What if jungle fury

Chapter 9

Continue from the last chapter so mmpr rangers are coming up to Jason and wow Jason it’s just like last time when you were evil with Kimberly on the island except for Billy and Aisha and rocky wasn’t there because he aka billy was on a different planet said Tommy and Katherine and Adam.
You're right Tommy said Daishi
But then Daishi started to attack Tommy while the jungle fury rangers were fighting Daishi minions and defeated the minions one by one that the jungle fury rangers are doing.
Just then the other mmpr rangers are trying to stop Daishi from killing Tommy.
Just then Tommy call his ninja animal spirit started to work on Daishi and Daishi got out of Jason's body.
So the other mmpr rangers started to use their ninja animal spirits and also jungle fury rangers called their animal spirits.
The other masters came back and help to destroy Daishi forever
End of the story
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