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Epilogue 1 - Ruby

Ruby glanced sadly at her older sister as she argued with a poor seamstress that was unfortunately in charge of making Diaspro’s new dress. Although their relationship had always been rocky, as they got older, it became worse. She always wondered why her sister hated her. When they reached their teens, Diaspro said that it was because Ruby wasn’t a fairy and therefore, not even worthy of being her sister. However there was no explanations of why she hated her since she was born.

She once, as a little girl, asked their mother why her older sister despised her. The queen’s only answer was a sad look and a comforting embrace. She never asked again.

Everyone in Isis knew of the bad relationship of the two sisters, and although they wished that one day they matured and got along, they knew that it was very unlikely. From the two girls, the one who acted more like royalty was Diaspro, however, the one that the people of Isis cherished more was Ruby. That, only made her sister hate her even more.

Suddenly, Diaspro noticed her sister looking at her and frowned, forgetting the matter of her dress for enough time for the maid to leave. Still frowning, she turned to look at Ruby.

Why are you looking at me?! Don’t you have anything else to do in your pathetic life?! – Ruby sighed and without thinking, she spoke the question that hunted her since childhood.

"Why do you hate me, Diaspro?!" – The question caught the older sister by surprise, who, after a while finally managed to recover and frowned once again.

"What?! Did you hit your head or something?! I’ve told you before! You’re not a fairy! You’re useless!" – Ruby frowned as well.

"The real reason, sister! When we were kids we didn’t know if any of us would be a fairy or not! And even then, you hated me! So tell me!" – Diaspro went silent and looked away.

"What’s into you now?! You know what?! I don’t have time for this silly thing!" – She turned to leave. – "I have to take care of my dress for this party! You better get a dress worthy of this party as well! We’re going to represent our kingdom! I won’t let you embarrass me there! Especially in front of Sky!" – Diaspro was about to leave, when Ruby got up and got closer to her sister.

"Will you wait, Diaspro?! I’m serious here!" – The older girl sighed dramatically.

"What do you want?! You’re wasting my time!" – Ruby crossed her arms.

"I want to know the reason of why you hate me so much! And I mean the truth! Ever since we were children!" – Diaspro remained silent for a while, before speaking; still with her back turned to her sister.

"Why this now, Ruby?" – Her sister was surprised both by her calling her by her name and for the serious tone. Ruby took a deep breath, before finally speaking.

"Because I want to know. As you know, tomorrow I’m leaving for my second year in Red Fountain; and this year, things will be more dangerous. Since I deal with dragons all of the time, I never know when or if an accident will happen. So, I wanted to know, before something happens, or if something bad happens." – Her older sister remained in silence, before speaking in the same serious tone.

"Like what?" – Ruby clasped her hands.

"Like dying…" - At this, Diaspro turned around in fury to gaze at her sister.

"Will you stop?! You’re not going to die, dammit it!" – With this Diaspro stormed out of the room, leaving her sister standing there surprised by her reaction.

After a while she sighed and turned around, heading towards her bedroom to pack.

"See you soon, sister." – A sad look graced her features as she began preparing her luggage; she wondered what her second year would bring her.

Since her parents were away in a political meeting, Diaspro was the only family member present in the palace. However, when the time for her departure came, only the guards and servants came to wish her a safe journey and a good year; her sister never left her bedroom.

A new journey is about to begin…

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