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Complicated Love


Henry and Ray had been fighting crimes everyday for 6 years along with other danger gang- Jasper, Schwoz, and Piper. Henry is getting sick of it and wanted to take a break off but on one night, he and Ray take on one last fight before his break. Little they know that the villain was a girl that Henry have finally started to feel in love with that villain he didn't know of. BOOK 1 OF THE LOVE SERIES

Romance / Drama
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I'm writing my au Chenry fanfiction, what if Charlotte was a villain? Yes, I got hardly inspired by the person who make 2 one-shots about it and never continues. Some of the amazing books are DISCONTINUED for several reasons. But, I ain't giving up I will write a bunch of it. <3

However I would love to write Chenry as a villain and superhero since no one got that idea, I think some do.

♡ Mature/Happy Reading! ♡

Well damn, he needs to see that fine-ass villain again and he shouldn't take a break from job that stopped seeing her. He loved her to death than any other girl he see before, but this one is different...

Arriving at Junk-n-Stuff, he took a deep breath then get in and saw Jasper.

"Sup Hen!" Jasper cheered, eating his popcorn on the cashier table.

"Going tired and nervous dude," Henry told him and walks to the back of the elevator as Jasper patted him.

"I hope Ray understands about this."

"I hope so too," Henry replied, getting to the elevator and pressing the down button. Then the elevator dropped harshly as Henry closed his eyes exhaustly.

The elevator halted to stop as Henry still stand; he already used it for 6 years but man, that elevator really scared him when he first got here.

The elevator open and Henry walk to the man cave, seeing his sister on the computer, strange Right? Well, she was not that fast as Schwoz but she is trying her best.

"Hey Pipes, anything new?" Henry walks up to her and sits on the control panel beside her.

"No crimes right now, but there's a new criminal in Swellview," Piper told him as she type in and shows to him.

"Really? Who?" Henry groaned, he was getting sick of it and more criminals are getting higher and stronger chances to beat off the superheroes.

"Dr. Darkness, she really powerful and teaming up with Drex," Piper said worriedly about his brother, it could become a life or death mission.

"What kind of name is that?" Both Piper and Henry shrieked at the voice, turning around and seeing their boss.

"Hey Raymond," Piper mocked.

Ray tried not to hurt her but he wished, "GAH, stop calling me that!"

Piper laughed, "Well who cares, I gotta go and help Schwoz byeeeee." She went to the secret rooms then closed leaving Ray and Henry here.

Henry was nervous, he didn't know how Ray would react to taking a break.

"Kid, you okay?" Ray questioned him, spinning sideways to see him.

"Um, can I talk to you?" Henry asked unsurely.

"What do you wanna talk about, kid?" Ray told him, showing his concerns and affection to Henry.

"You wouldn't understand, but okay I'll tell you. I have been fighting crime for 6 years and haven't got a chance to get myself a break. I know the villain never took a break but I need it, I know someone can cover up for me. I- well, I just need a short break...please Ray." Henry speaks as he was worried and scared by his reaction.

Before Ray could tell, he could feel that Kid is in pain and need a break for himself. He knows the villain doesn't take a break or sleeps, so he accepts it.

"Sure Kid, I understand you and your break will be starting on Friday, and let's do the last mission before you go." Ray happily told Henry, he deserve a well rest.

Henry was gobsmacked, he didn't know that Ray would give in and give him a break until Friday.

"Thanks, man." Henry sobbed, hugging Ray as he return his hug. Ray never likes hugs but of course, he does around his best sidekick.

The crime alarm interrupts their moments, Ray turns around and clicks to see what the emergency was.

"Oh- it's just stupid Jeff trying to steal a car with a wrong key." Ray is annoyed as he gets up and takes out his gumball.

Henry laughed, "Let blow gum..."

"And fight crimes," Ray finished as they both burst their bubble, changing to Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Then they went to under the tube and click their belt as the tube goes down on them.

They both looked at each other then they spoke at the same time, "Up the tube!" Now, they went to handle the emergency.

~♡~ Night-Time

"Well, where is she?" Drex told his crew.

"She will be coming in a minute!" Dr. Minyak answered then continues, "She was the best villain that they could get tricked."

The crew agreed aggressively, wanting to get the 2 famous superheroes down and wanting them dead.

"Everbody shut up!" Drex yelled and everyone was quiet then a door opens revealing a woman wearing a black and mask covering up her mouth and nose, not the eyes. Her hair was braided, with a fade of purple on the bottom.

"There she is, Dr. Darkness." Drex smiled evilly as Dr. Darkness came in and gave them death stares as some of the crew passed out.

"Wow, she really got powerful death stares." The Toddler speaks, looking at Drex.

"She always does and I hope that will affect Kid Danger too. " Drew laughed as Dr. Darkness came up to him and give him a blueprint that was stolen from the lab.

"Here's the blueprint that you asked for." Dr. Dark announced as Drex happily take it and give her a side hug.

"You know what, you may be the best villain than all of us." Drex chuckled then look at the blueprint.

"What does it do?" Toddler joined in, seeing what's on the blueprint.

"That's a genius plan! That woman is smarter than me!" Dr. Minyak grinned.

"So, what does it do?" Drex asked her.

Dr. Darkness look around, they couldn't see her smile but her eyes tell something that will change. "That for destroying Captain Man indestructible and I have a plan to take over their place."

The Toddler gasped, "You can do it? Like getting in the man cave?"

"Nope, I can hack it and make their identity expose." Dr. Dark laughed evilly.

"That's a great plan, what about Kid Danger?" Drex question, he knew Henry is not really like Ray much, he's different and getting more mature.

"Don't worry, I can use him as a distraction." Dr. Darkness smirked, she loved seeing him priceless, also she have a crush on him because he's the hottest.

"See? Gotta love her." Drex smiled evilly and laughed.

"So shall we have a plan now?" Dr. Darkness remarked, ready to do this; first time seeing the 2 superheroes soon.

"Yes we are! What are we waiting for? Let get started." Drex yelled, then they all went upstairs of the warehouse leaving Dr. Darkness alone.

She took off her mask, breathing fresh air then sit on the stool and covered up her face. Whew, that was a long day. However, she couldn't wait for more and do her plan.

She couldn't wait to meet him...


Ah- that's the end of the chapter! Hope you like it! Thanks for the comment and vote!

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