The Desperate Husband


a husband and wife

Romance / Fantasy
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Deepa, A 22-year-old Indian girl who just completed her bachelor’s was arranged to marry someone who was the son of her Dad’s friend. She was unhappy because of two reasons. First, she was not ready to get married yet as she wanted to continue her studies, and Second because this marriage was a purely arranged marriage as they won’t meet before marriage. She doesn’t even want to meet him. She hated him as that man spoiled her life. She was a BTS ARMY and wanted to meet her bias. But this man was a curse for her and she swore that she will make his life a living hell.

Jeon Jungkook, a 24-year-old successful Idol, AKA BTS Golden forced to get married to this Indian girl who was the daughter of his mother’s friend. Big-hit was alright with this marriage but this was supposed to be hidden from the ARMY. But, Jungkook didn’t feel it right to hide it from his fans, so he talked out with the agency and they called a press meet.

The press meet turned out to be extremely well. This was really a good thing and Jungkook gave all the credit to his future wife. He considered her a boon as the Fans accepted the fact that he is getting married. There were some Sasaengs who still were opposing the relationship but it can be handled. And he knew that.

Then came the marriage day, they had to do a lot of rituals as they married with both the culture. Everything went smoothly. Then came the time when they had to say β€˜I do’ to each other. And the time to kiss each other. But before Jungkook could kiss Deepa, she fainted in his arms. Although she acted to faint, that was the time when he first saw her face. β€˜She is so naive’ he thought.

As Deepa was in his arms, her father and brother approached to pick her up when he gestured for them to stop.

β€œShe is my wife now abeoji.” He said and picked her up in his arms. Deepa was nervous and her heartbeat raised but she still put up with the act. Once she was put down somewhere she remained in the same position there for some time. After some time, She fell asleep.

After some time, they reached their hotel and Jungkook carried her bridal style to their room. He asked the staff to open the door and thanked him. Later he put her on the bed and went to the washroom to take a shower.

Meanwhile, Deepa woke up from her slumber and found herself in a hotel room. She knew this hotel was booked for their first night as tomorrow evening they will be flying over to her in-law’s house. She sighed. Then she heard the bathroom door clicking and she got up to sit on the bed.

β€œYou woke up?? Why did you act to faint?? You could have told me if you didn’t want me to kiss you. I wouldn’t have.” She heard her husband say whom she hasn’t seen till now.

Now that her husband knows everything she was afraid to look at him. He chuckled and sat on the other side of the bed. She pulled up her courage and said,

β€œI didn’t want this marriage..β€œJungkook was surprised to hear that.. but he was confused as to why is she not looking at him?

β€œOh!! But Why aren’t you not looking at me?” He asked and this question hit her nerve and she got angry, β€œbecause you are a curse for me” She murmured and Jungkook felt hurt as he heard her. He acted as if he didn’t hear her.

β€œIt’s okay if you don’t wanna speak to me but let me introduce myself to you. I am Jeon Jungkook your husband. Go get freshen up.” he said and she nodded. She left for the washroom. β€˜So I am a curse for her’ He thought and sighed. He wanted to change her feelings for him.

Meanwhile, β€œSo I am going to South Korea tomorrow evening. Good!!” Deepa said to herself while showering. She was excited but sad too as her bias got married two days. β€œHey, Bhagwan!!! Mujhe BTS ke JEON JUNGKOOK se Shaadi Karni thi naaki is Jeon Jungkook se..(Oh GOD!! I wanted to marry the Jeon Jungkook, not this Jeon Jungkook)” She cursed God and finished her Shower. Anyway, She is Mrs. Jeon now.

After finishing the shower she went directly towards her side of the bed. Before Jungkook could speak anything..β€œI have something to say.” She said. Jungkook hummed as a sign for her to continue.

β€œI have some wishes... till it is completed I won’t see your face... Is that okay for you??” She questions.

β€œEverything is okay but let me tell you that we will be living in Seoul from tomorrow. We will visit Busan a week later.” He said and she nodded.

β€œAnd Your wish is my command Jeon Deepa!! If ever you feel like telling me your wishes never hesitate to do so. Mrs. Jeon!!” Deepa felt a tingling feeling and her heartbeat increased but she shrugged the feeling and said, β€œShould I tell you?” She asked and Jungkook noticed a light of excitement in her voice. He chuckled and said,

β€œYou should!! Maybe I can help you fulfill your wishes.” He said and saw her turning towards him but her eyes were closed.

β€œI want to meet BTS once in my life. Jungkook is my bias and I just want to take a selca with him. Can you fulfill it?” He chuckled at her innocence... ’So she doesn’t know who her husband is?’ she is indeed naive. He saw her pouting.

β€œLook you can’t fulfill it..” She said.

β€œWho told you I can’t?? I can but you have to wait for the right time,” he said and she nodded like a baby.

β€œNow you can see me right??” He asked and she shook her head with a frown on her face.

β€œNot until I see JK’s face first. ” He chuckled and said okay to her. β€˜If only you knew’ He thought.

β€œGoodnight Mrs. Jeon!!” he said

β€œGoodnight Mr. Jeon ” she replied.

β€˜I will make sure you will fall for your husband Jungkook before meeting BTS Jungkook’ he thought and slept covering his face with shades.

Author note:

Hey, my lovelies!! Don’t kill me. I know this chapter is lame but forgive me, please. This will be a short story of maximum of three chapters. Today there was no electricity at my home so I updated this from my phone... Please comment and share.. Love you, my ladies.

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