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playing with balls: a coovier fanfic


Chapter One: Before the Game.

5.01.22? || Prologue. (kinda? not really)

It was the not so awaited return to Garretson Elementary School. After the brief one-week Spring Break that the staff of the school and Garretson’s students received, most teachers started to reintroduce learning and rehabilitate their classrooms. Mrs. Jensen, the teacher in Room 19, was rearranging her class seating for the new month.

Javier Luna, class number 17, was moved alone to the taller part of Table One, which was a tall, separate working desk connected to the main table. It was also located near the entrance of the classroom. His other table-mates, Ian, Christian, Amanda, and Keanna, were placed on the main table which was shared.

And Cooper Dykes, class number 6, and Javier’s alleged ‘best friend’ was positioned in the left corner of Table Two and were accompanied by Sofia, Olivia, Logan, and Evan. And unlike Table 1, the rest of the tables like Table 2 does not have an elevated desk, and they only include the shared main table.

Table One and Table Two were located beside the entrance (which was near the back of the classroom). And the distance between the two tables was not far from each other and was only about a foot away. If you’d reach your arm out to Table 2 from where Javier sits, you’d be able to touch it.

After Mrs. Jensen decided she was completed with arranging their brand-new seats, she instructed everyone to move their supplies and take a seat. Once all were seated, the students began to get accustomed to their new table-mates and seated positions within a span of a week.

Both Table One and Table Two got along well, until May 8th,

5.08.22 || 9:20 AM || Group Math Activity.

Today was no different. After their Morning Meeting Slides, Mrs. Jensen required each table group to pair up with a different group. Naturally, Javier requested if his table could pair up with Table 2. The rest of his table-mates seemed to pause momentarily before immediately whispering something incoherent. He believed that they were just discussing the idea when the rest of his table-mates enthusiastically agreed to his request.

After the two tables met, their teacher instructed them to pick a partner from the opposing table. Cooper ran up to Javier to ask to be his partner, to which he obviously said yes.

“Alright everyone,” Mrs. Jensen paused briefly to ensure that everyone in the class was paying attention, “Once you and your partner are ready, make sure to grab a piece of paper from the black bin and begin to start simplifying decimals, fractions, and percents.”

The rest of the class nodded and/or murmured quietly in approval, and began slowly descending into a combination of chaos and focus. The pair starts working out the math problems.

The two of them walked through the first three problems easily, until Javier suddenly found difficulty with Problem 4.

“Uhhhh..." Javier paused for a moment before asking, "Hey Cooper?”

"Hm? Oh, yeah Javi?" Cooper replied.

"I'm kinda stuck on Question 4, can you help me?" Javier blushed slightly.

"Oh yeah, of course!" Cooper turned to face Javier. "So, look at these notes I took and I think you'll be able to understand."

Cooper handed his notes to Javier and slightly grazed his hand

Javier quickly grabs Cooper's notes before facing the opposite direction.

Cooper paused for a second, then also started blushing when he realized what he did.

After Javier took Cooper's notes, there seemed to be an awkward tension between them which forced them to quickly finish the rest of the math problems before most of the class.

Once they finished, they both checked each other's answers and turn their work to Mrs. Jensen.

"Oh, once you finish just hang onto your work and I'll collect it before recess," Mrs. Jensen said.

They both nodded before returning to the group.

"Jeez, you guys finished already?" Sofia said.

"Yeah, we did," Cooper replied quickly.

"Damn, you finished before Evan. That's something to flex about," Keanna joked.

"Wowwww, how rude," Even replied.

The rest of the group started bullying Evan, which left Javier and Cooper alone.

"So, what now?" Javier asked.

Cooper thought for a moment before taking two pencils out.

"Maybe let's go to your table and draw until recess starts?"

Javier nodded, and they headed off towards Table One, leaving the remaining group.

But whilst they were distracted, the rest of the two tables gathered together and started plotting...

5.08.22 || 9:48 AM || Free Time.

“Uhhhhh, what are we supposed to do when we’re done?” Keanna asked whilst slightly crumpling some math papers in their hand.

“We wait until recess I think? I dunno, me and Ian aren’t finished yet,” Christian replied.


“Shut the fuck up.”

“Guys don’t fight,” Amanda said as she fiddled with an eraser.

The somewhat large group paused for a moment.

“What should we now though? I’m kinda bored,” Evan commented.

“Wow Evan, you don’t even have the patience to wait,” Olivia looked at the clock for a brief moment, “40 minutes.”

“Haha, you had to look at the clock,” Even countered.

“Evan, don’t bully the girls,” Logan says in mock disappointment.

“Yeah, EVAN,” Sofia adds.

Amanda looks at her eraser.

“Wait, guys, I know what we can do,” She said.

Mostly everyone turned to face Amanda.

“Hm? What?” Olivia asked.

“Well, there’s something me and my table do with this,” Amanda shows the eraser. “It’s basically ripoff Charlie Charlie.”

“Yeah, and you guys keep asking if I’m gay or not,” Ian rolled his eyes.

“You kinda are though,” Christian said.

“Yeah, you are,” The rest of the group replied.

Ian made a grunting noise and faced his paper to finish the rest of his math problems.

“Ok, so, we just ask it questions and we flip it right?” Logan asked.

“Mhm,” Amanda nodded.

Before any of them could ask it anything, Number 20, Abby, took the eraser.

“Is Coovier canon?” She asked.

"COOVIER?!?!?!?" Sofia started laughing.

Abby flipped it and the eraser landed on its side.

"Yeah, that's their ship name, duh," Abby replied.

"That's kinda gay," Ian commented.

“Wait Abby since when were you listening to this conversation??” Keanna asked

“Since always.” Abby ignored Ian's comment.

“You’re not even part of this group what-”

“I’m betting that they’re going to confess this week,” Sofia said abruptly.

"What day though??" Olivia pondered.

"I'm betting five dollars they'll confess on Friday." Ola appeared suddenly, startling a couple of people from the group.

"Ok, so, are we just going to ignore that people are going in this conversation?" Evan deadpans.

"Yes, because it's entertaining," Abby said, then continued, "Anyways since I'm like, broke I'm betting a dollar that they'll confess on Wednesday."

"What Abby said but I'll bet two dollars," Olivia said.

"I think it'll happen on Thursday," Sofia said, "Okay, I'm betting four dollars."

"Dunno guys, I kinda feel that they'll confess tomorrow," Keanna muses, "I'll also bet five dollars by the way."

"Guys are we seriously betting on this-" Amanda said.

"Yes. Now pick your bet," Keanna replied.

"Hmmm, Christian what do you think?" Amanda looked at Christian expectantly.

"Wait what??? What is happening?" Christain asked as he turned his back to face the group.

"We're betting on Cooper and Javier's relationship," Logan said.

"Yeah, now tell us what you think so Amanda can make a decision," Abby added.

"Uhhhhh, tomorrow, I don't know," Christian said after a while.

"Alright, then I'm picking tomorrow as well," Amanda said.

"How much are you two betting?" Ola asked the two.

"I'll bet... uhhhh... a penny," Christian said.

"Oooooooooookay," Ola said. "How about you Amanda?"

"I'll bet three dollars," Amanda said.

"Damn whoever's winning is getting big bucks," Ian commented.

"Yeah, ok, and what are you placing bets on hmmm???" Sofia asked.


"That's kinda gay bro," Evan said.

"But I'm broke."

"Just bet one of your water bottles," Logan said half-jokingly.

"Mmmmm, water that might be drugged," Amanda said.

"Goddamn, if Christian wins he's gonna make one of those cursed sanitizer things again." Keanna joked.

"Shut up."

"No, you."

Ian thought for a moment.

"If you don't do it, you're a homosexual," Abby said.

"Fine." Ian paused briefly, "I'm going to bet they won't do it this week."

"I'mma go with what Ian said," Logan said. "I'll bet ten bucks."

"Jesus, you got that much money to burn????" Olivia asked

Logan shrugged.

"Ok, anyways, I think Evan's the only one who hasn't picked yet," Olivia turned to Evan. "What are you betting on?"

Evan blinked, "I'll also go with today?? Honestly, I have no idea but I'll bet a quarter."

"Soooo, one today, three tomorrow, two on Wednesday, one on Thursday, one on Friday, and lastly two that don't think it's going to happen this week?" Ola asked

Everyone else murmured in agreement.

"ALRIGHTY! So it's settled." She paused momentarily before continuing, "We're placing bets on Javier x Cooper and whoever wins gets $34.26 dollars and a possibly drugged bottle of water."

"You were counting????" Amanda asked.


"Haha guys, good luck, I have a sort-of psychic feeling when it comes to shit like this," Keanna said.

"Well fuck you I'm gonna win," Olivia said.

Their teacher called for their attention.

"OH SHIT ME AND CHRISTIAN DIDN'T FINISH-" Ian exclaimed before he was cut off by the teacher.

Mrs. Jensen started dismissing her class to recess.

The bet officially starts now.



if theres spelling mistakes its like 1-3 am rn im not proofreading this dkdfkjdjfdskj

ok so tbh i dont remember when like- we came back to school after spring break i only used context clues from our old google classroom so likeee i tried to make this canon compliant 😥

rip cooper he gets like shipped with mostly everyone from the class

anyways yeah lmao have a good day or night or whatever it is

magic eraser supremacy

[edit: uh yeah i did write evans name as 'even' so uh whoops

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