What if jungle fury

Chapter 5

Lacus told her husband RJ that she looks for the fourth student because it supported to be four students somehow they only got three students because they made an extra Morpher beside her Morpher and extra Morpher has made a lion spirit like her. Lacus told Casey and theo and lily supposed a fourth student with them but he or she went missing. Also, that is why they have an extra Morpher. then theo said we had a student named Jarrod but he was mean to a student that why master mao got Casey took his place. he aka Jarrod was mad and unleash Daishi on the world and killed master mao by mistake.

we better find Jarrod and I better train Jarrod because he has the same animal spirit as me said Lacus and agreed said RJ and others aka theo and lily and Casey.

that makes sense fifth aka extra Morpher was made for Jarrod and that means Jarrod will become rangers like Lacus and you guys said her husband RJ and their other master.

first, we have to find him aka Jarrod and then free him from dai shi controls said, Casey.

end of chapter 5
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