Mobile Suit Gundam WING: ECLIPSE

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Scifi / Drama


After Colony 225. The promises made by generations past have been broken. There is no path towards peace but only unimaginable destruction. The past 11 years of conflict have brought this war to its unparalleled climax. The revival of Gundam. (Rated T for intense sequences of sci-fi action, violence, and language, major use of OCs and some use of ICs)

Chapter 1

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Update: 11/28/2016
What’s up folks? So yeah, I didn’t think I would have to update this fic well over a year later. What can I offer as my excuse. Well I have been working on several writing projects that I wanted to get caught up on. I want to become a published author one day and I have been working on those, but I have not forgotten this as well. As of right now I have completed 16 of the planned 75, so while it may be a bit before this fic gets into “Complete” status, I can say that I am now back to working on it.
I’ve decided to offer a bit of an offer to everyone who plans on following this story. Every fifth named review I get for this fanfic, I will contact Jadenkaiba on Deviantart to do a comission work. I’ve already done three with him so far, ones that you might have seen with one titled “Yuy Family” and the “Gundam Wing Eclipse Chars Batch” pieces.
So how will this work out? This way: Every fifth review that gets posted on this fic, will be given the chance to have me pick a commission of their favorite moment they’ve read out of this fic or to see a general piece of fanart they would like to see done. There will be a handful of rules to this however.
- The chance to enter a submission is only available when big words on top say they are. Usually once the current comission is done then it will be made open again.
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So that’s it for the big description of what to do for this event. I hope to hear from people at some point. Until then, do enjoy the rest of the story.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is created by Masashi Ikeda, Katsuyuki Sumizawa, and is property of Sunrise inc. and Bandai. I am NOT affiliated with Gundam Wing or any of it’s affiliates.
I. Introduction
II. Timeline
III. Mobile Weapons
IV. Vehicles and Support Units
V. Soundtrack
I. Introduction
The following fanfic is a next-gen fic to the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It effectively ignores the events of Frozen Teardrop although there will be some passive references to said material along with other side material to said Gundam entry. Having knowledge of said side material however should not be necessary to enjoy this fic, just the foreknowledge or having seen the Gundam Wing anime itself. Of course that’s probably why you’re reading a Gundam Wing fanfic. Unless you were expecting a yaoi smut fic though in which case you might be dissapointed.
I apologize if Sections III and IV are extremely underdeveloped. I kind of put a bit more priority on story and ended up losing sight of how to manage those sections.
WARNING: Big long rambling ahead. Feel free to skip if you’re easily bored.
I suppose if I could start off with any point in particular you could say that my idea for this fic came around when Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop was first announced. I haven’t been able to read it or learn a whole lot about it, but what I saw when it was announced had me a bit on the disappointed side. I will admit a big part of it was not showing Heero and Relena in a “Happily Ever After” setting although I could say that some other things were less than impressive to me. It’s kind of difficult for me to go on with this sort of explanation without sounding like a closed minded fan but some of the things in said series just sort of kept me from wanting to venture into Frozen Teardrop and simply want to try and find a better sequel to this anime favorite of mine.
I can start by saying this fic’s conception began quite a long time ago when I was very young and still riding the excitement train for Gundam Wing. Frozen Teardrop wasn’t around at the time and I just went off of the crazy imaginations in my head. Pretty much a wide number of things that I considered doing were definitely the thoughts of a young kid and I can’t say I really remember too many of them. Probably for the better. If you want just a small bit I can say that my idea for a sequel then involved combining the asteroid belt into a planet. Moving on.
So to what really set off this sequel’s creation. A pretty selfish concept that managed to grow into a more full-fledged story. February 2013, I had gone to see A Good Day to Die Hard in theaters and I saw the plot element that managed to be the big spark for this work. John McClane and “Jack” together in the film had me decide that I would create a Gundam Wing sequel with a “next-generation” setting. With this sort of setting I would be able to create a world where Heero and Relena being together was simply passive canon. This ended up bringing the biggest inspiration where I figured maybe if I based the plot on the descendant of Heero and Relena then I would be able to create my own personal sequel that I could be pleased with.
Biggest situation that I had to figure out was coming up with a story that would fully justify being written. One of the first places I went to was roleplayerguild. I am a bit experienced with roleplaying over the years and I figured the best way I could get started on the story would be starting a roleplay and then expanding on it into a professional story. At the end of the day the most I got was one guy to roleplay with who went for the long term and actually managed to carry the story all the way to the ending. Big thanks to him, his name is Sugihito on roleplayerguild and Darth Kaiser on Deviantart, he gave a lot of help in making this story come to life and decide on what direction to take.
Primary inspiration for the overall plot comes from a Gundam roleplay website that I can’t remember the name of unfortunately. If anyone would like to remind me it was a roleplay based around Gundam Wing with several potential sequel ideas. This fic is based on one of them and I’d like to think fully expanded into what that roleplay might have been like. Although I’m not sure if it ever came to fruition it’s really just my unfortunate laziness in not trying to find out what website was hosting this roleplay. Credit also goes to them if anyone over there does read this.
Of course you might have read this far and wondered, “Didn’t the epilogue of Endless Waltz say that the Gundams were never seen again?” Yeah. It did. For technicalities though, the narrator did say the Gundams were never seen again but he didn’t say for how long. One key thing to remember is how in the various timelines in the Gundam Universe most of the anime timelines converge up to Turn A Gundam and obviously the Earth gets to see Gundams again. Another statement, I believe Yoshiyuki Tomino said this although I could be wrong, is that the timelines all take place thousands of years in between each other. I think that should provide another potential way to interpret that Gundams wouldn’t never have another appearance on Earth. Either way I feel like I have some kind of ground to write this sort of story despite what the Endless Waltz epilogue may say. Whatever the case may be I hope that this setting doesn’t disrupt you the reader too much and at least be able to sit back and enjoy the story.
As it is I hope to create this into a 75 chapter epic that way we basically have three “25 episode seasons” or at least so it will fill that quota. Concern not because I do in fact have the overall story outlined thanks to the roleplay and only needs to be fleshed out properly. As of this introduction I can say that I have reached about 10% of that length and updates will probably be coming in at a fairly slow pace. I do have a goal of making the story live up to the best of my writing ability and writers likely how some people just need more time than others.
II. Timeline
This timeline provides context and background information behind some of the events that occur in the fic. Not all of the information behind what happens however will be placed as some of it will be there for discovery in the fic itself.
[]- Notes the title of an important event in history
AC 201 - A series of strikes and riots leads ESUN to thoroughly review labor laws and crack down on violators. The majority of these suspects are found to be former members of the defunct Romefeller Foundation. When empirical evidence is found indicating that one of the primary investigators in this issue was falsifying evidence for the sake of a personal grudge, a majority of the cases were dismissed hoping to quell the dissent.
AC 202 - The assassination of equal work opportunities activist Ewan Falson caps a wave of rising violence triggered by a moderate economic depression and the working classes’ perception that its effect on their lives was due to the ineffective investigations of the previous year allowing the true culprits to roam free. After several months of rising tensions and an attempt on the life of her son, Falson’s widow, Hermine Falson, attempts to take her family out of any assassin’s reach by moving them to their most distant property, an asteroid mining base on 3 Juno; over the next four years, many of her extended family and closer friends will follow.
AC 206 - The election of populist candidate Neil Goslin to the office of ESUN President calms many of the internal class tensions, but the depression continues and all contact with 3 Juno is cut off. Attempts to reestablish contact yield no results but the Earth Sphere is slowly able to rebuild its economy with a relative period of peace.
AC 214 - [The Day of Broken Promise] A fleet of automated warships and mobile dolls arrives in Earth’s local space, under the command of what has come to be known as ‘The Falson Coalition’. President Xhosa’s election had convinced Lady Hermine that ‘Leveling’ forces represented a clear and present danger not merely to her fellow aristocrats but to society as a whole, and she had used the resources of the asteroid belt and her followers’ technical expertise to do something about it... -before- things came to the worst. The hidden weapons hoarded by the ESUN are utilized along with the enlistment of the Preventers at the last moment in an act of self-defense to ward off against the Coalition on ESUN Colony L5-X28999.
AC 215 – [The First Descent War] The efforts of the Colony are crushed after the Coalition makes its final push. The return of mobile suits on the frontlines violates the many peace policies of the ESUN and forces parliament members to reconsider the status of such weapons. The Preventers return to Earth in defeat to bring warning of the Coalition’s military might. President Xhosa makes attempts to appeal to Parliament on how to handle the invasion finding that divisions keep action from being taken.
AC 216 – The Falson Coalition makes its descent to Earth and begins the offensive. Within a matter of days, a majority of the earth sphere has been taken. It forces the ESUN to retreat to major cities to continue putting up a fight. The contact with Mars is destroyed by Coalition forces and the ESUN is unable to send terraformation efforts and Mars is unable to send any military support.
The Leo II unit is seen on Earth for the first time and begins to emphasize how obsolete the mobile suits of yesterday prove to be. The Earth Sphere uses what mobile suit parts it has to build some of the first Spinosissimus units to destroy as many Coalition space descents as possible.
AC 217 – The ESUN is close to being totally absorbed, it begins to revoke all pacifist motions in the parliament eventually allowing the construction of mobile suits to be practiced. Pacifist parties in the parliament show opposition to this practice but are now being outclassed by the growing desperation felt by its party members.
AC 218 – [The Division Period] The Coalition suffers from internal fighting due to differing visions of how to handle the occupation of Earth. The internal hardships eventually escalate into a full scale civil war the Coalition is unable to set aside. Hermine Falson pushes to remain united but defying Generals do not agree to the call instead forming three factions who seek dominance over one another.
It is the proper amount of good luck needed to buy the ESUN time to mobilize against the invasion. The election of President Franz Kecker’s First Priority Party signals the beginning of the ESUN’s military buildup.
AC 220 – With the Coalition forced on the defensive due to the ESUN’s first advances, the ESUN is able to make its first major victories. The failed invasion of the ESUN capital forces the Coalition to await further supplies and attempt to rediscover some form of unity. With the string of successes the Earth Sphere begins to accumulate many of the Leo IIs from the Coalition to build a greater force. Many of them are internalized to the central defenses in the Earth Sphere. The old Leo units however are not scrapped as to best meet the Earth Sphere’s need for as many units as possible.
AC 221 – Hoping to end the war sooner, ESUN begins its own GUNDAM project. Varying factories are headed by new mobile suit designers with the intention of matching everything their predecessors of the previous project achieved.
AC 222 – [The Second Descent War] Now feeling prepared to take back the Earth from invaders, ESUN begins major offensive movement against several smaller Coalition operations. Victories are made with each one being more beneficial than the previous. The string of successes is attributed to the First Priority Party and not only allows for a re-election of President Kecker, but pushes the party into a majority of 73%.
Political changes in the Coalition are made as well with the passing of President Hermine Falson and the leadership is handed to her son Nathaniel Falson. Nathaniel’s prioritizes in making the Coalition act as a single unit again with the common goal of defeating the ESUN. He warns that the lack of unity among the Coalition will deter his men from taking the Earth and defeating those who were responsible for undoing the economic hardships done to them. Development in progressing the Coalition mobile suit infantry goes underway at a desperate pace to advance the Leo II unit.
AC 223 – Most of the Coalition reorganizes and focuses on taking back lost territory from the ESUN’s offensive against Coalition factions. The introduction of the Leo III mobile suit allows for the Coalition to regain the upper hand. More Leo IIs are sent to meet with them but even these units have difficulty in defeating the new model. The surge in concentrated attacks from the Coalition forces the ESUN back into a defensive position due to the renewed invasion.
AC 224 – GUNDAMs near completion while ESUN continues its desperate plight. In a final effort to push back the Coalition, the new GUNDAMs are completed and ordered to begin participation in the ESUN’s greatest military operation to date. Operation Rising Himalayas.
With the intention of decisively defeating the Earth Sphere the Testudo is dropped in Russia to begin its walk to destroy what Earth Sphere bases remain.
AC 225 - [Operation Rising Himalayas]; NOW
III. Mobile Weapons
Will be updated
IV. Vehicles and Support units
Will be updated
V. Soundtrack
The following portion takes some inspiration from Specter06′s Titan AE Shattered Universe trilogy in adding a soundtrack to the story for your enjoyment. Just like said creation this will be consistent of music from other soundtracks. Listening to these tracks isn’t necessary but it should be enough to enhance your experience of reading the story. Will be updated as the story progresses. Until the soundtrack is completed, this is the list of soundtrack pieces that are given credit.
1 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 OST - Main Theme)
2 Code Geass OST - Stories
3 Code Geass OST 1 - 3. Prologue
4 Transformers Prime Ost - 04 Dreadwing
5 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Russian Warfare
6 MW3 Sountdtrack_ Battle for New York
7 MW3 Soundtrack_ Heroes
8 Transformers- Prime - Original Soundtrack _ BATTLE IN THE ENERGON MINE
9 02 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Oil Rig- Hans Zimmer
10 Gears of War 2 Soundtrack - Hold Them Off
11 03 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Sent Here for a Reason - Hans Zimmer
12 Gears of War 2 Soundtrack - Hope Runs Deep
13 Code Geass_ Outside Road
14 Gears of War 2 [Music] - More Brumaks
15 Gears of War 2- Tickers
16 Transformers Prime Ost - 24 Prime Finale
17 Battleship - Full Attack (The Score - Soundtrack)
18 Transformers Prime Ost - 18 Dogfight
19 Code Geass_ Occupied Thinking
20 Battleship - Trying to Communicate
21 Transformers Prime OST - 24 Prime Finale
22 Gears of War 2 Soundtrack - With Sympathy
23 Battleship [OST] #2 - The Art of War
24 03 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Sent Here for a Reason - Hans Zimmer
25 14 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - This is Clark Kent - Hans Zimmer
26 11 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Launch - Hans Zimmer

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