What if jungle fury

Chapter 4

So the rangers aka Lacus and lily and Theo and Casey just got up for the day and they are eating breakfast then they will training with their moves .
So now trying to pin Lacus aka RJ wife aka their other master and their black ranger too .
But Lacus Is trying to break free from her students but her husband RJ is watching the lesson that she is giving .
Just then a alert came on the tv for the rangers and they seen the attack by monster in the city .
So the rangers morph and may it to the scene but Lacus seen a kid who a girl in way of the monster and monster attack the kid who a girl
Also the kid name is Candace and Candace got separated from her parents by the monster .
So Lacus bought the girl back to her parents and then the Lacus aka the black ranger started attack the monster but other rangers are fighting with their weapons to defeat the rinshi .
Just then the other rangers defeat the rinshi while Lacus aka black ranger is still focus on the monster and she destroy it but then the monster went big .
So the rangers went to their zord and form the megazord and attack the monster a few times .
Then the rangers destory the monster
End of chapter 4
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