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Love is NOT over! (Jungkook fanfiction)

By Jiminsgirl63

Romance / Fantasy


you thought your life was all planned out with a stable job at big hit entertainment. you never thought that one day you would be the songwriter for BTS. then he turned your life around. Jeon Jungkook has fallen in love with you your brother doesnt approve! but who is your brother? what will you do? will you be with jungkook or will someone else try to win your heart?


???: “you cant love Y/N”
Jungkook: ” Why cant I love ?“Y/N
???: ” because she is my little sister”
Jungkook: “N.o!! It can’t be. All this time...I never knew”

But first, let me take you back 2 months ago.
Y/N was carrying your day as normal at big hit entertainment.
But your life was all about to change....
You go into your work place after picking up your coffee and your boss’ tea.
As soon as you sit down, about to start song writing.
Manager: “I need to speak with you, in my office.”
Y/N: (thinking) oh god! am i being fired, what did i do wrong?
Y/N: “im sorry, if i didnt anything wron-”
Before you could finish, your manager interrupted you.
Manager: “Don’t worry Y/N, you have done nothing wrong.”
Y/N: “then Sir, why am i here?”
Manager: “you are being promoted, have you heard of the boy group BTS?”
Y/N: “yes sir, but i dont know anything about them.”
Manager: “it’s ok, i will introduce you to them soon, you are going to be working as their song writer from now on.”
Y/N: “But sir, that is a big deal, i don’t think i can do it.”
Manager: “of course you can, now lets stop wasting time and introduce you to them.”
Your Manager leaves the room. You followed closely behind.
He stopped right infront of the door to the BTS dance practice room.
You froze due to being so nervous.
your manager knocked on the door and took you inside to meet the boys.
Manager - Boys meet Y/N, she is going to be your song writer from now on
Bangtan Boys-Hello Y/N
Manager: “well i will leave you all to introduce yourselfs and bond with each other. Be good to Y/N remember she is new at this.”
Jin: Hello Im Kim Seokjin and I am 23 years old. I am the oldest Hyung and you can call me Jin.
Y/N: “hi Jin, nice to meet you.”
Suga: Hello Im Min Yoongi and I am 23 years old. But you can call me Suga.
Y/N: “hi Suga, nice to meet you. i was just wondering why are you called Suga.”
J-hope: it’s because his skin is so pale and hello Im Jung Hoseok and I am 22 years old. You can call me J-Hope.
Y/N: “hi J-Hope, nice to meet you.”
Rap Monster:(tensely) Hello Im Kim Namjoon and I am 21 years old. You can call me Rap Monster.
Jimin: Hello Im Jimin and I am 21 years old
V: Hello Im Taehyung and I am 21 years old. But you can call me V.
Jungkook: Hey there , Im Jeon Jungkook I am 19 years old and Im called the Golden maknae
Y/N:(nervously) “Hi Jungkook, its a pleasure to meet the Golden Maknae in person.”
Jungkook giggled.
Y/N:(thinking) OMG! that is the cutest giggle ever.
Suddenly you felt odd. You had butterflies in your stomach.
Y/N: “Not again.....I cant handle this again.”
Jungkook: “Not what again?”
You collasped.
Bangtan Boys: “NO! Y/N.”

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