Thanks For The Memories

Chapter 5

New York City


Six-year-old Henry Swan knew his family was a bit different from other families. He knew he was different as well. That wasn’t always easy, because other kids could be really mean. But Henry rather liked that his family was different. Mommy always said it was because they were special and he liked that.

They even played a special game. At home, he called his grandparents Grams and Gramps. But at school or in public, he called them Aunt Mary and Uncle David. It was a curious thing to Henry, but Mommy said it was because Grams and Gramps didn’t look old enough to be grandparents. Henry didn’t really know any different. To him, Grams and Gramps looking the same age as Mommy didn’t seem all that strange. That’s just the way it was.

So, he started paying attention to other kids’ grandparents in public and at school functions. And Mommy was right. Grams and Gramps didn’t look at all old like other grandparents. And it seemed most grandpa’s didn’t play with their grandsons as much. His Gramps played all kinds of games with him all the time.

Yep, his family was different and Henry thought he had figured out why. He loved reading his big book of stories his Mom had given him. Gramps liked to call the stories history, whatever that meant. He had strongly suspected before, but today had clinched it. He was almost certain that his Grams and Gramps were Snow White and Prince Charming from his book. And even at six, Henry knew it sounded crazy, but it would explain everything.

Grams and Gramps were still young. Maybe that meant they were cursed like it said would happen in the book. Gramps even had a scar on his chin like Prince Charming in the book. Today, they were in the park near his favorite wishing fountain and though there was no music, Grams and Gramps were dancing together. Mommy looked embarrassed and people were kind of staring. Some were giving them smiles, others were poking fun at them, which he didn’t think was nice. But Grams and Gramps didn’t seem to notice, probably cause they couldn’t stop looking at each other. He wished he knew for sure, but Mommy never gave him a very clear answer. Then Henry got an idea. He would make a wish.

“Mommy...can I make a wish?” Henry asked. Emma smiled and put a quarter in his small hand.

“Sure kid, why don’t you wish your grandparents had a little shame,” she joked. He had no idea what that meant, but he knew you weren’t supposed to tell your wishes aloud.

“ won’t come true if you tell people,” he chided. Emma chuckled.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Emma replied. Henry closed his eyes and threw the coin into the fountain. He opened his eyes and glanced over to his grandparents. He gasped, as he saw them change. Grams was in a brilliant white gown and her hair was long and curly. Gramps was in princely red coat, black riding pants and boots, exactly like Prince Charming wore in the book. Henry grinned. That was the moment he knew the stories they told him, though fantastical, were true and Henry was glad they were special, even if no one could understand…

The Enchanted Forest

Present Day

Snow screamed in pain, as another contraction hit and Charming held her, whispering words of love to her as he had so long ago.

They were sequestered in the royal chambers with the midwife, while a battle raged outside their walls.

“This little one is in an awful hurry to meet his mama and papa. It’s time to start pushing, honey. His head is crowning,” Tally said. Snow’s cries rang out, as her delivery began…

Outside the royal chambers, arrows flew at the winged beasts. The castle doors burst open, despite the magical protection spell to keep them sealed. Zelena stood there, in full costume, with an evil smirk on her green face.

“Clear the path for me...dearie,” she cooed, as she poised the dagger in her hand and ordered the revived Rumpelstiltskin to do her bidding.

“Rumple…” Belle squeaked.

“Papa…” Neal uttered. The witch had done it. Whom she had used as a sacrifice, no one knew, but the Dark One was alive and well once again.

“Bae…” he said, his eyes tearing.

“Belle,” he cried.

“I did not tell you to speak!” Zelena hissed, silencing him. The lanterns and candles lighting the castle flickered and the witch beamed gleefully.

“It’s happening!” she said, as she used her hand to fling Belle and Neal away.

“I have a birthing to attend,” she hissed. Rumple raised his hand with reluctance and in a sweeping motion, cleared Robin and the Merry Men from their path. Another sweeping motion eliminated the palace Knights and guards. The dwarves, Granny, and Red all fell to the floor unconscious due to the Dark One’s power.

A fireball appeared in Regina’s palm, as he faced her sister.

“Protecting Snow White? I’m disappointed in you, sis. You should relish what I’m about to do to her,” Zelena hissed.

“Not today,” Regina growled, as she launched her fireball. But Zelena’s magic overpowered hers and she flung the Queen against the wall. Regina slumped to the floor, unconscious. Emma let out of howl and swiped Zelena with her blade, surprising her and slicing her cheek. Zelena touched the wound and saw blood on her hand.

“You’re not getting near my parents, greenie,” Emma spat. Neal groaned in pain, but started to get up. Hook ushered Henry over to his father and joined Emma, bring his sword up to strike position. Zelena only looked annoyed and scoffed.

“Rumple dear, please take care of this for me,” she cooed. Killian felt his airway constrict and his feet leave the ground, as the Dark One tossed him away like a rag doll. Shimmering white power left Emma’s hands in a beam of magic, which collided with Rumple’s. But Emma’s inexperience with magic found her overpowered and she hit the wall, magic biding her there as a spectator to what was about to occur.

“Wonderful. This open area will be the perfect place for my ritual,” she said, as they used magic to carve the symbol Belle had shown them earlier in her book. Emma watched the witch place the hilt of her father’s sword on one of the four pillars, followed by Regina’s heart on the bottom pillar, and a brain on the third pillar. The brain, she assumed was the symbol of Rumpelstiltskin’s knowledge as Belle had suggested. The top spot remained vacant for the final ingredient...her baby brother.

It was then that an infant’s cry pierced the silence and Emma struggled fruitlessly, as Zelena cackled with glee and ascended the stairs.

“Gold...she’s gone. You can release me,” Emma pleaded.

“She thought of that, dearie. As long as that dagger is in her hand, I can’t help you. But you can help yourself,” he replied.

“I’m not strong enough,” Emma responded, as she struggled.

“Yes, you are,” he hissed in annoyance.

“I’m not...I’m not powerful,” she refuted.

“Yes you are, you just won’t believe it,” Rumple growled.

“For once, the Crocodile is right, love,” Hook groaned, as he picked himself up. You can do this, Emma,” he urged.

Snow screamed through the final push, as Tally cradled the newborn and his cry pierced the air. Snow slumped back against her husband, as he stared with wide eyes, while the midwife cleaned him off and wrapped him in a blanket.

“Congratulations, Your Majesties,” she said, as she placed him in Snow’s arms, who was already crying. Charming’s face was eclipsed with a huge grin, as he kissed his wife’s hair and she grinned back at him.

“Look at him, Snow. he’s so perfect,” he said, as he kissed her temple. Snow could only nod and marvel at him.

But their happiness was interrupted, as their chamber doors burst open and Zelena slithered in.

“No…” Snow pleaded and then cried out, as Tally fell unconscious with the wave of her green hand. Charming drew his sword and brought it up to strike, but Zelena froze both of them with magic and gently plucked the baby boy from Snow’s arms.

“You’re my ticket to getting everything I want,” she cooed, as she left the room. Once she was gone, the magic released them and they could move again. Snow burst into tears and David’s eyes were like blue fire, as he clutched his sword and pulled Snow close for a brief moment.

“I’ll get him, Snow...I’ll bring him back,” he promised, as he rushed out, as his wife sobbed uncontrollably.

He stormed down the stairs, slashing at the winged beasts. Each one that tried to stop him died by his blade.

“Stop him!” Zelena hissed and David involuntarily froze in his tracks, just steps away from them.

“Give me my son…” David growled.

“Sorry Charming...but I need him for my spell. But don’t worry, once I go back, you won’t remember any of this and…” Zelena giggled.

“Your darling Snow won’t even exist when I’m done!” she cackled, as she brushed her gloved hand along his handsome face.

“ would have made a lovely slave. Kill him,” she ordered to Rumple.

“NO!” Emma screamed, as she struggled even harder now. Rumple truly looked sorry, as he began choking David.

“Rumple...fight’re stronger than her!” Belle pleaded.

“I’m...trying…” he confessed, as the struggle was evident on his face.

“You will not defy me,” Zelena hissed, as she started toward the final place to position the baby. David fell to his knees, clutching his throat. Tears trickled down Emma’s face and she let out of howl, as she broke through the Dark One’s hold on her. With a swipe of her hand, she released her father from his hold as well and he fell to the floor, coughing and heaving air into his lungs.

“Daddy…” Emma cried, as she knelt beside him.

“I’m okay...get your brother…” David pleaded. Emma stood up and Regina joined her, as they charged Zelena once she put the baby down. Magic swirled, as she began the spell, but it faded, as Emma and Regina’s magic clashed with her own. Zelena looked horrified and cried out, as they overpowered her. She hit the floor hard and the dagger flew from her hand. Neal wasted no time and rolled toward it, grasping it in his hands.

“NOOO!” Zelena howled.

“Her’s the source of her power,” Rumple revealed now that the dagger was out of the witch’s hands. Neal hurried to his father and presented him with the dagger and a hug, which both surprised and touched him. David pulled his son out of the heat of the battle, as Regina knelt over her fallen sister.

“You’re the Evil Queen...why do you fight with them? I’m your sister…” she cried.

“That makes you blood...not family. Oh and some sister...since you were just going to go back in time and erase me,” Regina growled, as he grabbed the pendant and ripped it away, leaving Zelena powerless. As the final nail, Rumple waved his hand and turned the witch into a marble statue, which promptly crumbled to pieces. It was over. Emma smiled and dove into her father’s free arm, as he hugged her and kissed her forehead. She gazed and cooed at her baby brother.

“Go...get back to Mom. I’ll be there soon,” she said. He nodded and hurried back up the stairs. He peered into their chambers and he watched her shoulders shake, as she was still racked with sobs...until she saw him. Her crying stopped and she looked at him in disbelief, as if she didn’t dare to hope. He gazed at her with tears in his eyes, as he closed the distance and placed their baby in her arms again.

“Oh Charming…” she cried.

“He’s’s over. She’s dead,” he promised, as he took his place beside her, holding her, as she held their little boy. She looked up at him, expression full of love, relief, and wonder, as he kissed her tenderly.

“It’s over, my darling,” he assured again. This time, Snow’s tears were happy, as their baby boy gazed up at them with as much wonder as they gazed upon him with. Things were as they should be again.

New York City

Seven months earlier

September 2012

There were many advantages in going into business with your father, especially when it worked out as well as it had for Emma. They were both very good at finding people and as a result, they made a good living. It also helped immensely that they could pretty much make their own hours, which allowed her to be present at all Henry’s school functions, field trips, and activities, no matter what time of day they occurred.

The only disadvantages were that most of the people they were hired to find were scum running from the law, which meant they both got their share of exercise. They had to chase someone at least once a week and the jerk she was currently sprinting after was her second runner this week. The idiot looked back at her smugly for a brief second, thinking it was inevitable that he would lose her. But that was another advantage to working with her Dad. He would always have her back and she smirked, as she watched her father open the driver’s side door on her Volkswagen bug just as the perp was running past. As expected, the guy hit the door and was thrown to the ground in a painful heap. Emma stopped running and bent over to catch her breath. David cuffed the idiot and tossed him in the backseat.

“You okay?” he asked.

“ are totally running after the next one,” she replied. He smirked and headed over to the passenger side, as she got in.

They dropped the perp they had caught at the local precinct and once they were back in the bug, Emma navigated back into busy New York traffic, as her father checked his watch.

“We did good on time today. We might actually be on time for dinner tonight,” he mentioned. She smiled.

“Mom will be shocked,” she joked. Emma would admit that having parents that looked to be the same age as her, was a little weird, but she wouldn’t change anything for the world, especially since it seemed that after her twenty-eighth birthday, they were finally aging again. The evidence of that was that her father’s hair had grown out a bit. All her life, it had been cropped shortly and now over the past year, it had grown some and was much thicker on top.

About forty five minutes later, she parked outside the apartment building where they lived and they ventured inside for the night. They lived on the eighth floor with apartments just across from each other.

Like most evenings, they entered her parent’s apartment where Mary was making dinner and Henry was doing his homework at the table.

“Hey Mom, hey Gramps,” he called.

“Hey kid,” the responded together, as David patted his shoulder and headed toward the kitchen to greet his wife. Emma rolled her eyes playfully and collapsed on the couch.

Mary giggled, as David’s arms encircled her waist and he planted kisses on her neck. She turned her head and their lips met.

“Hello to you too, handsome,” she purred, as she smiled an almost giddy smile. She was always so beautiful to him, no matter what time of day it was, but there was something a bit different tonight, for she seemed to glow. He couldn’t put his finger on what was different though.

“I saw a doctor today,” she mentioned. He frowned and instantly looked worried.

“Are you okay?” he asked. She nodded.

“Is it just a stomach bug?” he asked. She had been getting sick lately and hadn’t been able to figure out why. It had not even dawned on her that the symptoms were familiar, because they had tried to get pregnant for twenty-eight years with no success. She looked into his sapphire eyes, those eyes she so loved to get lost in. Those eyes that were looking at her with so much love it took her breath away. She placed a hand on her still flat stomach and her emerald gaze flicked to where her hand was. His gaze went there too and then shot back up to hers. Their unspoken communication was always incredible, almost seemed otherworldly at times. She was sure no two people belonged together the way she and Charming did.

“Really?” he breathed. She nodded, as her eyes misted. He smiled that beautiful grin that always made her heart quicken.

“I’m about nine weeks,” she told him and then yelped in surprise, as he picked her up, spinning her around. She laughed and then melted against him, as he kissed her passionately. Slowly, he lowered her back to the floor, but kept her pressed flushed against him, holding her close.

“Care to share?” Emma asked, as she and Henry looked expectantly at them.

“I’m pregnant,” Mary announced. Emma’s eyes widened in surprise, but then she smiled and hugged her parents.

“I’m so happy for you, Mom,” Emma told her softly. Henry joined the family hug, as his grandfather put his arm around him.

Their family dynamic may have been different from others and unlike any other, but their lives were very good and full of the most important thing anyone could have; love.

Two months after the battle with Zelena

Enchanted Forest

Since the moment Regina took control of Pan’s curse and returned them to the Enchanted Forest, the Kingdoms had been in complete disarray. This was understandable, being that those Kingdoms that had remained behind, like Phillip and Aurora’s had been seized with fear by the Wicked Witch’s reign of terror. But since her death, the Kingdoms had risen up and worked to restore a sense of order to the Enchanted Forest, of likes which had not been seen in many years.

Rightfully, Snow and Charming ruled both hers and King George’s kingdoms. The old, disgraced King had come out of hiding once the witch was gone and had made an immediate seize for power. However, his attempt was foolhardy even with the sizable amount of soldiers he had retained. George’s insurgency was mildly worrisome, mostly for Snow, since she couldn’t yet join Charming and Emma when they went out to quell the violence created by the vengeful King.

It was decided that they would rule their Kingdoms jointly with Regina, her from Snow’s castle and them from theirs once the rebuilding was finished.

Eric and Ariel had been reunited and were ruling the Maritime kingdom now. Phillip and Aurora from the southern Kingdom and Thomas and Ella from the western Kingdom. Snow and Charming’s kingdom’s were both in the northern region, and finally Abigail, Frederick, and Midas in the eastern kingdom. The only kingdoms they had little involvement with was the Kingdom in the southern isles, though it was known its rulers had thirteen sons. And the other was the mysterious kingdom of Arendelle, which was even further north than Snow and Charming’s kingdoms, close to the Arctic circle. Nearly nothing was known about this Kingdom or if it was, they weren’t sharing. Charming actually knew someone from Arendelle, but he had no involvement with any royalty as far as he knew.

In the past, most of the rulers attempted not to get involved with the others. When Regina had been warring with Snow and Charming, they had largely been on their own. Abigail and Frederick had helped when they could, but Midas wanted no involvement with his Kingdom for fear of her wrath. And while peaceful, King Christopher too had been reluctant to help. Stefan could be cruel and had not been sympathetic to their cause either and Phillips father, King Hubert, had been the same.

But with the younger generation in power now, things had changed. There was cooperation among Kingdoms and no one was knowingly harboring George and therefore he was a wanted man in all the Kingdoms.

They were hoping to find him before the coronation ceremony and as they closed in on the Harbor, they were certain they had him this time.

“There!” Emma pointed, as they rushed toward the ship docked there and dismounted their horses. Emma had found the clothing more adaptable than she had thought she would over the past two months, though that was largely because she hadn’t worn a gown yet. That would come later at the coronation ball. Instead, she wore attire similar to her father’s in a more feminine style. A red leather jerkin with a feminine cut, white shirt beneath it, black riding pants and tall boots. Her father wore a more formal red tunic, with gold embellishments, also with black riding pants and tall boots, with the addition of a velvety red cape, being that this evening he would be crowned as King.

They drew their swords and rushed onto the ship, cornering George at the bow. But the disgraced King looked calm as could be.

“Surrender...there is no escape for you this time,” Charming stated, poising his blade to strike. George only smirked.

“Wrong again, as usual, shepherd. It is you and your daughter that should surrender,” he hissed, as they suddenly noticed the men surrounding them. These were not soldiers, but rather pirates.

“You should really pay attention to what kind of ship you’re boarding before foolishly rushing onto one. It sickens me that this land will be crowning a disappointment like you as their King,” he spat in disgust.

“My father will be twice the King you were. All you ever did was steal and bring poverty to your people,” Emma spat defensively. But George only chuckled at her.

“As if you would know anything about being royalty, Savior. You may be playing Princess now, but it’s an act, just like your peasant father. He’ll always be a lowly shepherd and you’ll always be a street urchin,” he spat.

“Hey...say what you want about me, but you won’t insult my daughter,” David spat, as there was an obnoxious clapping coming from behind them. They whipped around, swords ready.

“Who are you?” David demanded. He smirked.

“Why...Captain of this very ship, of course, The Queen Anne’s Revenge,” Blackbeard stated. Emma’s hands shimmered with magic, as he strolled toward them.

“Oh now, I wouldn’t do that, princess. One of my crewmen has an arrow trained on your dear Daddy. One wrong move from you and it goes through your father’s heart,” Blackbeard threatened, pointing to the man with a crossbow above them. She willed her magic away, as they surrounded. Blackbeard came closer, examining his captives with a smirk.

“I wonder how much Queen Snow will ransom for her Charming husband and beautiful daughter?” he mused.

“Oh, she’ll pay whatever you want for these two. You can do whatever you want to the girl, but we’ll be sending her husband back to her quite broken,” George growled, as he wrapped his hand around David’s neck.

“Oh your knees before your rightful King, shepherd,” George demanded.

“Go to hell, old man,” David spat. George angrily backhanded him in the mouth, drawing blood and Blackbeard used a board to smack the back of David’s knees, forcing him down.

“Go on...let’s set sail and then you can make your ransom demands. You get your gold and then I get safe passage to a new land, but not before making this one suffer,” George said, as he raised his fist.

“Dad!” Emma cried, but stopped, as she remembered the arrow aimed for him.

“I’m finally going to have my revenge,” George goaded.

“Not likely,” David retorted, as the sound of an arrow sailing through the air was heard, followed by a cry from the man that had his arrow trained on David. He now had an arrow sticking out of his chest and he fell dead to the deck. The assailant could be seen from the shore and pulled back their hood, revealing Snow White herself. David and Emma grinned. She was quite a sight, armed with a bow in her white riding outfit and a baby strapped to her chest in his cloth carrier. In fact, David was sure there was no sight more beautiful.

“That was an impressive shot, Your Majesty. But you must know I can kill your family before your arrows can stop all of us,” Blackbeard threatened.

“You’re right...but I am to be Queen. You don’t really think I have come alone, do you?” Snow retorted. Blackbeard frowned, as he noticed the Jolly Roger closing in upon them. In addition, he noticed the royal guard popping up from hiding, many soldiers and seven short men with pick axes. An old woman with a crossbow and a wolf of all things flanked the Queen. Aboard the Jolly Roger stood Robin Hood and his Merry Men, arrows trained on them, as his nemesis, Killian Jones, grabbed a rope and swung over to his ship, landing solidly on the deck.

“You’ve gone soft, Jones, cavorting with royals now? I thought even you weren’t that pathetic,” Blackbeard spat. Killian put his sword to the other pirate’s neck.

“If you want to see pathetic, you should look in a mirror, Blackbeard,” Killian spat in return. The older pirate smirked.

“I’ve heard the talk. Killian Jones has gone the straight and narrow, in hopes of courting the princess,” Blackbeard laughed. But his slight didn’t bother Killian.

“Mr. Smee has a big mouth, but I could really care less about gossip. I’ve waited a long time to see you get what’s coming to you,” Killian answered. Emma raised her hand and disarmed all his men with a wave of her hand. David knocked his head back against George. The former King fell unceremoniously to the deck, holding his bloodied face in pain, as David got to his feet and pointed his blade at the former King’s throat.

“This was all a setup,” George hissed.

“You catch on quickly,” David retorted, as he hauled the King onto the shore. Blackbeard and his men were also marched off the ship. All were locked in prison carriage and began the journey to the palace dungeons.

Charming sheathed his sword and beamed, as he hurried to his wife, kissing her passionately, before dropping a kiss to their son’s head, as he babbled excitedly.

“That was a very nice shot, my darling,” he complimented.

“Mmm...well, we can’t let Daddy and Emmy have all the fun, can we baby boy?” she cooed to their son. He smiled and kissed her again.

“We should get back though. We have a ball to prepare for,” she said.

“Yes we do,” he said, as he led her to their carriage that awaited them.

“Oh Emma...don’t be late getting back. We still have much to do before tonight,” Snow called.

“I’ll be right behind you and Dad,” she promised, as the carriage started off for their castle.

“Well, I’d say that was all in a good day’s work,” Killian mentioned.

“It was. I feel better knowing my parents won’t have that thorn in their side any longer,” she replied, as they approached their horses.

“Thank you. I know you had no love for Blackbeard, but it couldn’t have been easy to turn on your old way of life,” she said.

“Actually it was quite easy,” he commented.

“Really?” she asked.

“Emma...I’ve gained far more at your side than I ever had in my three-hundred years of piracy,” he said sincerely. She smiled and leaned in, sharing a kiss with him. What was between them was still very new and just beginning. But she definitely had those butterflies around him that her mother always spoke of.

“We should get back or my father will send out a search party,” she joked.

“Aye,” he agreed, as they mounted their horses and bounded for the castle they now called home.

A few hours later…

It was finally time and Emma wasn’t sure if she’d ever been so nervous. Though she wasn’t fond of ballgowns, she had to admit the one her mother had commissioned for her was gorgeous. It was made of satin and bluish gray in color. And though they had handmaidens, Snow had insisted on doing her hair, which was up in an elegant twist, with two curls framing her face.

“I remember my first ball. My mother helped me get ready too. I wasn’t sure if I’d get this opportunity with you,” Snow said tearfully.

“I’m glad we are,” Emma told her, as she squeezed her mother’s hand. Snow’s dress was incredible too, whitish silver in color with a beaded bodice and a full skirt. It would pair well with her father’s silver gray formal tunic and pants that he was donning, as they exited the bed chambers to the sitting room where he waited with her son and baby brother.

“Wow…” he uttered, as he saw his wife and daughter.

“Oh Emma...this is everything I’ve always wanted for you,” he said. She smiled and hugged him.

“I love you Daddy,” she whispered and he smiled.

“I love you too princess,” he replied softly.

“Hey look so handsome,” Emma gushed. Both Henry and her baby brother’s formal wear was similar in color and style to David’s, though the baby’s version was much less complicated.

“You do Henry,” Snow told him, as she approached her husband.

“And my boys are looking very handsome as well,” she said, as she kissed her husband tenderly and then their son on the head.

There was a knock at the door, as Regina peeked in, wearing a formal black and silver gown.

“It’s time,” she announced.

“Oh Henry, look at you,” she said, getting teary.

“’re not going to cry, are you?” he teased. She scoffed, but hugged him close.

“You don’t mind taking him for a bit?” Snow asked. Regina smiled and took the baby from her.

“I don’t mind at all,” she said, cooing at him and he giggled, as she tickled his tummy.

“Okay...guess this is it,” David said. Regina nodded and took the baby with her down to the ballroom until it was time to present him to the Kingdom.

The trumpets sounded, as Emma and Henry descended the stairs.

"Presenting Princess Emma and Prince Henry!”

Emma smiled at her son, as the Kingdom received them and she noticed all their friends, including those from other Kingdoms had gathered for the occasion. She gave Killian a special smile, as they joined him and Regina, as they awaited her parent’s arrival.

“Are you ready for this?” David asked, as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. She smiled.

“I’m always ready for anything with you by my side, my love,” she replied, as she pressed her lips softly to his. She linked her arm with his and they began the descent down the stairs.

"Presenting King David and Queen Snow White!” it was announced. As they reached the bottom of the velvety stairs, a nobleman waited and they were officially crowned. The celebration commenced with the newly crowned couple sharing the first dance to which after, all joined the celebration.

Emma danced with the three most important men in her life. Her father, her son, and finally Killian. She even shared a dance with her mother.

As the twilight of the evening approached, Snow and David took their infant son to the balcony that overlooked their Kingdom. Lantern lights dotted the ground below, as people had gathered to see their rightfully returned Queen and her chosen King. Emma and Henry flanked them, as they were announced to the people.

"Presenting to you, King David and Queen Snow White. And presenting their heirs, Princess Emma, Prince Henry, and Prince Hunter,”

They had chosen the name Hunter for their son to honor the man that had once saved them both. In Storybrooke, he had been known as Sheriff Graham, but to them he had simply been the Huntsman and they had chosen Hunter to honor that.

Regina and Killian soon joined them and Emma’s hands glowed with magic, as she created fireworks in the sky.

Rumple, Neal, and Belle also joined them, as they marveled at the display, as did the people below. Memories were a curious thing. Real or not, they had shaped them into the family they were. A most unlikely group of heroes and former villains. A bandit princess, a not so Evil Queen, a shepherd turned prince, a lost girl who found home, a Dark One, a book worm, a pirate, a lost boy who had also found home again, a tiny new prince, and the boy that had brought them all together. And memories both real and imagined created ties that would bind them.

“Thanks for the memories,” Emma told Regina. This time, the Queen didn’t protest that they weren’t real. This time she just smiled.

The End.

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