Welcome to the 100th Annual Hunger Games

Capitol Freaks

Olivia: Test Subject 1-01

The districts won't even see us coming.

They say district 1, 2 and 4 cheat by training early? Oliver and I were born for this moment, this purpose.

It might sound overly dramatic, but it's true. My sole purpose in life is to win the 100th Hunger Games. My mother is the now the head gamemaker, and when they started to prepare for the quell 16 years ago, they had an idea. This year, two people are allowed to win if they're joined in an alliance. But the partners have to be determined before the interview's. This will give the districts a better chance of bringing back 2 victors, if the two decide to have an alliance. The districts will be so pleased, actually thinking the Capitol is doing them a favour.

But we're not. This is the hunger games, after all.

I was test subject 1-01, Oliver test subject 1-02. We had no last names or any names to other people. I was only known as one zero one. My brother and I were science experiments. We were super-humans, muttations, what ever you'd like to call it. But we weren't normal children.

Ever since the day Oliver and I were born, we were thrown into all kinds of operations. Our first one was to speed up our growing, so we were 5 but only one week old...if that makes any sense. After that we grew at a slower rate until we were the age we were supposed to be, where we grew normally.

Our muscles were strengthened and enhanced, our strength complementing each other. We were a pair. A team. We couldn't survive without the other.

Oliver would lift a car with one hand by the age of 7. By that time I could jump over 30 ft' in the air easily.

Our hearing was altered so that we could hear the soft tinkling of glass drop to the ground 5 doors down.

Our sight was altered, making us able to see clearly in the dark, and see for miles. Recently, they installed infra red into our eyes. All we had to do was think the word and it would switch on. The down side of this made our eyes a coal black. We had no whites or pupils, our whole eyeballs turned black. They tried to fix it. We couldn't enter the games representing the Capitol looking like this. But none of the operations worked, and the best solution they came up with was actually swapping our eyeballs.

We could move without making one sound, not even our breathing could be heard, because our lungs were altered, making us not need as much breath as normal people. The longest we could go without breathing was 10 minuets.

The Capitol doctors installed a communication device in Oliver and I. I could turn it off and on with a twitch of my finger. I didn't speak, it was transmitted by thoughts. He could hear me and only me. I kept mine turned on most of the time. Oliver and I had a lonely childhood. All we ever did was train for these games. There was no time for friends or a normal childhood. We only had each other. Our mother wasn't loving or kind or anything you'd expect from a normal mother. She was calculating and hardhearted. Everything you would expect from a Head Gamemaker. She didn't even see us as human, which, I suppose we weren't. Not really. We were only born so she could get promoted.

So Oliver was the only company I really enjoyed, and vice-versa. We were born and bred to be monsters, but we went through it all together. Every last second. We never left each others side. If I could pick a twin brother, I would pick Oliver all over again. We held each others hand through every operation, knowing it would take us farther away from humanity, but bring us closer together as family.

The last operation we had was a day before the reaping. It was to make us beautiful. They couldn't send in some Capitol children who were scarred from hundreds of operations. So they made us stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful. First, they opened up my body, and my bones were melted and molded until they got the perfect shape. My nose and cheekbones cut out and replaced with a metal plate, my skin sanded off to be replaced with a new creamy one, completely blemish free. My eyes removed and replaced with brand new ones. They had all sorts of special features. I could see in the night, clear as day, I could turn on infrared, I could see clearly through water and I would be able to see my reflection perfectly in a mirror up to 5 miles away. Teeth replaced with Adamantium- A pearly white, indestructible metal. Metal plates drilled in under my skin, making me bullet proof (although there would be no guns in the games), and immune system so powerful, I wouldn't even feel drowsy if I ate a bucket full of nightlock.

The swelling finally went down, and when I looked in the mirror, I saw a figure so beautiful, it took my breath away.

It was a certain kind of beauty, that everyone would envy or admire. People would kill for these looks. They honestly would. I've seen stranger things on the Capitol news. Every little detail, every single thing, just made me, simply, beautiful.

But the doctors aim wasn't just to make me look pretty . We had a certain roundness to our features, making us look innocent and cute, our eyes shone so brightly it was impossible to think we had secrets hidden, and our smile had to be warm, kind and dazzling. Someone that the tributes couldn't help but trust. The whole point of the operation was for the tributes to underestimate us, our beauty distracting them. They wouldn't know the danger we posses. That Oliver and I would kill every last one of them. No mercy.

The Quell requirements haven't been revealed yet, it was going to be announced just before the opening ceremonies. They'll get the shock of their lives, especially the Capitol people. They'd be worried about us, and every single sponsor, would sponsor us. The tributes don't have a chance.

It was a very complicated plan, very well thought out.

But, after all, it was the 4th Quarter Quell.

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