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Baby, It's Cold Outside

By Angel Lee Rose

Other / Fantasy


Natsu began thrusting at an erotic pace. “You’re such a naughty girl. You’re always teasing me with your ice tricks and you never let me show you my what my fire can do!” Natsu said as he kept up his pace. “I’ll be your naughty girl forever!” Tenshi moaned. “Yeah? The Dragon’s going to pound you so hard!” He whispered in my ear. “Yes! Harder, harder!” She replied. “Oh god you don’t know how good this feels...” Natus got harder until he released a large amount of semen in her. She felt every last drop inside.

He rode out his climax until he was drained. He panted and pulled out. “Wow... that was amazing...” he was out of breath as he smiled. “Yeah.... it was pretty damn great if you ask me.” Tenshi smiled back. She turned around and kissed him. Natsu pulled her close and kissed back roughly and passionately. Natsu moaned into the kiss and pulled back. “Tenshi Lee Rozu. I don’t know if it’s sexually, romantically, or both, but...Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu.” Natsu finished. “Watashi mo anata o aishitemasu.” Tenshi said and held Natsu close.

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