Star Illusion


Did I just transmigrate into an ateez fanfiction?! A pirate AU at that! But instead of becoming Y/N, I'm actually become a nameless character who's going to die in the first chapter. Nope. I won't let that happen. I'm gonna survive. And sorry Y/N. I'm coming for your career.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:


"Why, why!!" A girl screams furiously at her laptop. And that girl who's about to go crazy is me.

Why? It started when I stumbled on an Ateez pirate au before going to sleep. It's my bad habit when I see angst fiction with 50+ chapters, I don't think anything but spontaneously click.

Who knows that story is so intriguing, I've been reading incessantly for 3 hours straight.

The town is sleeping but here I am, turtoring myself in my small dark room.

"Oh no nooooo" I yell out loud again when the Ateez characters are falling one by one as a result of fierce battle with their mortal enemy.

The story is reaching its climax. From the look of it, the circumstance doesn't flavor our main characters' side.

Ateez in this story is the Pirate King. They're merciless, cunning, vicious, all bad deeds that you can describe a bad guy's qualification. And because of their sinful act, they are cursed upon a sea witch. A journey begins to lift the curse and they meet Y/N who change their life forever.

Now look what I got myself into, the fanfiction is killing me.

"Aren't they gonna die for real?" I couldn't believe what I've read. Ateez characters are in the jaws of death.

My heart couldn't take this anymore.

I turn my head to look outside of the window to catch a breath. I see the bring full moon illuminate the night sky.

How coincidental. The scene in the story is also set on a full night.

Calming my heart, I start reading again.

The battle was coming towards the end.
It was clear now who was the winner.
We're losing. Y/N thought to herself.

Ateez and her have been struggling to reach this far. They finally made it here, Wonderland, but all would come into vain today.
Looking around, her heart broke into million pieces when she saw her friends in a bloody mess.
But she was here safe and being protected by one of the ateez members. He had wounds all over his body, blood and sweat soaking his black shirt.

Wiping tears from her face, she hated it that she couldn't help anything but being a burden.

A gunshot rang. Y/N heart stopped when she saw the man in front of her falling down to the ground.
She screamed as she saw a red-bloom on his chest, her love.

She never admitted that she loved him until now.
Sliding down next to him, she held him against her.

I gasp. So this is the male protagonist.

This fiction sort of has a cliche plot that several members fall for Y/N. You wouldn't know who is gonna end up with Y/N until the end.
But isn't it too late to admit her feelings when he's dying.

"Don't leave me." Y/N hiccuped. "We almost made it." Her hand tried to press on the fatal wound on the man's chest. But it was no use. He lost too much blood.
"I'm sorry Y/N." The man's voice came out almost inaudible.

Y/N shooks her head, tears flowing out of her beautiful honey brown eyes. Her mermaid tear pendant gleaming dimly as if it could feel its owner despair.
The man's eyes search for Y/N's face. He looked at her so fondly unlike the first time they met. They were like water and fire. He smiled at the memories as the light in his eyes faded and his eyelids slowly closed.

Y/N let out a silent scream. Her tears slip onto the man's face.

She wished she could return back time.
She wished it was someone else in her place to save them someone who could love him unconditionally. Unlike her, she was too afraid to pour her heart to her love, she couldn't utter that one word even in this final moment.

I reach the end of the chapter.
That was a total life-changing and heartbreaking scene. I click frantically to the next chapter.
But like a thunder stuck on my head there is no next chapter.
And you know what's more worse, the author's last update was a month ago.
A freaking one month ago!

Please don't tell me that was the ending.
I refuse to believe that the fictions ends like that. The status is still on-going.

Guess I have no choice but to wait.

I let out frustrated huff, and scrolling through the comment section.

Most of the comments are begging the author to update. They're dying to know what will happen next.

Ok, I need to comment too.

I look at the author's name Seakeeper.

Before I begin typing, my left hand accidentally knock a glass of water and spill the content on my laptop.

"Oh shoot." I exclaim and try to remove water by bare hands and THAT is the stupidest thing to do.
Because I was electrocuted, sending me unconscious.

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