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angel among the dark

By Marypeace

Fantasy / Adventure


believed to have been born on earth, Liza lived the average life of any human girl. Till one day a visit to her grandmother’s gravesite changes everything, and everything she ever knew will come crashing down on her. from dreams to unknown forces Liza must journey to find the truth hidden form her as she fights off the demons in her unknown past and even those living within her. With the help of an unwanted outcast Halfling Liza will face the hardest times in her life. Will she make it through with her soul still intact, or will she succumb to the demons that hide within her.

the start

Ch.1/dreams hold secret reality’s Run, that’s all her mind could process. She could feel the sweat bubbling down her face, only to be blown off by the wind that kept pushing her back to whatever it was she ran from. Then all of a sudden she felt her feet go numb, as she crashed down to the cold soil she could’ve sworn was calling out her name. with her face seemingly stuck to the ground, she could hear the now louder footsteps approaching her. Squirming she tried to set herself free from the grasp with which the cold soil had on her. But with no luck, as she felt as though each time she squirmed she was held unto tighter. Tears poured to the sides of her now soiled cheeks, only to be eaten by the cold soil that held her. All of sudden everything stopped, the wind ceased to blow, and the soil withheld its grasp on her. Out of nowhere she felt a hand grab her arm, pull her up, and yell “go, leave, now, go”. She could hear the voice say other phrases, but the fear in her erased all other words except “go, leave, and now”. She got up without any second thought and ran, for it seemed as if that was all she could do now. “Gasp” ……. She woke up to a pool of her own sweat. Her eyes widened from all the images that once filled her now dazed head. Yet for a not so strange reason she could believe it was “a dream”. A dream, it seemed like all her dreams were now evolving into nightmares. She’d been having those dreams since her visit to the graveyard, she could still remember feeling a hand upon her shoulder, Turing and seeing no one. The first night it was just a door, but not an ordinary door, she could see both dark and light escape from the cracks marked all over the door. Then without any thought, as if being controlled she opened the door, but before she could see anything she woke up, and it had been just like that every other night. This was the first night she’d ever seen what the door held, the first night she’d ever felt her life threatened, and the first night she’d ever heard “the voice”.

The voice, the voice was all she could think of as she went about her now scattered daily life. She could still hear the words “go, leave, and now” for it echoed back and forth in her head as if bouncing off the walls of her skull. The whole day she felt herself dozing off to the same spot. The hand on her shoulder, the voice yelling ’” go, leave, and now” had overtaken her mind. The words, are you even listening pushed her back to reality, but never held on too long, as she felt herself drift off into her dreams once more. As the sun fell and the sky darkened, she felt the sudden urge to walk. She got up her feet moving involuntarily out the door. walking to where she had no idea, she could feel the shift from grass to gravel, then all of a sudden her feet came to a halting stop. Her eyes looked around but spotting nothing she tried to turn and leave, but found to her most unhappiness she was stuck. Without thinking her arms reached up grabbing a knob. As soon as she felt the metallic object a rush of sudden unpleasantness swarmed and bombarded her heart and brain. She reached out for her hand, but was too late as the door ominously swung open. Looking down she saw the ooze that was once trapped only in her dreams now was set free, but unlike her dreams only dark came forth. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt the dark ooze rise and many skeletal hands grab at her. Kicking and punching she tried to escape from their boney grasps, but they held on tight pulling and tugging, their nails digging into her flesh. As she held on for dear life her mind traced back to her family and friends, “was this the end” was all she could think. Darkness was the last thing she saw as her hands released their grip on the world she’d come to know as home and her body, mind, and soul succumbed to the boney hands that pulled on her now bloodied flesh.

*unknown*…………. “ sir there’s been a disturbance “ *yelling* “ there’s always disturbances what makes this one so important that you’d bother me” *shaking in fear* “ well sir a portal opened on the earth” * bows head quickly in fear* “ well isn’t that lovely” “ umm what shoul…” *interrupting and roars * “ shut up, “ “ surround every entrance with bounty hunters , nothing gets out, bring anything found to me alive and unharmed, now ” “ yes sire” *bows and runs out quickly* “ seems as though the fool couldn’t keep the child in the dark anymore” * laughing hysterically* “ well then let the games begin” * licks lips* *…………………………………………………………………………………………………*

Ch.2/ path of voices & …….………Unanswered questions…………… “Gasp” …, She woke once more, but this time to not only one but multiple gasps. She could feel her lung close and open as she tried to draw in more air. Her gasps quieted as she came to the realization of the cold hardness pressed upon her back. She quickly looked down only to be pulled back into her gasping fret, but was soon stopped as a hand swung over her mouth. Eyes turning, she was shocked for in her midst stood no one, nothing but a shadow, but she could still feel its hand against her mouth. Before her mind could examine what was going on she heard It speak, “don’t scream okay”. To her unutter surprise the it was a male. She nodded and he released his hand from her upper lips and freed himself from her, as he moved away from her she took the opportunity and ran. Running to where she had no idea, all the fear in her knew was she needed to get away fast.

Her legs drew to a jolting stop, too tired to keep running from the unexplainable voice that once accompanied her. She looked around the now voiceless environment, as her mind tried to process all hat had occurred. 3/4s of her mind believed that once again it was just a dream. Though ¼ of her brain knew that none of what had just occurred was a dream, sadly that part of her also knew that she wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon and that was the harsh reality she knew she’d soon have to face. Lost in the war raging between her mind, heart, body, and soul on reality or dream she failed to notice her surroundings. Finally brought back from her thoughts by a small yet ominous call of her name. her head sprang up and her eyes finally embraced what surrounded her. In front of her was two paths, both black with not even a single ray of light escaping the dark, misty paths. Confused her eyes scanned the environment for the slightest clue, stopping only at the two words written between the two paths. The words “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” were sprawled across the ground floor with the words “he who has eyes let them see” written just underneath. Before her mind could process both sentences her head was brought back up with the faint, but now louder calling of her name. Her eyes roamed the gloomy pathway for whatever it was that called her. Ears springing up to the now multiple callings of her name, her body followed the wave of voices rushing at her ears, stopping only at one of the two paths. Leaning in she could hear the now louder voices, all different pitches, but all saying one word her name. her body yelled leave but her heart and curiosity disagreed. Then all of a sudden from the corner of her eye she saw a small yet diminishing light, no not light color. Though she couldn’t Identify the object from which the calming color sprang from, she still felt an unexplainable connection to both the mystery object and its unflawed angle white color. It was as if she could hear and feel multiple heartbeats and emotions all begging for one thing freedom. As if her body, mind, and soul were hypothesized by the object and its alluring color her feet began to inch closer and closer to the dark path. As she neared the edge of light and the beginning of darkness her mind and body stopped from the sudden fire that engulfed her. Her ears blead from the piercing screeches and wales thrown at her from every direction. Her eyes teared up with sympathy from the sight of all the pain and suffering that surrounded her. Her body tensed up from the sudden dark feeling that engulfed her from behind. She turned slowly to see what had brought the sudden unknowingly sickening feeling down upon her. Her eyes followed her heads journey to the other side, but before she could get a good look she was brought back with a sharp inhaling of air. Both her mind and body were shocked by the sight she’d just witnessed. Questions poked at her brain for an answer to all that was occurring, but were all dined and pushed aside unanswered. Never before had she been so frightened, but what frightened her the most wasn’t the fact that she’d just witnessed death at its worst, but the fact that she was so calm about it. The only emotion she held toward the disturbing images was complete and utter shock. With that revelation her brain was once more drowned in questions, but before she could even answer one she felt a sharp sting on her back. Limbs crashing to the cold unwelcoming soil her eyes shut slowly. With only the last sight of two blurry feet her eyes concaved to the darkness once again.

Ch.3/A caged monkey With a sharp inhaling of air her head quickly sprang up, only to regret the mistake she’d just made, as a sharp pounding engulfed her skull. Slowly she shifted her head back down to the gravel as her eyes tried to regain their focus on the world. Her ears buzzed with the deafening screams of a woman’s high-pitched voice. She pushed her head back to the side as the door squeaked open and two men marched in. Piping her ear up she listened intently to the deep conversation both men held. “Did you hurt her’” asked one man “because you know he wants her here alive and unharmed” he finished. “No “replied the other man “ I didn’t harm a hair on her pretty little head” he stated rhetorically. “why does he want her so badly anyways?” he questioned scoffing a little. “I mean all I see is a weak pathetic wh…” he exclaimed his unfinished statement. “that’s for him to know and you to mind your own business” the other man rudely declared cutting off the other speaker. “now let’s go” he whispered. And like that they were gone leaving her in the darkness she had now grown accustomed to, alone and with more unanswered questions. Though her head was filled with so much questions begging for answers, two questions had a greater hold upon her. Every part of her begged for an answer to who the “he” was and most of all “what did he want with her?”.

Then she heard it “are u scared yet” an unknown voice whispered “does the thought and sight of death terrify you” it added. Her head turning from side to side she called out “who are you” but heard no response once again she called out “who are you” but like the last time she was left with no response. Before she could call out again the door swung open to reveal 4 heavily armed men. Slowey they approached her cage, now she was truly petrified was this it, was this him going to kill me she questioned. Opening the door, they rushed in each grabbing one arm and one foot. Screaming and crying she begged the men to let her go but they carried her on silently. Suddenly from the corner she heard loud footsteps approaching and before she knew it the men that once held her were lying lifeless. Her body filled with so much shock froze up. she stood there emotionless until she felt a hand pull her and yell “run”. Turning her head, she whispered “you killed them” “not for long” the voice called and with that last statement grabbed her arm and ran off.

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