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Where The Cherry Blossom Blooms

By ChimMochi

Drama / Romance


A jikook story where Jungkook went back to the place where it all started and ended.

Cherry Blossoms

There’s a place in the Japan called the Garden of Sakura which is a garden of Cherry Blossoms. That place was so beautiful that every tourist are amazed by it, and me too. That place is like magical to me, everything in there made me happy, even the memories I left in there.

As I walk to the entrance of the Garden, memories keep flashing before my eyes. I took a deep breath and pull myself into the Garden. As I walk, I can still see his smile, I can still hear his laugh, I can still smell his favorite perfume, and I can still feel the way he holds my hand.

I decided to sit in the area where the cherry blossom’s petals fall, as I sat, I saw him again.

He was dancing in the middle like a kid as petals of Cherry Blossoms fell. Then he looked at me and smiled.

“Ne~ What are you doing in there? Come on let’s dance” he said.

I shook my head. Then he pouted and went close to me.

“Come on already” he said as he pull me to the middle with him.

Then he started dancing again, but this time he was dancing with me, and we were both laughing and enjoying our dance.

I look down and as I look up again he vanished well the memory vanished.

🎵Remember the way you made me feel, such young love but something in me knew that it was real. Frozen in my head🎵

I stood up and started walking again. As I started walking again, I saw you, well us running to the biggest Cherry Blossom Tree.

“I'm faster than you” he said as he laugh.

“No way I'm younger than you that means I'm faster” I said to him while running.

“Hey I'm older than you by 2 years that means I Ate like 2,130 bowls of rice which means I'm stronger and faster than you” he said as he still keep running.

Then they vanished again. I was now in front of the biggest Cherry Blossom tree in here. I'm still amazed that this tree is still alive even though its been living for a thousand years. So that means this tree maybe have so much memories, that it treasures and cherish so much.

🎵Pictures I’m living through for now trying to remember all the good times our life was cutting through so loud memories are playing in my dull mind🎵

I sigh and I walk to the small pond they have in here. As I got there I saw you again. Your trying to get the coins in the pond. Then I heard someone yelled...

“Yah! What are you doing?” I said as I walk near him. Then he quickly stood up and laughed nervously.

“You know that your getting in big trouble if someone saw you” I said to him. He just laugh.

“No one will see me” he said proudly at himself. Then I hit him in the head.

“Pabo (Idiot) I already saw you” I said then he hold his head and whine at me telling me that it hurts and that his my hyung.

“That's what you get Mr. Thief” I said to him and he pouted.

“I didn't even stole something” he said.

“Well you were about to steal the coins” I said to him and he laughed.

“But I didn't stole them” he said.

“Yeah you didn't, but you stole something precious to heart” I mumbled to myself.

“Hmm what did you say?” He asked.

“Ahh nothing, come on lets go now hyung” I said then I pulled him.

After that the memory vanished. I look at the water in the pond, then I took a paper heart in my pocket. I look at it for a second then I gently placed it on the water, and I started walking again.

🎵I hate this part paper hearts and I’ll hold a piece of yours. Don’t think I would just forget about it. Hoping you wont forget about it🎵

As I let my feet take me somewhere, it suddenly stop and I look around. Oh this place, its the Hall of the Cherry Blossoms, where he confessed to me. Then I saw him at the end of the hallway

He was holding a Cheery Blossom bouquet, and he was all red.

“I really like, I mean love you. Will you be mine?” He said. This was the best day of my life.

“I love you too” I said to him. Then his eyes widened and then he hug me. Most people around us started clapping and cheering for us.

I didn't realize that tears were falling in my eyes. As I wipe them, the memory vanished.

I walked again and I stop at the Colors of Cherry Blossoms area. Where we always wait here for each other, and this area has a lot of different colors of Cherry Blossoms. I sat down in the bench. Then I saw myself again, I was sitting on one of the bench waiting for him.

Then minutes later he came running and started saying sorry to me for being late, but I told him that its okay and I didn't notice that he was really tired that day. I just thought that he was tired because he was running. Then we started walking hand in hand.

They vanished again. My heart started to hurt at the memories, but I stood up and continued to walk again. As I walk, I saw myself holding some ice cream for the two of us. My heart started beating slowly. No... not this memory...

Then I saw myself walking to the corner and as I turn in the corner. There I saw him lying on the ground. I dropped my ice cream and froze for a second. And I quickly went to him and I hold him and called for help.

Tears keep falling, I turned around and even though I don't see what’s happening behind me. I can still hear my voice calling for help. I-I cant take this anymore so I ran away from that place, away from that memory. I ran as tears fall from my eyes.

🎵I live through pictures as if I was there by your side, but you’ll be good without me and if I could just give it sometime, I’ll be alright🎵

As I stopped running I was already at the gift shop of this Garden. I wiped my tears and I entered the shop. I quickly bought a bouquet of Cherry Blossoms, and after thay I quickly left and went somewhere.

As I got in the place. I put the flowers in your plate in the graveyard. It said “Park Jimin”.

“Hyung I-I went to the Garden of Cherry Blossoms, our favorite place. And guess what I saw you in there and I saw myself too, weird right? Haha” I said as I faked laugh and hold my tears.

“You know hyung, your so unfair. Leaving me here all alone, I really miss you Jiminie hyung. Why? Why did you have to leave me?!?! I thought you said that we will be forever and yet you already left me” I said as I cried and sat in front of his tomb.

“You also lied to me. Why didn't you tell me that you had Cancer?!? Why?!? Your so unfair!! I hate you! I hate you! But I love you” I said as I hit his tomb and cried harder.

The day I learned that he had cancer, I broke down, but he pulled me up because he said his going to fight cancer, but he lose.

I took another paper heart from my pocket and I opened it inside it said:

“Jungkookie~ my love. Please don't be sad when I'm gone. I mean I will be forever with you Kookie!! So cheer up baby okay? I love you soooooo much Jungkook to the moon and back, infinity and beyond, forever and ever❤ Love Jimin your Cherry Blossom”.

I smiled and wiped my tears.

“I love you too Jiminie hyung to the moon and back, infinity and beyond, forever and ever” I said then I look in the sky.

“Till we meet again” I added and smile as I felt someone hug me from behind, but as I look no one was there....

Jimin hyung....

🎵Goodbye love you flew right by love🎵
🎵Hoping that you wont forget🎵

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