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Lost Child of Gallifrey

By EnderGirl

Other / Fantasy


A girl finds her self with the doctor and the TARDIS. The doctor saved her life but that was because she looked a familiar.


I woke up drenched in sweat because of a dream. In this dream there was a mad man with a blue box. I knew this dream meant something because I am not a normal girl. I am not from the human realm. I come from the wizard realm so that means that I have powers. But I dont have normal wizard power though. The person who has looked over me my whole life told me it was because of my mother family tree. His name is Guardian but since I ran away a while back so, I haven’t seen him for a long time. I had many adventures in the past, and met a lot of people. Since I am not normal, have powers, woke up drenched in sweat because of a very realistic dream I know that I am About to start a new journey. Oh and my name is Alyssa.

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