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The End of You

By Lekituzl

Action / Adventure


For years, police and special forces have been trying to keep Team Rocket and their nefarious Boss from spreading from the already over run Kanto to the under prepared Johto. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough help against Giovanni’s sheer power and force of number, and the region is overwhelmed. How long can our heroes run, already exhausted from the fight, while Rocket is running rampant?

Dysfunctional Town

The End of You

For years, police and special forces have been trying to keep Team Rocket and their nefarious Boss from spreading from the already over run Kanto to the under prepared Johto. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough help against Giovanni’s sheer power and force of number, and the region is overwhelmed. How long can our heroes run, already exhausted from the fight, while Rocket is running rampant?

Character Checklist. Some character counterparts are made into separated people.

Gold – Original protagonist from Gold/Silver/Crystal.

Crystal – Female original protagonist introduced in Crystal.

Kotone – Female Gold/Silver/Crystal remake in SoulSilver/HeartGold.

Red – Original protagonist from Red/Blue/Yellow, he is the grown up version of Ash and FireRed.

Green/Leaf – The female protagonist introduced in Pokemon Green, also from Pokemon Adventures.

Kamon – Original Rival for Gold/Silver/Crystal. This is the default name for Rival.

Silver – Original Rival, but remade in Pokemon Adventures. Separated due to personality.

Soul – Remade Rival for HeartGold/SoulSilver.

P1..::..Dysfunctional Town

“Hurry.” Gold hissed, his voice ragged from loss of breath, lost from running. He was running down the street, hopping nimbly around piles of garbage and keeping an eye on the younger girl in front of him. He grit his teeth, getting impatient at her progress, but unable to hurry her. Even despite her lack of physical capability and younger body, being a lab tech and all, the broken and partially shattered cobblestones, slicked with oil and rain, were hard to walk on, much less run. And she was untrained. Shit. He was lucky he had been an outdoorsman before all of... this..... happened. He even had time to look back, long enough to see that nobody was coming. No, that was wrong. They were coming, and they wouldn’t stop. They just didn’t have their prey in sight yet. His eyes darted back ahead, this time focusing on the other young woman leading the way, this one more capable. Her blue hair jutted up behind her, bouncing with each running leap she made. Somewhere along the way, her star hair adornment had been ripped away, along with her hat.

“Shit!” With a sharp explanation, the woman skidded to a halt, snarling. With a dash past the younger woman that was struggling up and over the heap of furniture that had cascaded down from an upper window, maybe from an escape attempt without a broken neck, he met his partner on the other side of the trashed home goods.

“Aw shit......” He agreed with her. A sharp, ragged fissure went down the middle of the street. Where it hit into the buildings, the buildings had collapsed, not able to keep their former squarish shape, and now just a rubble heap, and beyond this fissure and down the alley were broken light fixtures and beams, all collapsed. The gap itself was deep, probably like a 8 on the earthquake scale. A hefty Pokemon had done this, perhaps a Rhydon. And its intended victim had fallen, along with the buildings. The rotting corpses of a Flareon and a young woman were there, deep in the depths of the crack, and a little higher up, caught by its spines, was a Sandslash. The boney eye sockets of poor thing were flecked with bits of flesh. Gold shuddered, drawing back with a spasm of shock, out of his revere. He still wasn’t used to seeing bodies outside of caskets.

And suddenly, a smell assaulted his nose. A bitter, burnt smell, with a mouthful of burned eggs beneath it. It was the noxious spillings of a Wheezing. Normally, just building up in its body could cause one of them to Explode. But now, whether it was that trainer in black or a wild Wheezing, it wasn’t safe. And with the two hot on their trail, Gold wasn’t willing to leave it to chance.

“Marina!” With a sharp look and growl to the woman beside him, he stood up straighter, looking across the gap they could not jump, “Meganium-”

“-Is burnt to a crisp.” Marina hissed back at him, gritting her teeth and spreading her legs in a nervous, ready stance, despite the fact that they could never really truly be ready, “And Togetic is dead.” Gold’s eyes flashed with shock. He hadn’t known that. No vines or wings to help them.

They had met up, somewhere around an offset of Violet, and he didn’t have much of a clue what had happened to her before then. They’d been so busy running since then they hadn’t had a moment to catch up on stories. Gold had been carting Kotone, the youngest one with them back towards Azalea where Elm was waiting, as it was no longer safe in New Bark, not when he was renowned to live there, and study. He was a hermit, and didn’t leave the town much. Unfortunately, it had taken the explosion of his lab and the theft of his computer data, and almost the theft of his life, to make him realize that he had to cave in and run. So, they had moved. Marina, as he had found her out as they jogged, had been returning from Cherrygrove while trying to get some medical supplies. Unfortunately, all she had found were two first aids and some bottled water, bound in her backpack. Kotone was too busy huffing and gasping for breath to really be apart of the conversation and had to content herself with listening.

It was on their way back to relative safety that they had been spotted by the two men. The one in white, and the one in black. Gold, realizing them for what they were despite their dress-me downed look to appear casual, had grabbed Marina to a screeching halt, and with a lick of sense and obedience she had halted. Unfortunately, they had not been fast enough to grab Kotone before she had yelled out.


“Oh, heeey!” Kotone raised her arms, oblivious to the horrified looks on her companions’ faces behind her, out of her sight, their arms outstretched for her, frozen now with their horror, “More survivors, hey, over here!” She had been so relieved to see other people, after having been cut off from everyone for so long, cooped up in that little hideout near Azalea, that her eyes were filling with tears. One man whipped around, his hand tightening around a whip in his hand. Kotone slowly slowed down, not running as quickly towards him when she saw the weapon, uncertainty just now starting to creep into her, and then finally a flash of understanding at the red Rs on their shirts. The other man, the one in white, turned slower than his companion. The grin that was already plastered on the man in black’s face was now creeping onto the white one’s.

Gold felt fear curling in his stomach, a sickening feeling that had his stomach churning. There was a low, deep growl and a snort of ash from the bushes. Gold’s head jerked to look, and there was the scarred, red snout of a Houndoom, its red, red eyes glaring him down from behind the smoke it had snorted.

“RUN! NOW!” Gold screamed his command, harsh and jolting, snatching Kotone from her frozen in a spotlight look. Marina was already turning with a grimace, jetting. Despite the command having only been two words long, it wasn’t enough. The Houndoom’s mouth caught in a bite, down on Marina’s fleeing back, on her backpack, ripping away her hard earned supplies. Kotone jumped, literally off the ground, and turned, running, in the wrong direction- Dammit! Gold had to grab her wrist and jerk her away from where she was heading and trust Marina to follow them. She had been trying to go to her original destination, Elm and Azalea, but they couldn’t lead them there, or it would all be over for the rest. Elm wasn’t a fighter he was a researcher. Gold and Marina were their best, that’s why they were out in the field, and that’s why they had to protect it. Meaning they couldn’t run for safety.

There was a cackle behind them, and then as Marina turned to run, a blot of acid, a Sludge Bomb from a levitating Wheezing they hadn’t seen, splattered all over her shoulder. Marina cried out in pain, but cut it off with a snarl and threw her jacket off, burning her hand but saving her shoulder and arm. With good teamwork, she somehow managed to run forward, picking up the slow Kotone and running, as Gold turned and with his Typhlosion, managed to spew Flamethrowers and Smokescreens for their retreat.

And now here they were, far, far away from Azalea, their escape cut off by a Fissure attack, Pokemon too exhausted to carry them to safety, stuck in this maze of crumbling buildings, trash and smoldering fires, the smog of an overworked factory city overwhelming the sky with red fumes. The smell was growing stronger in their nostrils, and began to sting their eyes as they look frantically at the dilapidated buildings, frantic with escape. Gold groaned, throwing his Pokeball and motioned his Typhlosion to stand up on its shaking legs.

“Come on, buddy, stretch.” It reared on its hind legs, catching its claws as high up on the wall as it could go. Nimbly, Gold climbed up its back, and standing on its shaking shoulders, started to pry plywood from the nails into the wall. He would have wrapped his hands in his socks to cushion them, but they didn’t have time. He bloodied his hands on the rusted stubs, but in the end, he managed to climb in. Marina was next up, quickly, quickly, and then suddenly, Typhlosion fell down to its side, huffing and whining deeply in its chest. Kotone squeaked, hands fisted in its fur, panic starting to envelope her. She was the last down in the street. Whispering, Gold urged his buddy up, until finally it stood, and with weary eyes, lifted up so Kotone could climb and the other two could hoist her into the wall. With a weary thump, Typhlosion slipped down onto its haunches. Gold recalled it, and slipped the plywood shut. As they were sneaking away, there was a loud snarl from a Houndoom, that, Houndoom, and a blast ripped out in the alleyway, igniting the fumes. Fire was thrumming against the walls, and over the roar of the flames, igniting the gas that had been seeping into the alleyway, Gold roared to keep going. Smoke was billowing through the cracks, until suddenly it didn’t have to anymore. The plywood and piece of the walls were caved in, and now smoke was really, really billowing in, in clouds.

Marina dropped to her hands and knees, and the other two followed suit, trying to stay alive, breathing beneath the smoke, trying to get clean air but still taking in soot. Marina yelped when an ember landed on her hand, and Gold hissed at the searing heat behind him. Stumbling, they made it on all fours down a flight of stairs, bumping into tables and chair legs, until they went down one more flight, hurriedly, the timbers groaning above them. They stumbled down the stairs in a heap, gasping and gulping and coughing for breath, too exhausted to carry on, waiting for their fate. The building started to collapse at the top of the stairs, but thankfully didn’t go any farther. They could hear burning, but it wasn’t getting past the stone of the cellar they had stumbled into. They waited, unquietly due to their gasping, waiting, waiting for it to become safe again.

Thankfully, thanks to the fire, the wrenched plywood from the window wouldn’t show their attackers which way they had went. Hopefully, their attackers thought they were a pile of ash. Hopefully. Slowly, with a mutual feeling of dread, they all slowly took stock. They were in a cellar, filled with wooden boxes, and cardboard boxes, all stacked high, newspapers spilling everywhere, tubs of plastic bottles stacked against the walls, barely neat. A hoarder’s cellar. Gold gulped. If the blaze reached down here, with all this flammable stuff, they would become kindling for the bonfire. It’d be up in a bright flash in seconds. With a sigh, they sorted themselves out.

Marina wound up climbing onto the pile, trying to see through the smudged high windows that opened onto ground level, maybe enough room for a body to squirm through, maybe not. If they didn’t have angles on them. Gold lay sprawled on his side in the trash beside Marina, his Typhlosion curled beside him. He was stroking her carefully, inspected her. She was shaking, exhausted, and one of her fangs had been broken.

“Oh, baby...” Gold whispered to her. Against the wall, Kotone gulped, whimpering, and wiping her eyes on her sleeve, squeezing her Maril to her chest tightly.

“Maybe the Elite Four will rise up, yano? Maybe they’ll take action! Aren’t they meant to, like, police the regions anyways?”

“The Elite Four are dead meat.” Marina spat dryly from her perch on the moldly cardboard. At her dour words, Kotone flinched, “And even if they aren’t? Their numbers are few against many, no matter their elitism.”

“There weren’t that many of them...” Kotone smiled bleakly. Marina just stared down at Kotone.

“And you really think that’s all of them?” Marina stared at Kotone with a grim frown. There was silence, and then a chuckle from Gold.

“Way to kill the mood, Mar.” Gold said wryly. Marina shot a glare at him, mouth opening to mouth her displeasure.

“Kill the mood? WE might as well be dead.” Marina spat out at him. Gold leaned over, looking up at Marina and nudging her with his elbow, an easy grin plastered on his face, eyes dark but still sparkling with life that threatened to hang on tenaciously.

“Kick it Mar, huh?” He stared her in the eyes, and Marina’s eyes softened towards him, her oldest friend. She glanced at Kotone, who was squeezing her Maril and starting to blubber against its skin. Marina sighed and turned away, hugging her knees, unsure of how to deal with a blubbering female. Gold shrugged his shoulders in a ‘Whatcha gonna do?’ gesture, and scooted down the threatening to slide pile of junk and swung his but around to sit beside Kotone arm around her shoulder, an easy grin on his face. Kotone sniffled, squeezing his shorts clad leg tightly.

“Shouldn’t you be comforting Marina?” Kotone asked.

“Mars a big girl. She can take care of herself.” Gold squeezed her easily, stretching back as if he were in a nice, pleasant room and not a rotting pit. Kotone obviously felt the weight of the situation, and shuddered, starting to cry again.

“I d-don’t like it here.” Kotone sobbed, trying to bite at her sleeve to keep from crying out too loud. They both looked up when Marina spoke.

“Well, too bad. Welcome to Goldenrod. It might as well be Rocket Town.”

There was silence. In the morning they would try to dig themselves out.

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