What if rpm


What if rpm had a green ranger in the first episode Of season aka series

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Chapter 1 green rpm ranger

She aka Bernadette winder came to Corinth city before the computer virus started up and she want to have a normal life like other people but then she started rescue people from the bad guys aka robot was created from venjix virus . Then drk saw her she decided that Bernadette will be the green rpm ranger aka operator of series green . Then drk went pick up Bernadette and said Bernadette you will a ranger aka operator of series green . Also Bernadette always knew power rangers because she watched them on tv and she always want to be a ranger . Then she asked "drk is their two other rangers out there already ".
Dr k said "yes a gold ranger and silver ranger who my friends ".
Then she aka dr k tested bernadette and bernadette passed .
Then drk give bernadette the morpher and now you the green rpm ranger said drk .
Also then bernadette morph into the green rpm ranger and started testing her ranger power with drk .
End of chapter 1
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