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Winter Sunny


NOTE: This AU happens two years prior to the events of the Truth in OMORI!

Other / Fantasy
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Hope upon a Sunset

Note: This Chapter of the WS AU takes place two years prior to the events of the TRUTH in OMORI.

Kids.. they get sick all the time in the winter season, so nobody batted an eye when Sunny fell ill with a supposed flu..

At first Mari thought it was just a little cold due to the temperature dropping at faraway town. But then Sunny started to feel colder. Only getting colder and colder. Mari’s worry grew with every snowflake that fell from the thickened grey sky. Everybody was worried for their sickened friend hoping for his illness to end.

Naturally being protective of her little brother, she got increasingly angry when her parents talked about his illness and him possibly never getting better under their breath. She once nearly attacked her mother due to her mentioning something about Sunny dying.

It was.. Frightening to say at least, Her close friends never seen her outburst like that before and had to calm her down at Polly’s house. Since then, her mother has been trying to watch her mouth whenever Mari was around.

After that scare she started to get even more overprotective of him. rushing him back to bed when he’d try to get up and play with his toys and constantly asking if he was alright, after Hero told her it was a bit much she started to calm down and tone her worry down a bit, allowing him to play with them on the bed. but only if he’d drink a full cup of water prior.

Soon Sunny began to get better, he wasn’t coughing anymore, he looked healthy again but, his forehead was always cold.. Too cold. Mari wanted to rush him to the hospital. But their parents would just brush it off as, “Just a common cold.” If only her parents cared to check on him more. Then they would find that this wasn’t just an average cold.

Something within her just knew it, Sunny got over illness quickly. It had to be a disease or something considering how she didn’t catch the same sickness. It was the same with Kel, Hero, Basil and Aubrey. Heaven knows how hard she wanted to relay this information to her Mom and Dad but, she expected they’d brush it off as sunny being a kid. Maybe Mom was right, Maybe he wouldn't get any better... No she had too much hope to get to that conclusion.

Ah...Too many things to think about at this time, I should go and calm myself down. I’ll.. I’ll just go get some piano practice in. That will take my mind off this.. She thought to herself.

Mari thought to herself as she tucked Sunny in for the evening. She looked at him and wished him the best for his illness “Get well soon Sunshine..” She whispered to herself as she closed their bedroom door.

She walked down the stairs into the piano room where Mewo slept peacefully on the top of the piano stool. As soon as she went near the black cat. It jumped off the stool and rubbed against her leg. Mewo was such a sweet cat. She used to be scared of everything but eventually grew fond of certain things.

She knelt down to cuddle with her beloved cat. “You know Sunny is going to get better right? Right? Don’t listen to our mom. He’s going to be alright.. He just needs more time to get better” She said Petting the silky long haired cat for comfort. Only getting purrs in response.

She picked up the fluffy cat and set her onto her lap as she sat onto the stool, she flipped through the sheet music book on top of the piano. Ah, Clair de lune, Sunny’s favorite piece.. She propped it onto the piano and hovered her hands above the monochrome keys. It was a sad piece but when she played it, She thought of Sunny and that thought made her happy. She rested her eyes momentarily and opened them to look out the window.

She was met with a beautiful sunset, mixes of pinks and oranges filled the sky as the clouds slowly passed by reflecting the colors onto the vast forest. The song echoed throughout the silent home, Their parents left not so long ago to go shopping. She felt relaxed. The sunlight shined on the polished black surface reflecting it onto the wall. Though, a light knock interrupted her playing. She lifted her self up as Mewo hopped off her lap and walked to the living room Mari followed shortly after.

Mewo sat in front of the door. tail up gently wagging back and forth as the light knocking continued. Mari walked to the door and opened it up a small bit to see the person outside. "Hi Mari! Uhmm.. I saw your parents drive off and I was wondering since it's been a while since we last talked if we could hang out for a bit? Hero said shyly looking at her through the opening of the door. "Of course!" Mari smiled gently and tried greeting her next door neighbor a proper way instead of hiding behind her door. What was she thinking? hiding away like a hermit how silly of her! "Please come in!" she said moving to the side allowing him to enter.

Sunny was bored... It's been so long since he did fun things. He was sure Mari was busy with something considering the quiet piano music stopped from downstairs, Maybe he could play with his toys! He thought as he pushed his blanket away. It was too warm for him anyway. He rushed to his toy box and pulled out a dinosaur, his Captain Spaceboy action figure and a big handful of plastic toy soldiers.

He placed the dinosaur and Spaceboy on opposite sides and placed the soldiers in front of them as if they were defending. "You are going down!" Sunny whispered while shaking the dinosaur. "This is for uhm.. Mariah! Yeah my Sweetie Mariah back on Mars!" He whispered shaking the action figure before making a quiet yelling sound as he shoved the plastic soldiers together making small "pew" sounds and moving soldiers to make dramatic death scenes...

this was... more fun when he plays with Kel, Kel is fun and more vocal than him... And good with funny noises! He wish he was here. Wait! Maybe he could ask His big sister if Kel could visit! Then Hero and Mari could hang out again and Mari likes Hero so She'd definitely agree! He was a genius! He stood up and walked to the door. Mari probably wouldn't like him out of bed but this was a good thing! Why didn't he think of this earlier? He tiptoed to the bedroom door and slowly pulled it open. He heard.. Music, Piano music and it was his favorite song too! If she's thinking of him already then convincing their friends to visit would be easier!

He snuck to the railing and looked down, the coast is clear. He couldn't wait to see all his friends again! He could play battle with Kel again, Play pretend with Aubrey and listen to Basil ramble about his favorite plants again! He was super excited! Better talk to his Sister-

Knock Knock.

Oh, Were their parents home early? He crept onto all fours to hide himself, Mari followed after Mewo to the living room. He heard some conversation before seeing Mari enter with.. Hero? Wait.. Will this make it easier or harder to convince Mari to let his friends visit?

Mari and Hero began to walk to the Piano room, Hero spotted him and did a light wave before entering the piano room. Sunny was happy, hopefully this was a good omen! He smiled and crawled to the staircase and stood up to speed walk down, he crept to the door frame and listened to their conversation.

"So how is he? Still freezing temperature?" Hero said concern in his voice. "He's better today, still cold but he has way more energy surprisingly. I have lots of hope for him!" Mari said happily.

Then he chose to enter. "Mari?" He said entering the piano room. "Sunny! You're supposed to be resting! What are you doing out of bed?" Mari said walking to him. "Can.. Can our friends visit? please..?" He said looking into her eyes."Sunny are you sure you want visitors?" Mari said "Are you sure you'll be able to stay awake? Do you feel better now? Are.." Mari said before Hero cut her off "I think he's better to at least have visitors Mari, Right Sunny?" Hero said smiled at him, Sunny returned the smile and quickly nodded. "So Mari, What do you say? can I bring them over?" Hero said. "I guess if Sunny approves..Want us to come along?" Mari replied. "I think it's better for him to stay inside, We'll be back soon!"

Sunny smiled wide, He couldn't wait to see everyone again! Hero waved goodbye and put his jacket on, "See you two soon!" And then he walked off to gather their friend group, This day is going to be great! Sunny thought to himself.

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