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The Transformers - Generation One: The Last Transmission Of Doctor Arkeville

By Jeff Walker

Scifi / Fantasy


Many years after the war on Earth, the last messege from the human scientist - Dr. Archeville - is sent to his mountain lab retreat from Cybertron.

Chapter 1

Earth - 2014

In the mountainous regions of the American plains, a lone built in door sits aside the rocky incline of one of the mountains. Rocky debris lay all around it, and it now becomes apparent it’s more then just a mountain. Inside lay a massive laboratory from years ago.

In the very dark, dusty old laboratory, a screen flashes on and off on a fairly large monitor. The room is full of old scientific equipment, dated computers and full of cobwebs; the place has been abandoned for years. From the fluttering screen, which looks slightly cracked and warped, a faint picture of a man can be seen as it rolls and cuts out every now and then with static. A voice soon hisses and breaks as the monitor tries to self stabilize the image and sound, on the old computer console in front of the monitor, a light begins to flash, the word ” Record ” on it is now visible. The picture soon stabilizes and slowly the voice crawls into sync with the image. Now fully visible is an old earthman, with one half of him looking more machine then human. The only part seen as humans is the right side of his middle face and his mouth.

And this is what he says as it records his transmission:

My fellow humans - uhm - people of earth...I finally have managed to encode this transmission to my lab on earth after many years of failure. Should this recording ever be found by any non-robotic humanoid, I wish it to be known that I, Doctor Bernhart Archeville was an unwilling slave to the Cybertronians known as the Decepticons. Being stuck here on this planet for so long has made me see the errors of my ways, and made me more aware of the Decepticon’s treachery. For years I helped these machines take over and try to destroy the earth, but only because they promised me I would become the supreme ruler of the planet after their use with it. Strange to see how much I was lured by those empty promises, but none more so then Starscream - that empty headed no good scrap metal!!

Because of him, I no longer have control over my entire body. He...they damaged me so bad I was modified by their stupid engineer robots.... and look at me! I’m not even human anymore - I’m a chair bound FREAK!! If I had known my final days on this god forsaken metal planet would be my end, I would have developed a weapon that would have rid us all of these pesky Transformers for good! I miss my lab...I miss strolling in the lush green forests and hearing the sounds of birds chirping as I think of new scientific creations. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a real bird...a real tree..........I’m so tired of robots in disguise! These creatures make me sick! I want to come home so badly now...I’ve paid for my crimes...I’ve paid and then some! I know now.... they’ll never let me leave...not even Megatron. He says I still have work for him to do...I can’t imagine what that might be. Ever since I helped him back in the ’80’s, he’s been very keen on my many inventive creations. Which is why...I suppose...I’ve been so helpful to him.

All those times in my academy years, people laughing at my computations, sneering at my ingenuity, and poking fun at all my inventions. Here came an alien from another world who found all my work genius and innovative. My first encounter with the Decepticon leader was during the year of their discovery; I was giving my lecture on the benefits of harnessing mass amounts of energy, and an energy that would power the world ten fold. As usual, my ideas where scoffed and made to ridicule. Humff ! Those ungrateful colleagues of mine called me insane...Me! The greatest scientist in the entire world!!! As I soon collected my papers from my speech, I noticed a small recording device that had been left on a side table near me. I thought it strange, it wasn’t there before, and still I picked it up to give it to the lost and found department. To my surprise it began to enlarge, the sound of gears shifting and metal scraping made me let go of it instantly. This small device soon began to transform before my very eyes...I was scared and full of wonder all at the same time. Soon the tape recorder fully took the form of a rather large robot, a Decepticon called Soundwave, it was amazing to see this creature standing infront of me.

I had heard of these creatures, the news was full about the discovery of these new aliens, naturally I was curious about their motives. I had a yearning to see one up close and examine it thoroughly. Soundwave was my first encounter with one, and now as I look back, I wish he never came to me at all. Opening his chest, like a tape recorder ejecting a tape, it unleashed another robot, a smaller one that could fly like a jet propelled bird. I screamed aloud and headed straight for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes.... but the fear in me made me ran for my very life!! But I should have known...these creatures where far more speedy then a lowly human. The robot bird picked me up and shot out the roof as it flew upward towards the ceiling. I could hear the robotic voice of Soundwave commanding the bird to take me to Megatron. I looked down to see myself flying out of the building and soaring high above the ground. Any man would have panicked in that situation, naturally I screamed for my life, this bird was going at incredible speeds, but it’s grip was so tight I thought my arms would break off! Soon we were hovering over the ocean...the Ocean! My god, seeing the large metallic pillar emerge from the water made my heart stop. I thought for sure I was being sent to these robots to be killed or dissected. As we entered the large opening that lowered itself, we flew into a large tunnel, until it stopped about half way. Then a door opened at the base, an elevator that took us down the rest of the massive pillar. And as the doors swung open, there stood the leader of all Decepticons...that shiny, sliver menace we’ve all come to know as Megatron!!

I will never forget what those terrible metal creatures did to me next...I was a fool; I was such a mad fool.

Wait – wait, I must reconnect in a moment - the guards are coming!! Computer, stand by for next transmission - pause tape! Archeville out!

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