Welcome to the 100th Annual Hunger Games

D1 Girl Evelin Rain

Evelin Rain- District 1

I yawned loudly, nearly slitting my head in two. God, I was so tired. I was up all night, pacing round my bedroom, too excited to sleep. Today I was going to volunteer and in a couple of weeks, I was going to win the hunger games.

I practically skipped down to breakfast. Even though I was tired, the excitement today filled me with adrenaline and energy. I see my sister Iralia sat at the table, staring moodily at the porridge she made herself. I bounced past her, running my fingers along the back of her chair.

'Why so glum, big sis?' I ask cheerily, pouring some fruit into a bowl for my own breakfast. Iralia stays silent, head down, staring at nothing. So, when I take my seat from across her I snap my fingers a couple of times in front of her face.

She looks up at me and scowls. I grin at her and dig into my breakfast. We sit in awkward silence, Iralia glaring and me humming happily to myself.

"I don't know how you can volunteer? Your just throwing your life away! Mum and Dad would never let you if they were still here!" Iralia says in disgust. I shrug. A few years ago my parents died in a factory explosion, leaving us alone to fend for ourselves. We had inherited a lot of money though, so neither of us had to work just yet.

I'd gotton over their deaths a long time ago, obviously, Iralia hasn't.

She rolls her eyes at me, before heading upstairs to get changed. I shovel down my food before following in her wake, contemplating what to wear.

I twirl in front of my mirror, pleased I look beautiful. My straight blonde hair was let down freely, reaching just past my shoulders, my olive green eyes were accented with a bit of make-up, making them look wide and excited. I also use a bit of make-up to cover the scar on my temple. When I was 12, I nearly died in a training 'accident'. Someone threw a knife at my temple. But I never knew if it was intentional or not, but knew one thing. I was lucky to survive. It only left me with a dodgy left eye. It looked perfectly normal, but sometimes i would go blind in that one eye for an hour or two. My vision always returned.

I slip on a blue, skin tight, knee length dress. It hugged to all my curves and made me look slimmer than I actually was. I wear some blue pumps, and just about ready to go when notice something on my dressing table.

It was a golden chain neckalce, recovered from the wreckage of the explosion. It was my mothers. But Iralia owned it, not me. She must of placed it in my room without me knowing. On impulse I put it round my neck. It completed my whole outfit.

I leave the house alone, only to be bombarded with people from my year, all wanting to walk up with me and talk to me.

I flip my hair and smirk at them, before strutting off. The others all follow closely behind, like my entorage. The girls are constantly babbling, complimenting my hair and dress. The boys just stare. That was one good thing about being popular. I could be friends with whoever I liked, and whatever boys I liked.

I meet up with my actual friends, Sparkle and Glam. We air kiss and hug, and start chattering to eachother. We take our seats in the 15's section and all the girls who were following me, joined us. They lean forward eagerly while I tell them how I'm volunteering this year. They all wish me luck and assure me I'm going to win.

I don't disagree.

A few girls mutterd that they wouldn't mind entering the games. Their faces turn nervous when I say I will destroy them if they volunteer too. They don't doubt me. I smile sweetly, and tune my attention onto the stage.

The capitol lady was just getting up to the reaping ball. I sit up straighter, prepared to volunteer before the name is even read out.

Dehlia, the escort with sparkly silver hair, barely has the slip in her manicured hand, when a girl to my right volunteers.

I whip around, furiously. Who dares try steal this from me. I see the source of the volunteer, a loner girl with no friends, smirking at me. I was infuriated. How dare she? She was wearing a black coat and a black dress, her hair matted and greasy, her teeth crooked and yellow. She was disgusting, it made me shudder.

But instead of screaming every curse I could think of at her, I walked up to her calmly. She cautiously took a step back, but my hand whipped out, a blur, and slapped her on the face, leaving it red and raw. She gasped and sat dowm in her seat hard, clutching her sore cheek. It was hard enough that I would leave a bruise.

I then take my place on the stage, smiling sweetly to the audience, knowing that I would be remembered.

"I am Evelin Rain and I volunteer." I say with a wink.

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