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In Love With A Star

By ChimMochi

Romance / Humor


Fan boy Park Jimin meeting his idol Jeon Jungkook.

Chapter 1

Jimin’s POV

I look at my phone, well stared at it. OMG!! Why is he so hot?!?! I quickly put my phone on the table and hug my pillow. Why am I like this?!?! >/////<

Well you see what happened was. I'm a fan boy well a Golden Army to be exact. I mean there's a group called Bang Tan and they are consist of 5 people. Jin the oldest, Namjoon the smartest, Yoongi the laziest, Hoseok or J-Hope the happiest, and lastly but not the least Jungkook the perfect one....

My bias in their group is Jungkook!! I mean his the golden maknae (youngest)!! So that's why I'm a Golden Army. That's the name for those who stans Jungkook. Even though his younger than me by 2 years.

Is it weird to be a fan boy? Well to be honest I always hide it. Except for my bestfriend and cousin. My bestfriend Taehyung his also a army. Well his in the Hope Army, yes his in love with J-Hope. To be honest they look cute together they are both cheerful.

I smile and sigh, I hope I will get to meet them one day!!! Then suddenly my phone rang.

~Ayo ladies and gentlemen~

OMG!!! JUNGKOOK’S VOICE IS JUST SOOO <3 <3 <3. I quickly answer it even I still want to hear my baby’s voice -3-.

"Hello?" I said

"JIMIN HYUNG!!! GUESS WHAT?!?!" Taehyung said and I quickly put my phone away a little. That hurt my ears >3<

"Aish what is it Tae? Stop screaming in my ears" I told him.

"Oh mianhae(sorry), but anyways guess what?! "He said. I sigh.

"What?" I asked him.


"No way!!! Seriously?!?!" I asked him.

"Yes!! OMG!! WE NEED TO GO!" He said.

"How did you know though?? And how much the tickets cost?" I asked him.

"I saw it my angel’s blog~ and the tickets cost like $350 for the near the stage and VIP backstage" He said.

"OMG!! We really need to go!! I’ll go look for some tickets talk to you later!" I told him.

"Okay! I’ll go look too!" He said as he hung up.

OMG!! THIS IS LIKE THE BEST!!! I quickly look for some tickets on the internet. My eyes widened and my heart shattered. N-No way... its already sold out?!?!?! Why!! Why!!! I started crying.

"Why?!? TT____TT THIS IS SOOO HATRED!!!" I screamed.

I texted Taehyung.

To: Tae Tae
Tae its already sold out (;‘༎ຶД༎ຶ’)

After I sent it I lay down on my bed. I look at my pillow with the face of Jungkook. Yes I had one don't judge me -3-

"I wont get to see you baby, It soo sad~" I said as I hug it.

Good thing no one is in the house right now!! Or else they will ask me why am I crying and some stuffs. This is soo hatred. I really wanna see Jungkook but I guess where not meant to be </3.

Well to be honest I fell for him I fell for Jungkook not because of his perfectioness (is that even a word?) I fell for him because of his personality. He treat his fans sweetly and caringly. I just love it and his smile. His smile always made my day ^^... I look like a girl in love, but I'm a boy.

Then I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly fixed myself and went downstairs. As I open the door, I saw Tae with tears in his eyes.

"Were already too late TT-TT" He said and I hug him.

"I know its hatred!!" I said and he nod. I let him in inside.

"So what are we gonna do now?" I asked him.

"We can't see our loves, Its soo hatred" He said as he wipe his tears.

"Yeah, I wish someone will save us!!" I said and he nod in agreement.

Then as if on cue, someone ring the doorbell. Me and Tae quickly got up from the couch and opened the door. There my cousin Sweet was standing.

"Hey guys-- What happened?!? Why are you two crying!!" She asked as she saw our faces.

We quickly pull her inside and hug her as we complain too.

"Bangtan is coming here, but the tickets are already sold out!!" Me and Tae said.

Sweet just chuckled a little and comforted the two of us.

"Aww cuties~" You two are so cute She said as we all let go. We both pouted at her.

"Anyways what are you doing here?" I asked her and she smiled.

"Well you see my bestfriend... she gave me 3 VIP tickets for the concert of BangTan here, and I thought we three could go all together" She said.

Then my eyes widened and also Tae’s eyes too. We stood frozen for some seconds then...


"YEAH!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH SWEET, YOUR THE BEST COUSIN I HAVE!" I said too as we hug her tight and she just laugh.

"Hahaha no problem, I know you two love them soo much, so here" She said as we let go of the hug and she gave us our tickets.

"Wow!! This daebak (amazing)!" I said.

"Yeah!! I get to see my hope, my angel, J-Hope~" Tae said and I just smile.

I guess I get to see MY Jungkook~ I hope everything will be okay ^^

*time skip*


"Jimin just get ready already, and be cool~" Sweet said.

"O-Okay I will!" I said as she left my room.

I locked the door and look for a some good clothes. Now what should I wear. I should at least look good in front of Jungkook!! Maybe he will fall for me ** I wish.

I wonder what will happen later! I cant wait!! I'm so excited, I just hope Jungkook will notice me~ Then I finally got the right clothes to wear. A white T-Shirt, ripped jeans and my favorite Timberland shoes. I also wore my sunglasses and my blue beanie~

I quickly look at the mirror and smile. Now I look so handsome. I quickly took my phone and went downstairs. There I saw Sweet on her phone talking to someone.

"I know~ Well were getting ready and see you at the event... Yeah okay hahaha see you Andrea~" She said aa she hung up.

"Who’s that?" I asked her.

"Andrea, my bestfriend. She’s the one who gave me the tickets" She said.

"Oh wow is she an army too??" I asked her.

"Well you can say that, but her cousin is one of the members of BangTan that's why" She said and my eyes widened.

"N-No way!!! Wow that's soo cool!!! Wait it means the members know her?" I asked her excitedly.

"Yeah and they are really cool, I already met them" She said.

"OMG!! YOU MET WHAT?!" I asked her as my eyes widened.

"Yah~ stop screaming and I met them. I met BangTan look" She said and she showed me a picture.

My eyes widened at the pic!! She was in the middle with all the members of BangTan!!! I'm jealous!!

"Omg!! Why didn't you tell me!!!!" I told her.

"Well I forgot hahaha sorry" She said and I just pouted.

"Don't worry they cant wait to meet you~ especially your Kookie oppa" She said as she winked at me. I blush and covered my face.

"Hahaha aww~ so cute" She said and I just glare at her.

"Well anyways its time to go!! Lets get Tae Tae oppa" She said as she pull me.

*time skip*

My eyes widened. Wow there are a lot of fans. We were currently in the line now. My heart was beating fast!! I cant wait to see my Jungkook. I look at Tae and his quiet, I guess were the same. I gave him a pat on the back and he look at me.

"Everything will be fine, don't worry I told him and he smile.
Thanks hyung ^^" He said.

"Um you two, you know were just going to a concert right?" Sweet said.

"Yeah! But still. I'm nervous!!! I told her and she just smile.
Don't worry just like what you said everything will be fine ^^ and yeah your right everyone gets nervous around the one they love" She said as she emphasize the word love. I just blush.

Then the line started moving. I froze I-I cant move. Then I felt someone held my hand. I look and I saw Sweet holding my right hand and she is also holding Tae’s hand.

"Come on you two, Its your day today~" She said as she pulls us. I guess this is it!!!

As we got in the venue, wow its so big!!! We sat at the front row seats!! Wow this is sooooo awesome!!!!!

"Andrea~" Sweet said as she hug another girl. Oh her bestfriend!

"Hey Sweet good thing you came! I wont be alone now" The girl said.

"Of course I’ll come ^^ and oh here is my cousin Jimin oppa and his bestfriend Taehyung oppa. Guys this is my bestfriend Andrea" Sweet said and I wave at her and she wave at us too.

"Hi! Nice to meet you two! And OMG your right Sweet, Jimin oppa looks cute with Jungkook oppa and Taehyung oppa looks cute with J-Hope oppa" Andrea said. Me and Taehyung blushed.

"I told you~ and are we going to see them later?" Sweet asked.

Andrea just nod and the two girls started talking. I look at Tae and he was staring at the stage. I look at the stage wow its really near us!! OMG!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME IF JUNGKOOK STAND IN FRONT OF ME?!?!?! I CAN'T FANBOY INFRONT OF HIM!!!!!

Then minutes later the venue was already full. I don't know why but my heart started beating slowly. Then the lights went off....

Then lights in the stage opened. No one was in there then we heard someone...

"Ayo ladies and gentlemen!!"

My heart started beating fast. That voice....

Everyone in here except me went screaming. Then all of the BangTan members went in the stage!!! I saw Jungkook his so wow. His soo perfect even in person!

While they are singing my eyes are glued to him and I'm just holding in my heart. I cant believe it! I'm looking at him now! In person! I don't know why but tears started to fall from eyes because of happiness. I'm soo happy, I was about to wipe my tears....

But someone already did? Huh? I look in front of me... n-no way.

"Aww don't cry okay?" Jungkook said as he smiled at me and I just nod even I'm still lost.


"Jimin oppa are you okay?! Your all red" Sweet said.

"I-I Im fine >///<" I said and I saw her smile then she leaned next to my ear.

"I took a video of him wiping your tears~ you can thank me later" She said as she grin. I turned more red.

"Thanks a lot" I said sarcastically! she just laugh.

I smile and enjoyed the concert. I look at J-Hope and... HIS LOOKING AT TAEHYUNG!!!

"Tae your angel is looking at you!" I told Taehyung and he looked at J-Hope once their eyes met they both turn red, but then J-Hope wave at Tae.

"H-He waved at me" Taehyung said.

"Breath Tae! You will survive" I told him and he just smile and enjoy the show.

My eyes traveled to Jungkook, I smile my signature smile. You know the one that you cant see my eyes too. Then I felt Sweet shook me I look at her.

"What?" I asked her. Then she pointed Jungkook.

I looked at Jungkook. O////O his looking at me!!! Then he winked at me, I turned red. OMG!! IM GONNA DIE ALREADY BECAUSE OF HIM!!!

I quickly look away blushing and I heard Sweet and Andrea laughing. Aisshh this is soo embarrassing!!!

Then after some segments they sung one of my favorite song made by them...... OMG!!! ITS MISS RIGHT!!

As they were singing Miss Right. Jungkook was staring at me!! If stares can melt, I already melt a long time ago. After all of that, they said goodbye to the fans. Aww this was the best day of my life!!!

"Come on lets go home, I'm tired" I said.

"What?! Were not yet going home come on~" Andrea said as she pulls me to the backstage. Sweet was pulling Taehyung well not really pulling him they are just walking.

"W-Wait! Wh-Where are we going?" I asked Andrea while stuttering.

"Don't worry Jiminie oppa, Andrea wont hurt you, we will just go to the backstage" Sweet said.

"What?!" Me and Tae said as I try to escape.

"Andrea! Hold Jimin tight, he’ll try to escape" Sweet said as she was holding Taehyung.

"Whaa! Sweet I can't do this" Taehyung said.

"Don't worry Tae Tae oppa, I’ll be there for you if you faint ^^ and also you too Jimin oppa I’ll catch you" She said as she laugh. -////- wow just wow.

"Eh?! Sweet!!" Taehyung said.

"Come on you two! They can't wait to meet you two" Andrea said.

"Eh? What?!" Me and Taehyung said.

But before they can answer, we are already in front of their room. My heart started beating fast, I try to get out of Andrea’s grip, but wow she’s so strong TT--TT HELP!

Then she knocked on the door. The door opens and my eyes widened.. Its Jin hyung!!!

"Hey Andrea and Sweet!! We’ve been waiting for you two" Jin said.

"Hey Jin oppa and oh we bought my cousin Jimin oppa and his bestfriend Tae Tae oppa" Sweet said as she pointed the two of us. I waved shyly.

"Aww they are so adorable! Come on in. Jungkookie and Hobi can't wait to meet them and also the other members too" Jin hyung said as he opened the door wide. Me and Tae’s face turned red.

"Guys! Andrea and Sweet is here with Jimin-ssi and Taehyung-ah" Jin said and we entered the room. I look around and wow their room is kind of big.

They had their bags in one corner and they have food all over the table. And all of them are sitting on the couches. Doing some stuffs. Then they stopped at what their doing and looked at us. I quickly went Sweet and went behind her.

"Hi guys long time no see" Andrea said. They greeted her back.

"Hey!! And Sweet!! Good thing you came" J-Hope said as he went to Sweet and hug her.

"Of course Hobi oppa hahaha and oh this is Taehyung oppa the one I'm talking about" Sweet said as she pull Taehyung towards J-Hope.

"H-Hi" Taehyung said shyly.

"Aww your soo adorable Tae Tae" J-Hope said as he ruffles Taehyung’s hair. Taehyung is blushing soo cute ^.^

"And oh yeah Jungkook oppa~ Here’s my cousin the one I'm talking about" Sweet said as she pulls me in front of Jungkook!!!!

"Oh Hey! Wait oh your the one who was crying earlier! Are you okay? Or did you hurt yourself?" He asked me as he check if I had some bruises. I blush.

"A-ani (no) I-I I'm fine >///<" I told him as I look down at my shoes because I'm all red!!!

Then I felt someone touched my chin and lift it up. Now I'm face to face with the golden maknae, my crush, Jungkook...

"Don't look down because I cant see your pretty face" He said as he smirk. I turned more red.

"Ohhh~ Jungkook hitting on Jimin!!" Namjoon hyung said.

"I got to admit they look cute together" Yoongi hyung said.

"Yeah!" Andrea said and I just heard Sweet laughing.

"Yah! Stop messing with us" Jungkook said as his face was red too!! >///< OMG! HE STILL LOOKS HOT!! WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!?!

After that we hang out for some hours. Getting to know them even though I already know them because of the internet. I had fun and Jungkook was just sitting next to me the whole time!!!

"Well its time to go" Sweet said and my smile faded. Well that was quick

"Really?? Wow we've been talking for hours" Jin hyung said.

"Well time flies by when your happy" Taehyung said and everyone agreed.

"Well I guess see you again!" Namjoon hyung said.

We bid our goodbyes and I saw Taehyung talking to J-Hope I smile he finally met his angel. Then I felt someone tapped my shoulder and I look. O////O

"J-Jungkook?" I asked him and he smiled at me.

"Here" He said as he gave me a paper?

"Don't open it yet, open it when your far away from us" He said.

"Oh okay thanks ^^"
I said to him and smile.

"No problem and I guess see you again Jiminie hyung~" He said and I blush.

"Y-Yeah see you again Jungkook" I told him.

Then he smiled and lean in? Eh? WHAT?!?!!! My eyes widened. Then he kissed me in my cheeks.

"See you later baby~" He whispered in my ears. I blush like crazy.

"Come on now Jimin oppa~" Sweet said.

"I-Im coming!!" I said and I went to her and waved at the boys and at Andrea. They just waved too, but Jungkook was grinning >///<... I just look forward.

Then I realized I was still holding the paper he gave, I opened it.

Hey Jimin hyung, you know your pretty cute! I want to get you know more so heres my #090197***** Call me later cutie ;)

I blush, I guess Im a lucky fan ^^

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