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What if we could wish and become anyone we want, take someone's place in the world. Would it be dream come true or is it impossible to live someone else's life?. Mira didn't know her impossible dream could come true. With a coming Thunder to her life she slept in her bedroom and woke up on hospital bed. "How are you dear? Johnny are you all right?" "Baby say something" In a new body with a new life beginning, different society, school life and boy drama, would Mira stay true to herself or to her body.

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
" Mom I have good news for you, no, actually fantastic news you will love it" I excitedly entered mothers room.
She will fly on moon five when I tell her.
"Look here Mira, if you have done anything to plant us on problem you get grounded for this whole month, I do not want hear any offensive words from your father how bad of mother I am" mom said weary expression on her face.
" oh mama why you always assume worst of me, I just went to Mother Inaya house ..." before I finished my sentence mother cut my words impatiently.
"Did you see your dad? Did you make him come home, you know Mira I sent you there not just eavesdrop on that Inaya witch" . Oh okay...
Let me introduce myself, I'm Mira unwanted daughter of powerful Mahmud. From childhood I was an only item mom used to bond dad to our family. I was constant reminder of his another wife's existence. Later when I was enough old to understand why dad didn't often visit moms home as he did to his other families, it was inculcated in my mind to take upon myself allure dad to us anyhow.

"Yeah yeah mom I know, how can I get to know things if I don't listen doors? "
that was my only job after high school graduation on my seventeenth birthday. My everyday routine was follow dad whichever of families he went to spend time with. Constantly remind him of waiting mistress and child.
" I heard things you would like much, but before I spell the beans I want you promise me one girls nights this Wednesday with Senaya" I say hopefully.
Senaya is my best and only friend. She got a handsome boyfriend and Wednesday I need to cover her to go on secret date.
"No Mira don't even think, your dad put rules and that are not to be broken, not under my watch don't ever ask again" mom said
You will never disobey dad are you, his rules didn't matter when you send me snoop on his family but things matter only on my half, you just think about please him, would it be bad to let me out of cage mom.
"Okay mom I understand. I will ask dad then" I internally say.
I have some reassurance for dad to rethink his rules too. Xoxo

" now tell me what did you hear, is it even for a use?" Mom asked me non challenging.
Oh here let me tell you, not everything I hear in that house or in mother Bira's house can come to mom handy. Anything what won't have dads interest on mom wont come handy. But I know better than waste her time with nonsense gossip unless bring something of a use.
"Okay. When I entered the house mother Inaya didn't see me, then I went in to sister Rabia 's room. With no success locating her, I was about to leave that s when I heard quite whispers. I stand on spot and found. Dad s brother uncle Yasir . He analized surrounding, made sure nobody was around and called mother Inaya to guest room, I followed them, after they closed the door I could only listen what they said. Most of conversation wasn't clear but what I got is Father agreed with some man to wed sister Rabia, and that tonight he is coming to see you"
I didn't have to tell her that Uncle Yasir told mother Inaya that news to have a let's say a moment with her, and he was happily mentioning how he reassured father to come to our house to have all night for themselves. I have to play trick with my mind to complately forgot everything what I heard today, even what followed after their conversation ended.
"Here? He wants to have his night in my room? Mira it's so good new. Oh Allah my prayers reached you. Im so grateful to you" mom was thanking Allah with greatness.
I don't think it was Allah's doing, should I crash her hopes?
"Oh it's already noon, hurry up tidy rooms and make a wealthy dinner, I must get ready for him Ohh I don't have time at all".
Oh Allah again, she always take hours to get ready for father, if she just could see he couldn't care her efforts at all, he would come at night and go again midnight like always.
Wait Does Mother Inaya know that? Wouldn't sbe blasted on action? Xoxo I hope so.
Before 6p.m arrived I have cleaned every room and made dad's favorite foods, today was only about father. Then at 7:00pm I organized dinner and set plates. 8p.m dad was yet to come we didn't touch a dish and waited dad. Clock ticked 12a.m still there was no sign of dad.

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