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After the Winx, new young fairies, some with conections to Winx, decide to search for their own fates and maybe, even change the magical dimension.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The myth of the Great Five

“In the beginning of time, when all dimensions and magic where still young, a special group of fairies was born from the first sparks of Magic.
These fairies were powerful and their duty was to maintain balance in every world and in every being, magical or not.
Although young, these fairies took their task seriously and we’re close friends.
Each of the five fairies had a power vital to all world’s. Without them, life and everything else would not exist as known.
Everyone loved the five fairies and soon they were seen as mentors and advisors by other beings; some magical creatures even worshiped them as Goddesses, a title they refused.
They had the the title of “Great Fairies” and they were: Annak the Great Fairy of Change; Myrtha the Great Fairy of Death; Helumia the Great Fairy of Life; Saretha the Great Fairy of Time and finally, Anknomea the Great Fairy of Re-Birth.
While Helumia and Myrtha were seen as the more powerful ones, Annak and Saretha were seen as the second to the other two and Anknomea was seen as “the safety piece”, a replacer of Helumia in case of anything happened to her.
But don’t be fooled! Even if others saw them like that, they were all equally powerful and part of the same “wheel”. If one disappeared, harmony would be destroyed.
One day a doomed prophecy came from one of their own lips. Saretha, a very wise woman, forsaw the end of The Great Fairies. In her own words: “The five pointed star of harmony will fall when the three shadows appear. But, one day, all five points will reunite, stronger than before and restore harmony for eternity! The destiny now clear!”
Although worried, the friends decided not to back down from any fight, and embrace their destinies.
When three witches first appeared to them, they knew. They fought bravely and to the extreme of their powers! Still, one by one, they fell to those later known as the Ancestral Witches. Like it said in the profecy, everything changed after that.
Magic and the Universe had lost their mothers and Guardians!
And although many brave souls tried to restore harmony, the profecy is still unfulfilled to this day. Waiting in the shadows for the Star of Harmony to shine once again!”
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