scott yells and Stiles slows down just a bit before the sounds of a dog barking make him jump and fall to the floor. Scott and Jessica quickly hide behind separate trees, trying to not move an inch as it begins to rain down on them.

‘Hang on, hang on..’ A familiar voice rings out throughout the night interrupting the officer. Sheriff Stilinski walks up to his son ‘This little delinquent belongs to me’.

‘Dad, how you’re doing?’ Stiles says, acting nonchalant. Like it was complete normal for him to be wandering around the woods at night.

‘So you’re listening all my phone calls?’ The sheriff sighs.

‘No!’ Stiles yells in his defense before shrugging ‘not the boring ones’.

Sheriff nods like he didn’t expect anything less. ‘So where are your usual partners in crime?’ He asks looking around the woods for a sign of Jessica and Scott.

‘Who Scott and Jess? They’re at home. They said they need their beauty sleep for the first day of school tomorrow. There’s just me... In the woods... Alone...’ Stiles pants, trying to catch his breath from the cold rain and the shock of the dog barking so close to his face moments before.

‘Right’ he says disbelieving ‘Scott! Jess! You out there?!’ The sheriff yells, shining his flashlight out into the woods, in search for the McCall twins.

Both Jessica and Scott hid behind their trees, not moving, knowing that if the sheriff found them their mom would kill both of them and that was after the sheriff had finished dealing with them.

‘Well young man, I’m gonna walk you back to your car, and you and I, we’re gonna have a discussion about something called invasion of privacy.’ He says, taking his son by the back of his neck, dragging him out of the woods. The rest of the police force had already left as soon as the rain began to fall.

Jessica sighs, brushing several wet strands of her hair out of her face ‘I’m going to kill him’ she states.

Scott nods ‘I’ll help’.

They both begin the track out of the woods, thunder crashing above them. Jessica moves closer to her brother at the sounds of a wolf howling, freaking her out.

They both pull up their hoods to avoid the rain. Smoke blowing out of their mouths with every breath due to the cold. Several animal sounds freak them out as it was dark and they were now alone in the woods at night.

Scott stops at the sound of a noise. ‘What is it?’ Jessica asked but Scott shrugged, pulling out his inhaler.

Before he could take a puff a herd of deer jump out at the twins. Jess squeals jumping to the side as her brother falls to the ground, the herd jumping over the top of him. Fortunately none of them touch him.

‘What the hell?’ They both breathe out, getting to their feet after the herd goes deeper into the forest.

‘You alright?’ Scott asks his sister and after she nods ‘help me find my inhaler’.

The McCall siblings pull out their phones and use the screen light, kneeling to the ground in search of Scott’s inhaler. They move leaves and sticks but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

‘AH!’ Jessica hears Scott cry out in alarm and she snaps her head around just in time to see her brother tumbling down a hill.

‘Scott!’ She yells, rushing forward but stops dead in her tracks, the sight of half a girl’s body freezing her in place.

Taking a few steps backwards, Jess stumbles to the ground and begins to scramble away from the body only to freeze hearing Scott howl in pain.

‘Scott!’ She calls, moving to her feet, her concern for her brother overwhelming her fear. She looks over the edge but she couldn’t see her brother anywhere in the darkness. Yet she could hear the sounds of growling over her brother’s yells.

‘Scott!’ Jessica calls again to no answer. She just manages to hear her brother’s running footsteps and she quickly runs after him, hoping to catch him at the edge of the woods.

The sounds of growling rings in her ears and she looked behind her, only to see glowing red eyes in the trees behind her. Fear setting in she doubles her speed, knowing that it was the same thing that had attacked her brother and rushes away, bursting through some bushes at the end of the woods and onto a road.

‘Scott!’ She screams once she sees her brother emerge out onto the road a car swerving just in time to miss him.

She runs up to him ‘are you okay?!’ She yells, checking her brother over, protective instincts kicking in.

He shrugs her off ‘I’m fine’. Scott’s next action contradict his words however as he winces in pain, pulling up his hoodie, revealing a large animal bite on the side of his stomach. Before either of them can say anything, they hear a wolf howl into the night.

‘Jessica!’ Jess jolted awake up at the sound of her mom’s voice and she lets out a groan remembering last night events. She had hoped it was all just some seriously messed up dream but noticing the first aid kit on her bedside table was proof that it wasn’t.

She had cleaned up Scott’s bite to the best of her abilities the minute they got home (after she sent a rather threatening message to Stiles). It sure was handy being a nurse’s daughter.

Jessica let out another groan of irritation before climbing out of her bed and into the shower for a quick wash before school. Brushing and blow drying her hair, she left it in its natural wavy state before putting on the outfit she choose last night. She added a pair of silver earrings and a long silver necklace. She put on some mascara and eyeliner, using concealer to cover up the dark circles under her eyes from walking through the woods most of the night.

Jess headed downstairs after pulling her bag from the back of her door, kissing her mom’s cheek goodbye she headed for the front door. ‘Scott, hurry up!’ She called and after hearing the sounds of her brother stumbling down the stairs she went outside, grabbing her bike. She was saving up for a car by babysitting a few of the neighbor kids a couple nights a week.

Pulling out onto the street. Her brother quickly grabbed his own bike following after her, his lacrosse stick attached to his bag. ‘How’s the bite?’ She called over to him as they rode to school, on separate sides of the road and each on a pathway.

‘Fine, I guess’ he replies, shrugging as they turn into the parking lot of the school.

The twins pull up to the bike racks and both of them jump off. Taking off her helmet, Jessica flipped her head upside down, hanging her hair out like dead Mary and she ran a hand through it before flipping her head back, to get rid of her helmet hair. Rearranging her dress, she looked up as a familiar Porsche drove up next to Scott.

The driver door opened and hit Scott in the side. Jessica immediately glared at the gelled head of hair climbing out of the sports car. Jackson Whittemore, captain of the lacrosse team and all around jackass.

‘Dude, watch the paint job’ he warned Scott glaring and Jessica walked forwards to give him a piece of her mind but Scott stopped her. Her movement caught Jackson’s eye and he stared at her, looking her up and down before one of his friends called his name and he left, glaring at the McCall twins.

They both made their way towards the school and as soon as Jessica spots Stiles she goes over and punches his arm hard. ‘Ow!’ Stiles cried, grabbing his arm in pain, ‘what the hell was that for?!’ He demanded rubbing it.

‘You know what that was for Stilinski. If you ever leave me in the woods, at night, during a thunderstorm, I will personally hunt you down’ she threatens, glaring at him.

‘My god your scary when your angry!’ he exclaims before looking at Scott ‘Okay let’s see this thing’ He says, expression turning into an eager one. Scott lifted up his shirt revealing the large bandage on the side of his stomach, covering the bite.

‘Whoa’ Stiles says in admiration and he goes to touch it but Scott flinches, pulling down his shirt.

‘It was too dark to see very much, but I’m pretty sure it was a wolf’ He explain his theory to Stiles as they began to walk towards the school.

‘A wolf bit you? No, not a chance’ Stiles denies automatically, disproving Scott’s theory straight up.

‘I heard a wolf howling’ Scott protests.

‘No you didn’t!’

‘Yes we did’ Jess chimes in on the other side of Stiles.

‘No you didn’t’ Stiles argues turning on her as well.

‘What do you mean we didn’t, how do you know what we heard?’ Scott asks his best friend, confused.

‘Because California doesn’t have wolves not in like sixty years’ he explains, standing in front of the twins.

‘Really?’ They both ask in surprise and Stiles gives them the same look he always does every time they speak in unison.

‘Yes, really. Look, there are no wolves in California’, he assures.

‘Well, if you don’t believe me about the wolf, then you’re definitely not gonna believe when I tell you I found the body’, Scott says and Stiles’ face lights up in excitement.

‘Are you kidding me?’

‘I wish. I’m gonna have nightmares for a month’ Jessica complains and Stiles holds back a laugh.

‘That is freaking awesome! I mean, seriously, it’s the best thing that ever happened in this town, since... the birth of Lydia Martin’ They all turn as a pretty girl with strawberry blonde hair passes. ‘Hey, Lydia You look...’ She walks right past him ‘like you’re gonna ignore me!’ He sighs, watching her enter the building with a wistful expression.

‘You’re the cause of this, you know?’ He accuses, turning around on his best friends.

‘Uh-huh’ Scott replies with a smile.

‘Dragging me down your nerd depth!’ The school bell rings and the three turn to walk into the building.

‘Uh-huh’ they both nod.

‘I’m a nerd by association. I’m Scarlett nerded by you’ Stiles accuses and both Jessica and Scott laugh as they make their way towards English.

Jessica takes a seat in front of Stiles, next to Scott facing the front as their English teacher writes on the board before talking to the class ‘As you all know, there was a body found in the woods last night’. The trio glance at each other with small smiles on their faces.

The whole class looks increasingly more bored as the words continue to leave the teacher’s mouth. Some of the girls were filing their nails down and some boys were tapping their fingers against the desk.

‘And I am sure your eager little minds are coming up with various macabre scenarios for what happened. But I am here to tell you that the police have a suspect in custody’ the twins looks at Stiles, whom shrugs not knowing anything about a suspect.

‘Which means, you can give your all attention to the program on your desk for this semester’ everyone groans as they pull out their programs.

Jessica watches in confusion as Scott flinches at something. She raises an eyebrow at him as he looks around confused before she rolls her eyes at her weird brother and his strange behaviors, looking down at the paper in her hands.

A few minutes later, there’s a knock on the door. The vice principal enters, a girl with long curly brown hair entering behind him. ‘Class, this is our new student, Allison Argent. Please do the best to make her feel welcome’, Allison smiles before making her way to the empty seat behind Scott.

Jessica hears ‘thanks’ from an unfamiliar voice and she turns to see Scott smiling at the new girl, handing over a pen. Jess furrowed her eyebrows, not having heard the girl ask for a pen. She couldn’t ask Stiles if he did either as the teacher began talking at that moment.

The school bell rings signalling the end of the day and Jessica makes her way to her locker, putting her books away. She was going to head straight for the lacrosse field to watch both Stiles and Scott try out afterwards.

She closes her locker and leans against it, looking around at the students. Jess spotted a couple of girls from her classes nearby and her resolution began pounding in her ears.

She bit her lip, taking a step forward before her nerves got the better of her. Tightening her grip on her bag, she headed straight for the field.

Jessica took a seat on the bleachers only to be joined by Allison and Lydia a moment later. She looked around seeing plenty of empty seats so it puzzled her on why they decided to sit right next to her.

Allison smiled at her warmly though so Jessica smiled back politely while Lydia completely ignored her. Jessica watched as Scott had stuff thrown at him by coach Finstock. They conversed before Scott made his way over to the goal.

‘Who is that?’ She hears Allison ask in reference to her brother.

‘Him? I have no idea, why?’ Lydia replies and Jessica rolls her eyes in annoyance because of course Lydia Martin would not know who her brother is.

‘He’s in my English class’ Allison shrugs.

‘His name is Scott McCall and he’s my twin brother’ Jess speaks up turning the two girls attention to her. ‘Fraternal of course’ she adds as an afterthought.

‘Oh’ Lydia says before ‘and what do they call you?’

‘Jessica’ she replies and Lydia nods, though it looked like she didn’t actually care.

‘I’m Allison’ Allison says smiling, politely holding out her hand.

Jessica shakes her hand in greeting ‘I know’ Allison blushes. Coach blows the whistle before anymore words can be exchanged.

Jessica watched in confusion as Scott grips his head as if the noise was actually hurting him and before he knew it a ball was hurled at his face, knocking him backwards.

The team laughs along with some of the students in the stands whilst Jessica winces in sympathy and Stiles shakes his head sadly. Scott gets up thankfully and readies himself for the next shot.

The next team member runs to the left before hurling the ball towards the goal. Scott catches it in the lacrosse stick’s net and everyone looks at him in stunned surprise.

‘Yeah!’ Stiles shouts after getting over his shock.

‘Come on Scott!’ Jess claps in encouragement, smiling proudly.

The next player runs up and Scott catches that as well, causing several students to cheer. Scott catches shot after shot with ease, ‘He seems like he’s pretty good’ Jess hears Allison comment impressed.

‘Very good’ Lydia agrees.

‘Go Scott!’ Jessica cheers, proud of her brother.

The field goes quiet however the minute Jackson steps forward. ‘Oh god’ both Jessica and Scott mutter, because even though he was a major jackass there was a reason why Jackson was the captain of the lacrosse team.

Jessica bites her lip nervous as Jackson runs up to the goal. He jumps mid-air, hurling the ball straight for the goal. Scott moves to the left and catches the ball with ease. The crowd immediately begins cheering and Stiles jumps up in the air shouting ‘that’s my friend!’

‘Woo! Way to go Scott!’ Jess yells, standing up and clapping for her brother. Lydia joins her while Allison just grins from her seat. Jackson looks over and glares at his girlfriend, Lydia only shrugging.

Scott hurls the ball over to the ref, whom only just catches it, more people to cheer on the field as Scott smiles.

Jessica manages to avoid splashing in the water as she walks along the rocks in a stream. The trio were back in the woods in effort to search for Scott’s missing inhaler now that it was light out.

‘I don’t know what it was! It was like... I had all the time in the world to catch the ball! And that’s not the only weird thing. I hear stuff I shouldn’t be able to hear, I smell things...’ Scott continues to ramble on about what was happening to him.

‘You smell things? Like what?’ Stiles smiled.

‘Like the mint gum in your pocket’ He says and Stiles looks at him in confusion before checking his pockets.

‘I don’t have any mint gum in my...’ And sure enough he finds a mint gum in his pocket and Scott shrugs, continuing to walk forward.

‘So all of that started with the bite?’ Jess questioned, stepping over an overgrown tree root.

‘What if it’s like an infection? Like... my body is full of adrenaline before a shock or something...’ ‘You know what, I actually think I heard of this. It’s a specific kind of infection’ Stiles nods seriously and the other two turn to stare at him confused.

‘You have?’ They both ask in unison making Stiles sigh exasperated.

’1, it still freaks me out and 2, I think it’s called ‘lycanthropy’ he smiles, proud of his joke. Jessica only rolls her eyes and shoves him lightly.

‘What is that? Is that bad?’ Scott asked oblivious, making them stare at him in disbelief.

‘Oh, yeah, it’s the worst! But only once a month’ Stiles explained, continuing with his joke.

‘Once a month?’

‘Uh-huh. On the night of the full moon’ Jessica adds and her and Stiles look at each other before howling together. Scott rolls his eyes, catching onto the joke and shoves Stiles back, making them laugh harder.

‘You’re the one who heard a wolf!’ Stiles cries out in his defense.

‘It’s not funny, there could be something seriously wrong with me!’

‘I know! You’re a werewolf!’ he imitates growling and Jessica laughs while Scott glares at the two of them and angrily. ‘Okay, obviously I’m kidding. But if you see me in shop class trying to melt all the silver I can find it’s because Friday is a full moon’.

Scott looked at the ground in confusion ‘I could have swear it was there. I saw the body, the deer running... I dropped my inhaler’. Jess nods as well as she looks around her in search for the body. Why? Because Stiles was a nut-job and wanted to have nightmares.

‘Maybe the killer moved the body’ Stiles assumed, shrugging.

‘If he did it I hope he didn’t take my inhaler, this thing costs like eighty bucks...’ The twins look around for the inhaler while Stiles looks up and spots a man in a leather jacket, walking towards them.

‘Scott, Jess’ he warns and they both stand up in alarm watching as he comes closer, and boy he did not look happy.

‘What are you doing here? Huh? This is private propriety!’ He says, sounding really pissed off.

‘Sorry, man, we didn’t know’ Stiles apologizes immediately.

‘Yeah we were just... looking for something..., um forget it...’ Scott shrugs, only to have the guy throw something at him before stalking away. Scott looks down to see that it was his inhaler.

‘Okay come on I have to go to work.’ Scott says, not sounding bothered at all but Stiles’ hand stops him.

‘Dude, that was Derek Hale! You remember, right? He’s just a few years older than us’.

‘Remember what?’

‘His family. They all burned to death in a fire like ten years ago’, Jessica explained.

‘What is he doing back?’ Scott wondered.

‘Don’t know... Come on.’ He says before walking away. Jessica grabs Scott’s arm and drags him away as he had gotten lost in his thoughts again.

It was Friday and the tryouts for first line for the lacrosse team continued. Not as many people showed up like they had done for the last tryouts but that didn’t bother anyone. Jessica sat in her regular spot on the bleachers and was surprised when once again Allison sat down next to her.

‘Hi’ Allison smiled and Jessica smiled back politely after all this was the girl her brother was crushing on. They even had a date going tonight for the party. Coach finished giving the team a speech about making it on first line and soon the scrimmage began.

Jessica clenched her hands together in nerves when Scott finally got passed the ball however the minute he turned and ran he was pushed down by Jackson. She winced and and glared at Jackson, ‘Jackass’ she muttered under her breath but Allison heard her and giggled.

Jackson and Scott went up against each other, the ball in between their sticks. The minute the whistle was blown and Scott dashed off with the ball leaving Jackson in the dust. He dodged every player that came up to him. When three players stood in his way, he jumped and flipped over them before making the shot.

The crowd cheered and the team huddled around Scott, Jessica however remained seated. She knew Scott had put in a lot of practice over the holidays and no offense to her brother but there was no way he learned how to flip over three rather large players just like that.

Scott walked up the coach and the minute he found out he was on first line the crowd cheered loudly. Of course Jess was extremely happy for her brother but this whole thing just didn’t make any sense. She caught Stiles’ eye and he seemed to be on the exact same page as her.

Something was wrong with her brother.

After tryouts Stiles caught Jessica as she was leaving the field. She had somehow managed to get caught up in a conversation with Allison, not that she was complaining of course. It was good to get to know the girl her brother was desperately crushing on.

‘We need to talk’ he said and dragged her over to his jeep. Stiles had given her a ride this morning because she wanted to go into the art room and begin her project before school began so she didn’t need to worry about her bike.

The ride was in silence even though Jessica continually asked Stiles what was going on. They pulled up to his house and headed straight for his bedroom and onto his laptop like he had forgotten she was even there.

Jessica sat down on his bed, knowing he would talk when he was ready. So instead she pulled out her art notebook and continued a drawing she had started at the beginning of the week. A drawing of a wolf.

Finally she had enough of Stiles consistent typing and the minute he began printing things out she slammed her book shut, startling him, ‘Okay Stiles, enough said enough. What’s going on?’

After a moment of silence, he replied ‘I think Scott’s a werewolf’

Before Jess could ask what the hell he was going on about, there was a knock on the door. Stiles jumped up to answer it, only to reveal Scott on the other side. ‘Get in. You have to see this. I’ve been reading, websites, books, all those things...’ Stiles says, quickly sitting down in his desk chair.

’How much Adderal did you take today?

‘A lot, doesn’t matter. Just listen’ Stiles shrugs him off, grabbing multiple sheets of paper from the printer.

Scott takes a seat on the end next to Jessica, who smiled at him briefly ‘Is this about the body? Did they find who it is?’

‘No, they’re still questioning people. Even Derek Hale’ Stiles tells him.

‘Oh, the guy on the woods that we saw the other day’ Scott nods, remembering the leather jacket clad man.

‘Yeah, but that’s not it, okay?!’ Stiles yells jumping slightly in his seat, the sound of ruffled paper echoing through out the bedroom.

‘What then?’ Scott asks confused on what had his best friend so riled up.

‘Remember the joke of the other day?’ Stiles huffed ‘Not a joke anymore’ Scott looked at him confused while Jessica simply grabbed some papers from the floor and began reading about a werewolf’s mannerisms.

‘The wolf, the bite in the woods! Do you know why a wolf howls?’ Stiles says, jumping out of his seat.

‘Should I?’

‘It’s a signal. When a wolf is alone and howls, he signals his location to the rest of the pack’ Jess explained reading the text off a piece of paper.

‘Exactly! So if you heard it, maybe you’re not the only one, maybe there’s a all pack of wolves’ Stiles said, adding onto Jess’s explanation.

‘A pack of wolves?’ Scott questions but Stiles shakes his head.

‘No, werewolves...’

Scott stood up then, looking rather annoyed ‘Are you seriously wasting my time with this? You know I’m picking up Allison in an hour’.

‘Seems as you never stopped talking about it, I’m pretty sure it’s branded into our brains’ Jess muttered, making her brother glare at her.

Stiles however just put his hand on Scott’s shoulder stopping him from leaving ‘I saw you on the fields today Scott. What you did wasn’t just amazing, alright? It was impossible!’ Jess couldn’t help but agree with Stiles’ words.

‘I just made a good shot’ Scott shrugged like it was no big deal.

‘No, you made an incredible shot! I mean, the way you move, the speed, the reflexes. People can’t just suddenly do that over a night! And then there’s the vision and the senses and you don’t use your inhaler anymore...’

‘I can’t think about this now, we’ll talk tomorrow’ Scott interrupted Stiles’ rambling but it only increased it.

‘Tomorrow! What? No! The full moon is tonight!’

‘Don’t you get it? What are you trying to do? I made first line, I have a date with the girl who I can’t believe wants to go out with me, everything in my life is somehow perfect, why are you trying to ruin it?’ Scott accuses him while Stiles shakes his head, sitting down to his desk, filing through his papers.

‘I’m trying to help. You’re cursed, Scott. You know the full moon won’t only make physical change, it’s also when your blood lust is at its peak’ Stiles explained, making Jess sit up from her laid out position.

‘Blood lust?’

‘Yeah, the urge to kill’.

‘I’m already feel the urge to kill Stiles’ Scott stated angrily.

‘Scott!’ Jess reprimanded but the two boys paid her no mind, almost forgetting she was there.

‘You have to hear this’ Stiles grabs a book ‘The change is caused by anger or anything that raises your pulse’ he slams the book shut ‘Alright I’ve never seen someone raising your pulse like Allison does! You’ve got to cancel this date. I’m gonna call her right now’ He states, moving past Scott to grab his phone from his bag.

‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m cancelling the date’ Stiles mutter, grabbing hold of his phone but the minute he did Scott went crazy.

‘No! Give it to me!’ He pinned Stiles to the wall, raising his fist but instead of punching Stiles, he pulled back and toppled the desk chair over with an angry shout.

‘Scott!’ Jessica yells, standing up but Scott ignores her, slowing down his breathing while Stiles looks down.

‘I’m sorry... I gotta get ready for that party...’ He takes his bag but before he leaves he apologizes again ‘I’m sorry...’.

‘Stiles, are you okay?’ Jessica says going over to the boy. He merely nods and grabs the desk chair.

He stops and stares at the back of it ‘Jess?’

She grabs her bag and looks at him. He spins the chair to face her and she see three lines ripped into the fabric of the chair. ‘You were right’ she breathes out in shock and Stiles nods.

‘Just keep an eye on him tonight at the party’ Jess mentally groaned as she previously had no intentions of going to the party whatsoever but if her brother really is a werewolf, it looks like she’s got no choice.

‘I’ll see you at your place to pick you up’ Stiles says.

Before she leaves, she hugs him, ‘You know he didn’t mean it Stiles’ she whispers into his ear and she feels him nod.

‘I know, it’s the full moon’ he reasons and she nods before leaving with a shouted goodbye.

Jessica rummaged around in her closet, looking for clothes appropriate to wear to the party. This was exactly why she needed girlfriends so she knew what was good and what wasn’t. She didn’t want to look too slutty but then she didn’t want to just rock up in a shirt and jeans.

She moved each hanger along the rail until a red dress with a black lace neckline caught her eye. She pulled it out and pressed it against her body, looking into the mirror.

The dress came a little bit above her knees and looked good against her tanned skin. So after a quick shower she got changed into the red dress , adding black heels and a few bracelets.

She left her hair out and put on some red lipstick, mascara and eyeliner to make her eyes look darker, the brown popping. She also pulled on a black blazer so she wouldn’t get too cold.

‘So I’m guessing from the way your dressed up your going to the party as well’ Melissa McCall said from her daughter’s doorway. Scott had already left to pick up Allison after a long lecture from their mom.

‘Is it too much?’ Jessica asked worried looking over at herself in the mirror.

‘No honey, you look beautiful’ Melissa reassures her daughter, knowing that teenage girls can be very insecure about their appearance.

‘Thanks mom’ Jess smiled, grabbing a small handbag to hold her phone and wallet.

‘So do you have a date as well?’ Melissa asked hopefully but Jessica shook her head.

‘No, I’m just going with Stiles. Keep an eye on Scott’ she winked and Melissa thought it meant spying on her brother during his date. Really though the two of them were watching out for Scott, just in case he turned into a big hairy monster that wanted to kill everyone.

‘Okay, well have fun and don’t annoy your brother too much. It’s his first date and he seems really excited about it’ Melissa warns and Jessica nods.

‘Is she nice?’ Melissa questions before she leaves.

‘Allison? Yeah she seems harmless enough’ Jess shrugs and Melissa nods.

‘Be careful, I love you’

‘Love you too mom’ Jessica calls back, running a hand through her hair before she heard the familiar jeep horn blare outside.

She left the house walking outside and climbed into the passenger seat of the jeep only to turn and see Stiles, staring at her wide eyed, jaw dropped. ‘What? Is it too much? I can run back in and change’ she said, going to open the door.

‘No!’ She released the handle at Stiles’ outburst and looked at him slightly alarmed. ‘I mean you look incredible’ he compliments and Jessica was glad at that moment that her skin was so tan so her blush wasn’t too evident. If it wasn’t, her cheeks would probably match the color of her dress.

‘Thanks, should we go?’ She says and Stiles gets knocked out of his trance and nods, starting the jeep’s engine and driving away from the McCall house.

Once they enter the party, both Stiles and Jessica are immediately separated by the many bodies, moving and dancing along to the music. Jessica feels her nerves slowly getting the best of her so she goes and gets a drink, making sure it wasn’t alcohol, you never know with teenage parties.

She leans against one of the walls watching the crowds and soon catches sight of Scott and Allison dancing together. Jessica smiled happy for her brother but then again with a glance at the moon above him, she was worried also worried.

‘Oh my god, I love your dress!’ A high pitched squeal brings Jessica away from her thoughts about her twin becoming a werewolf.

She comes face to face with Lydia Martin, who’s looking at her dress with absolute admiration. ‘Thanks’ Jessica replies back, watching her warily.

‘Where did you get it?’ Lydia immediately asks and somehow Jessica finds herself being brought into a conversation about clothes with Lydia Martin.

The conversation quickly turns to other things, like boyfriends, parties, school and finally Scott and Allison. ‘I mean yeah they’re cute together but they seem like total opposites. Then again if Scott is really as good as he plays on the lacrosse field, then they might be on equal playing fields’ Jess grits her teeth as the hidden meaning behind Lydia’s words.

The strawberry blonde didn’t think that Scott was good enough for Allison. What did she know anyway? There was no way she knew Allison that well after a week and she only knew Scott because he was now a frigging werewolf and had become good at lacrosse, above Jackson’s level and he was the captain.

With the excuse to go to the bathroom, Jessica enters the house and breaths in a sigh of relief. Lydia seemed like a nice person underneath the whole bitchy queen bee persona. Yet she was just a little too much for Jessica to handle right now.

She exited the bathroom and entered the hallway only to have to move to the side as someone comes barreling past. ‘Scott?!’ She calls out, recognizing her twin immediately but Scott continues to hurry outside. Jessica didn’t notice Allison hurrying past as she goes to look for Stiles to tell him that it was happening.

Scott was changing.

‘Stiles!’ She calls seeing the familiar buzz cut and t-shirt she had seen Stiles wearing earlier that night.

‘Jess thank god, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Scott’s in trouble’ Stiles tells her, grabbing the brunette’s arm and tugging her out of the house.

They both stop at the top of the stairs, eyes widening when they see Allison getting into a car with none other than Derek hale.

‘Something tells me that’s really not good’ Jess mutters before Stiles tugs her into his jeep and they drive for her house to find Scott.

‘Scott!’ Jessica yells as soon as she enters the house. She hears the shower running in Scott’s bedroom and they both hurry up the stairs and bang on Scott’s door as it had been locked by the werewolf inside.

‘Go away’ they hear him shout.

‘Scott, it’s us.’ Stiles yells, banging the door again.

The door opens but only slightly ‘let us in Scott, we can help!’ Jess calls, trying to force the door open but it stayed the way it was.

‘No! Listen, you gotta find Allison.’ Scott’s voice says and Jess rolls her eyes because only her brother would worry about someone else while he turning into a friggin werewolf.

‘She’s fine, all right? I saw her get a ride from the party. She’s - she’s totally fine, all right?’ Stiles lies.

‘No, I think I know who it is’

You just let me in. We can try--′ ‘It’s Derek. Derek Hale is the werewolf. He’s the one that bit me. He’s the one that killed the girl in the woods.’

Jessica and Stiles look at each other in alarm, if Derek really was the killer then Allison was in big trouble.

‘Scott - Derek’s the one who drove Allison from the party.’ Stiles says quietly but as soon as the information hits Scott, he forces the door shut.

‘Scott!’ Both Jessica and Stiles yells banging on the door.

A few seconds later they hear a loud growl come from outside and the panic set in even more.

‘Okay, I’m going to go and try and find him you go make sure Allison’s okay’ she tells Stiles not even giving him time to argue as she races out of the house. She can distantly see her brother running and she immediately grabs her bike and as she has a dress she’s forced to ride standing.

She chases after her brother narrowly seeing him run into the beacon hills preserve. She ditches her bike and heels for that matter but by the time she looks up, Scott’s long gone.

‘Damn it Scott’ she muttered under her breath before climbing over the chained gate and runs into the woods, trying to hear something, anything that would tell her where Scott was.

The shout of pain is enough for her ‘Scott’ she whispers before racing off in the direction of the cry. She kept running, the fear for her brother so overwhelming that it enabled her to run faster then usual.

She finally caught sight of Scott with Derek standing in front of him. ‘Get away from him!’ Jessica yelled pushing Derek away from her brother. She stood in front of Scott protectively glaring at the man in front of him.

‘You son of bitch, what the hell did you do to my brother?!’ She demanded getting up into the man’s face anger coursing through her veins.

‘Jess. Jessica. it’s fine!’ Scott finally yelled getting his sister attention, grabbing her shoulder and pulling her away from Derek.

She caught sight of his arm and her eyes widened when she saw the blood. Jessica immediately grabbed his arm and checked over his wound. Derek had left not like she cared.

‘How did--?’ “Hunters’ was Scott only explanation as he stood holding his hand over his wound. ‘Come on’ he said, pulling Jessica along, ignoring her concerned gaze.

The twins walk along the road, heading back into town when they hear the familiar sound of the jeep’s horn. Jessica sighed in relief as Stiles pulled up beside them, hopping into the car and into the backseat. Scott hopping into the passenger seat.

‘You know what actually worries me the most?’ Scott says after a few minutes of silence between the three.

‘If you say Allison, I’m gonna punch you in the head’ Stiles sighed exasperated and Jess nods her head in agreement.

‘She probably hates me now.’

‘Ugh. I doubt that. But you might want to come up with a pretty amazing apology. Or, you know, you could just - Tell her the truth and - Revel in the awesomeness of the fact that you’re a frickin’ werewolf!′

Both Scott and Jessica stare at Stiles, giving him a look and he nods ‘Okay, bad idea. Hey, we’ll get through this. Come on, if I have to, I’ll chain you up myself on full moon nights and feed you live mice. I had a boa once. I could do it.’

Scott huffs a laugh and Jessica smiles ‘you may be a hairy wolf monster but your still my brother and I’ll always be by your side’ Scott turns and smiles at his sister in thanks.

‘The twin, the human and the werewolf, sounds like the start of the worst joke ever’ Stiles states making the other two laugh.

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