Forbidden Love


Hi everyone this is a Pertemis fanfic, but I ship Percabeth as number one. Gaea took everything from me, in the beginning of th2 war she killed my mom and stepdad then right before I killed her she killed the love of my life. The only thing that kept me from breaking 100 percent was my friends, if not for them I would have died to recklessness. I swore never to love again. Will Percy keep this oath, or will he break it? Read to find out.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

We were al standing in the throne room while Zeus gave a speech about the defeat of Gaea. Everyone was happy except for me, Gaea took my family away from me and my girlfriend. Zeiss started to call forward the heroes to give them their rewards. But I didn't pay attention as a memory came back to the surface of my brain.

We were fighting well against the giants, we kept defeating them one after another. Soon there were no giants left but I got hit by one and got s bloody nose.
"I HAVE WOKEN THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!!" Exclaimed a voice. Then a females body appeared out of the ground tight where Annabeth was, Gaea grabbed Annabeth and I toward them to try to save my Wise Girl. But Gaea stopped me with the Earth same as everyone else, and she smashed Annabeth onto the ground before opening a pit and throwing her down into it.
"There is nothing you can do now, I have broken the Hero of Olympus," Gaea boomed.
That's when I lost it, all I saw was red then I felt the Earth shake around me then there was nothing. When I came back into focus there was blood on my sword and a giant slash through Gaea's midsection. Then she crumbled to nothing. I fell down to my knees and cried for all I was worth at the loss of my Wise Girl. Then the gods flashed all of us to Olympus.
End of Flashback
I started to pay attention again when my name boomed over the throne room.
"PERSEUS JACKSON," Zeus boomed, "For your bravery in both of the wars and for defeating Gaea herself we once again grant you godhood."
Percy thought about it for a moment whem he said, "No, I'm honored I really am but but I have request to make and it is within your power. Since you didn't grant my wish last time I wish for the peaceful titans to be released from their prisons, I want Hades and Hestia to have throne in the Olympian council, and I wish for part immortality like Artemis's hunters. That is my wish."
Zeus didn't say anything but he snapped his fingers and Calypso and Leto appeared in the throne room. Artemis and Apollo went and hugged their mom, while Calypso went to kiss Leo. Then Zeus told Artemis that she should grant him the wish of part immortality, and she did just that also thinking him for freeing her mother. After that we went to party but I wasnt in the mood to party so I just stood off to the corner watching everyone enjoy themselves.Thats when Lady Artemis came over to me and told me to follow her so I did.
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